Thursday, May 03, 2007

This Time I Live Up To My Tagline ~ Random Ramblings

I am not sure what I am going to write about today so this might be a rambling post. Bear with me mmm-kay?

I have been really tired lately. Like more tired than I should be even working and doing everything that I have to do.
I went to the Doctor and they took several vials of blood to check me for anemia and thyroid issues. I found out from the phlebotomist that I have wide, flat veins. I would say that it sounds like it matches my ass but my ass isn't flat. It is wide but shapely. I have what is called an onion booty or a ghetto booty. Both terms have been applied to my ass.

I bought my airline tickets for my trip to Seattle in July. I have no idea why I can get a flight to England for the same price it costs me to fly into Seattle. Why the hell are the tickets so expensive? I got a great deal and spent less than I ever have before on tickets but they were still $369 apiece. Is it because there are no low cost airlines flying there that also fly to Chicago or Detroit? I would gladly travel to one of those hubs to save a couple Benjamins but I am always stuck flying American, Northwest or United. I usually spend between $400 to $450 per ticket so I shouldn't complain.

Oh well, it is worth it to see the fam damily. It will be nice to be there in the summer instead of winter. I usually go for the holidays but I want to be outside more and do more things.
I am hoping that while I am there that I get to meet some bloggers that I read like Egan and Sizzle. I am sure that there are more but my mind is drawing a blank. So, if you love me and want to meet me when I am in the great Northwest, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Living in Michigan isn't where I thought that I would be at this point in my life but I gotta tell ya, May is a kick ass month in Michigan. The trees are bursting with leaves and the blooms on the trees are so thick it looks like a painting. The sun is shining and the grass is lush. Well, all the grass except for in my yard. My yard is lush with dandelions. I try every year to get rid of those bastards and they keep coming back.

Anyway, back to May in Michigan. The smell of freshly mown lawn tickles my nose and always lifts my spirits. It is wonderful to know that another dismal winter has passed and that God willing there won't be more snow for another 6 months.

I am off tomorrow because I have to work on Saturday. We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a food day so I will be bringing my "famous" Spanish chicken dish. It is easy AND delish. Well, not as easy as chips and salsa but you know what I mean.

I am behind on my shows on TiVo. I didn't get home last night until 11:30 pm because I was over at my friends Rico & Don's house. We hung out, had dinner and watched American Idol. They have a gorgeous house and I feel so at home there. I might just get rid of my house and go live there forever. It sure would save me on my monthly bills, that's for sure.

I haven't been motivated to get my spring cleaning done. It is frustrating because I want my house to be clean and tidy but it always seems that I am behind. Having a nine year old who doesn't understand the concept of putting clothes in the laundry or putting dishes in the sink doesn't help at all. But I can't blame him for everything. I am not the neatest person in the world but I am trying to improve. I need to have another game night at my house so that I have the motivation to clean everything.

I wish I had a pillow. I want to take a nap. Sorry for the rambling post.


laughingattheslut said...

I have a vein. Unfortunately, it is on the back of my right hand instead of the inside elbow of my left arm. So that really sucks now that I've hit the magic age of 40 and there is always one more blood test for something, and the blood now has to be taken out of my right hand. I usually need my right hand for other stuff and don't like to have needles stuck in it.

Churlita said...

I loved the rambling post.

I'm right there with you on the need for Spring cleaning. Hopefully, this weekend after things calm down in my life.

Moonbeam said...

Sounds like we have things in common. I ramble, have the vein/ass thingie you do, and dont understand about air fares.

I live in California. I can fly to Philadelphia for almost the same price it costs me to fly to Oregon to see my critters. Dunno and I grumble mumble every time I book my flight. I like Alaska Airlines or US Airways.

I am always looking for new chicken dishes. Maybe you will share the recipe?

Tara said...

I'm having my thyroid checked tomorrow. I take meds for it, and I have to get it checked once a year.

I'd like to know why the plane has a layover up in Detroit when I'm flying from Ohio to a southern state, like Florida. That's happened a couple times, the plane goes north first to then go south. Weird.

Aria said...

I want a nap too! Word to your mother! Nice to know I'm not the only one who rambles...:)

mielikki said...

nice, rambly post. Spring is a great season, at least my allergies think so. Hope you get a nap in, soon!

dmarks said...

I like posts like this, but I find them difficult to write them myself.

evil-e said...

Thanks for the report on your ass, us "ass guys" out here like this sort of thing.

Michigan and Ohio are much the same this time of year. It is rather nice the last couple of days and hopefully it will stay that way for a little while.

I never do a full-blown spring cleaning. I try to pick one area each whole place cleaning day and scrub the hell out of it so that when it comes time to clean in the spring it is easy and little effort is required.

Thanks for the rambling post..take a nap, you earned it.

As far as where you are in my book, I will have to do some more research, but you are ranked higher than J Stewart.

Anonymous said...

*postpones business trip to July*

Jaybird said...

Spanish chicken? I think I just might have to show up...

Rachel said...

laughingattheslut ~ I have big veins all over the place. But they always go too deep because they are shallow veins and I get lots and lots of lovely bruising.

Churlita ~ Glad you liked it. I hate spring cleaning but I love the results.

moonbeam ~ I like Alaska and Northwest. American can kiss my ass.
If you want the receipe you can email me and I will send it to you.

Tara ~ My nana came to visit me once and her layover was in Atlanta. WTF? I am in Michigan and she was coming from Seattle. Makes NO sense.

aria ~ We should start a company that sells desk pillows.

mielikki ~ I hope I get a nap in soon too.
I took allergy shots for years so I don't get stuffy or anything.

dmarks ~ just write about random stuff that pops in your head and it will go smashingly.

evil-e ~ I am glad that I could educate you on the shape of my ass. Now I just need to find someone that is into huge asses and I will be all good.

hilly ~ You might want to schedule it for the beginning of August.

Jaybird ~ Do you really want to come into work on a Saturday just for my Spanish chicken?

Indiana said...

After all that rambling all you desire is a pillow? Wow you are easy to please. ~grin~

Babybull40 said...

I have these horrid veins after I had a baby.. and believe when I say they are U-g-l-y.... Not really big but enough for me to complain.. Have a better day and have a nap.. heres a pillow and a blanket...

Sizzle said...

ooh linkage and a shout out! it'd be fun to meet. keep me posted. :)

Lydia said...

Hope the test results come back ok, but that if there is a reason for the tiredness there's an easy fix.

Sounds like you should've bought plane tickets to England then!

Rambling posts are good, btw. Allows your thoughts to take on a life of their own, which can be really interesting. At least that's my excuse for when I do it.

playtah said...

Yay for randomness! Lemme know if you market those desk pillows....

Lisa said...

Hey, I'm in the Seattle area too! Can I come to the party?

If your bloodwork turns out to be thyroid, lemme know. Been living with it for over 10 years now.

egan said...

Yeah, you're coming to the Northwest. It's where all the cool kids hang out. We can make our way to the beach and skip rocks and collect shells. See you soon Rachel.