Friday, May 18, 2007

Getting Inked

I am going with my best friend Funny Girl tomorrow to get another tattoo. I have one right now but she doesn't have any and she is really excited.

It has been an interesting experience for us to try and decide what we were going to have done. We couldn't agree on a matching design because although we get along great we have different tastes and styles.

We decided that instead of getting matching tattoos that we would each choose our own and then add the infinity symbol to signify our that our friendship is eternal.

For a long time there has been a design that I saw and absolutely loved. I saw in on the programs that they hand out at church and it is the logo that they use for the high school ministries. It is intricate, yet simple at the same time and incorporates different Christian symbols. Every time I look at it I am fascinated.

This will probably be my last tattoo and will be on my upper back. I will have it placed low enough that it won't be visible when I am wearing clothing that I wear to the office.

The only thing that I haven't decided on is the placement of the infinity symbol. I might put it at the bottom of the other design or right below it as pictured.

If you look at the design you can see a torch, a fish, a cross and a halo (some people see a stylized angel too).

I am really excited to share this experince with Funny Girl and to have a permanent reminder of our friendship. Because we will be friends to infinity and beyond.

Sidenote ~ Sorry, I couldn't resist to quote Toy Story.

P. S. You can see a picture of what Funny Girl is getting here.


Churlita said...

How cool. A friend of mine is a tattoo artist, and if I ever had the money, I might think about getting one. It's tough to imagine about what I would want on my body forever. An infinity symbol is perfect.

laughingattheslut said...

I definitely see the torch, and after you mentioned it I see the fish and the halo. Not so sure about the angel.

So you don't like the grapes we saw on the blog?

But this this design does get rid of the problem of trying to figure out which colors will age well.

reformattingmybrain said...

Sounds like fun times! :-) I personally can't do the tattoo thing, never have cared for them. I guess my thing is I don't like when people get them to be all showy, it looks tacky (in my opinion only). My husband has one on his calf and I hate it. I hate when summer time comes around and he's wearing shorts - that's all you see. I do like the design you picked though :-)

Jaybird said...

I think I want to get a tattoo of a smurf; that would be absolutely smurfy! I would put it right next to my USMC tattoo to make people wonder about me even more than they do now...

Skyzi said...

You could incorporate the infinity symbol into the halo.

I don't have the balls or the decision making skills to get a tattoo.

minijonb said...

"If you look at the design you can see a torch, a fish, a cross and a halo (some people see a stylized angel too)."

...if i squnit my eyes just right, i can see the sailboat...

=;-) just kidding

have fun getting that ink done!

egan said...

I love the design, but wouldn't be able to put it on my body because I'm a wimp. I'm freaked out about getting shots on Monday.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

That is so cool! I am too chicken to get a tat.

dmarks said...

Looks very vaguely like a music symbol. The overall effect, that is.

Lydia said...

I really like the design you've chosen. And the infinity symbol for the two of you is such a cool idea.

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for quite some time. If I can ever decide on a pattern, placement and get past the fear of the pain I might actually get one done. If I'm honest the thing I'm dithering over most is whether it'll hurt so much I'll want to stop midway!

Rachel said...

Churlita ~ I have one tat that I got 7 years ago and it was $75. It is about 2x2 so I am expecting this one to cost between $200- $300.

Laughing ~ I wasn't sure about the angel either but some people say that they see it.
I thought that the grapes were nice but I decided that I didn't want it permanently on my body.

Reformat ~ I know lots of people who don't like tattoos. I don't like them to be hard to cover up. I think that if you have tats all over that people perceive you as unprofessional.

Jaybird ~ Which smurf?

Skyzi ~ I thought about that but it looked a bit off. I did make the infinity symbol smaller and closer to the base of the other portion.

Minijonb ~ What! No unicorn?

Egan ~ Thanks! I really love it too. I don't like seeing a needle inserted in my arm, but you can't see the needle so I don't mind this one.

Diva ~ Glad you like the design. They aren't that bad. It feels an awful lot like you are picking at a scab that hasn't fully healed.

dmarks ~ I can see that. Since I love music too that makes it even better.

lydia ~ Take Motrin or some other type of pain reliever before you go and it will be OK. They let you take breaks too if you need to. Also if you don't get something that requires a lot of filling in (coloring) then it isn't too bad. It pretty much gets numb after a while.
I hope you find something to put somewhere.

evil-e said...

I have designed tattoos for others and gotten to see and photograph the finished product. I have none of my own, yet I am metal guy, go figure.

Enjoy the experience, new ink form what I have seen and heard, is quite a good thing.

Moonbeam said...

At first glance without reading I see and artistic version of the Olympic Torch.

After reading, I see all the meanings very clearly. Nice choice.

Its very artistic, I like it.

Lydia said...

Thanks for the tips, Rachel. That's all pretty reassuring. Maybe I'll finally do it! I'll let you know if/when I do.

Babybull40 said...

You've been tagged.. have fun getting the tattoo.. I'm sure it will look great..

The Furtive Wangler said...

Nice interesting design, I like those simple black tattoos best. I agree with you about not having them in places that show in work clothes. Have fun with you friend getting inked at the same time!

Indiana said...

I think as long as the ink means something to you, thats all thats important...erm...and being able to hide it under clothing.