Thursday, May 17, 2007

Delightful or Disgusting?

I decided that today I would tell you about my absolute favorite snack indulgence . It is probably quite artery clogging and if I ate it regularly I would die of a heart attack before I hit 40. I tend to like salty vs. sweet and I don't like to mix the two together. I can't stand sweet & sour or teriyaki sauce.

Every time I tell someone what my favorite snack food is they either get a look of pure disgust or like it is a fantastic idea that they have to try so of course you will have to let me know what you think.

I take a Salt & Vinegar potato chip ~ Lays Stax is the best because they have a very intense flavor. Then I place a chunk of Extra Sharp cheddar cheese on top and also add a thin slice of Hickory Farms summer sausage. I eat it in one bite and chase it with a swig of ice cold Diet Pepsi.

Man it is tasty. Of course if I can't get the Hickory Farms summer sausage then I use pepperoni instead. Ninety percent of the people that I have convinced to try it absolutely love it. I bet if you tried it you would love it too.

Would you ever try this? What is your favorite strange snack to eat?


Skyzi said...

I like everything with cheese. I am also a fan of the processed meats, so this sounds quite yummy.

Strange snacking, hmmmmm. I am a dipper. I will dip anything in onion dip....anything.

On the sweet side something weird is guava paste and cream cheese. Damn tasty if you don't think about the cholesterol/ fat/ sugar that you are ingesting. It's a latin thing.

laughingattheslut said...

Doesn't sound that bad to me, but the diet drink on the side is kind of a wasted effort. While I'm downing the cheese, why do I want to keep track of my sugar intake?

Anonymous said...

Okay not to be rude but....ew! LOL, I am one of those people that finds those sausage thingies all greasy and gross though, so that may be why I cringed ;).

Churlita said...

Yum. It sounds great. I do like salty and sweet combinations too, though. I'm just weird that way.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Sounds similar to my husband's favorite snacks. They start with a cracker or chip & include some kind of sausage & cheese. Today, I am just craving twizzlers cherry bites.

Moonbeam said...

Since I am a cheesehead, your snack sounds yummy.

One of my favorite snacks is a bluecheese cheeseball that I make, served with crackers.

Then there is guacamole, fresh home made of course.

I also like potstickers. They are finger lickin' good.

I am open as far as snacks go. Yumm

Babybull40 said...

I would try it no problem.. sounds pretty good.. I love these new pretzels bits with honey mustard and sweet onion.. they are my fav at the moment. I like Liverwurst and onion on a nice pumpernickel /rye bread...and every so often I crave chocolate.. any kind is good but I like the coconut and chocolate lately for sweet..

l.b. said...

I am voting that your snack is delightful, not disgusting. Every snack can be made extra crunchy and delicious with the addition of chips of some kind. And I looooove salt & vinegar chips.

I don't think I have any snack habits that are too different, but on particularly stressful days I can get caught in a salty / sweet cycle. I eat something salty, then I crave something sweet, so I eat something sweet, then I crave something salty...sometimes there seems to be no stopping it.

David in DC said...

Toasted peanut butter and Bac-o's on seeded rye.

Toasting makes the peanut butter so gooey it's almost liquid.

Eric said...

That is actually my go to snack as well, only replace the chips with a Ritz cracker. I don't eat it that often though because it's to much work.

Sizzle said...

while i enjoy sausage of some varieties, i'd have to skip that part. i'm down the cheese. i might even eat it with the chip...maybe!

Rachel said...

skyzi ~ I might have to pass on the guava paste thing. It sounds a bit too strange for me.

laughingattheslut ~ I don't drink regular Pepsi, only diet. I switched a few years ago and now it tastes the same to me as the regular did years ago. It wasn't a calorie thing, just a preference thing.

Hilly ~ LOL. I knew there would be someone who would get totally grossed out.

Churlita ~ The only thing that I like that could be considered salty/sweet is trail mix.

freckle ~ I knew I liked your hubby for some reason.

moonbeam ~ mmmmm love fresh guacamole. I like potstickers too.

babybull40 ~ I couldn't ever try the liverwurst thing. Just the thought of it makes my stomach churn because I don't like any of those things including the rye bread. Sorry.

l.b. ~try it and let me know what you think. If you can't get summer sausage, try it with pepperoni.

David in DC ~ Hmmmmm. I am gonna have to pass.

Eric ~ Really? That rocks. You should try it with the Salt & Vinegar chips. It is fantasmic!

The Furtive Wangler said...

I like the sound of your snack, I would enjoy eating that no problem! I sometimes spread a thick layer of cream cheese on a cracker and plant dry roasted peanuts into the cheese for extra salty crunch.

dmarks said...

I once had the skin of my lips peel off from eating the salt-and-vinegar potato chips. Never again.

evil-e said...

Sounds interesting, salt and vinegar chips are usually really good by themselves.

I will share my odd snack: I like to get thin sliced hard salami, roll it up, and dip it in cold nacho cheese goo. I fold it up more and eat it between 2 wheat thins. This goes great with expensive beer.

M said...

okay you just made me hungry

Tara said...

You are one sick puppy. Hehe. No, actually, I just might try this. I've never been a big fan of vinegar on my french fries when my parents would take me to the fair, so I've never tried the salt-n-vinegar potato chips. However, I think if I combined it with the other ingredients, it might hit the spot!

Sofi said...

I'm all about Wavy Way's, dipped in marshmallow creme.

Aria said...

I love cream chipped beef...the stouffers kind. It is my favorite on toast or a bagel.