Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Restroom Oddities

Yesterday I had to go to the bathroom at work. While I was in there I noticed that my toenail polish was woefully chipped and that the sandals I was wearing did nothing to hide their sorry state.
I had a bottle of nail polish in my purse, whipped it out and quickly painted my toenails whilst sitting on the privy doing my business.

A woman sat down in the stall next to me and I am sure probably wondered who in their right mind would paint their tootsies while tinkling.

That would be me.

I have done some other odd things in the bathroom at work. I flat ironed a friends hair for a night out and have done a mini-spa on a cancer survivor to brighten up her day.
These things were done when I was finished with my shift but because I live 30 minutes away from work it isn't productive to drive home, do these things and then turn around and head back into town.

When I worked at a convenience store in the early 90's I caught people having sex in the bathroom. I found used condoms and dirty panties.

I have also heard one person pleasuring themselves in the womens bathroom where I am currently employed.
Have you ever went into the restroom at work and walked in on someone doing the oddest things? Things that you wouldn't expect in a public bathroom?

Have you ever found something that just seemed completely out of place?


Tara said...

I'm deprived. The only thing I've seen people do in the bathroom at work is brush and floss their teeth. However, if people are having sex in there, maybe I should start using a toilet seat protector. Blergh! Lol.

reformattingmybrain said...

I don't think I've ever had the fun of finding someone doing something crazy in the bathroom.

Hilly said...

My biggest one is the girl that would please herself every Friday afternoon. I forgot not to go in that bathroom at least once a month!

I am also completely shocked every time I hear someone really letting it rip...grunting, farting and pooping. I usually try to flush and hide it IF (and that is a huge IF) I go at work!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I've curled my hair with a curling iron at work before.

Churlita said...

I always think it's weird when people talk on their cell phones while they're peeing in a public bathroom. Don't they get the other person can hear them?

dmarks said...

Even worse: someone doing that while on a cell phone, and on the other end the cell is on speaker in the middle of a table for a large meeting. Heard of that.

"What were the projected end of year estimates, Jenkins? Sorry, the flushing drowned out your voice again."

Eric said...

The only weird behavior I've experienced is bathroom related, but still weird. Like the guy who paces around in the stall, talking to himself, getting psyched up for what he's about to do. And there is always a little puddle underneath the urinal. I don't know why it's so hard to hit, but apparently someone in the office has a lot of trouble.

laughingattheslut said...

That reminds me of people stealing stuff at a place I used to work. Maybe I write about it some Monday.

The people with cell phones in the bathroom are nuts, but just people with cell phones are nuts anyway. At least it's not dangerous in the bathroom like it is on the road. I keep waiting for cell phone people to get a clue, but it never happens. Like at home I would not flush a toilet if someone was on the phone, unless the person was at the other end of the house with the door closed. So at first when I noticed people going into public restrooms with cell phones, I would wait for them to finish talking before I flushed or used the sink. But they just keep talking. Aren't they embarassed to talk on the phone in a noisy public restroom? So, okay, I think it's rude to flush while someone is on the phone, but I have to flush sometime, and I'm not the one who was rude enough to talk on the cell phone in the restroom.

egan said...

Does an unflushed toilet with a nasty dump count? You're one of "them"! I'm going to overlook this toenail stuff.

Dennis said...

Pleasuring ones self in a public restroom is just scary. Can this person not wait until they are home? Or at least in their car on the way home? I am just curious who it was. Sort of. This might be just disgusting news though.

Rachel said...

Tara ~ What! You don't use them now???

Reformat ~ Not even singing?

Hilly ~ every Friday? was she on her own schedule or something?

Diva ~ You rebel you!

Churlita ~ I have done this a couple of times. but I didn't pee or flush, I was just looking for some privacy.

dmarks ~ Now that is the definition of crass right there.

Eric ~ LOL...I can just imagine that one.

Laughing ~ I would flush at least 3 times in quick succession. Then laugh.

Egan ~ That can count as long as it was impressive.
Which "Them" are you referring to?

Dennis ~ Sorry, I wasn't about to stay in there long enough to find out who it was. I heard it and then made a beeline out the door. I think I even might have not taken the time to wash until I was at the sink by the coffee station.

evil-e said...

I used to work with a guy who would disappear at about 11am every day. The story is that he would go into the bathroom, put his feet up against the door, and take a one hour nap before lunch. I could not think that would be comfortable.

I have seen and heard everything under the sun in bar and restaurant bathrooms. I used to work in the food biz and would have to clean those loathsome things in the morning.....cocaine, sex (both the regular kind and the "other variety", weird dancing, heroine, you name it. I guess I am immune to anything that goes on in the can.

Indiana said...

Did you wait outside to see who it was? ~grin~

egan said...

"them" meaning the person that gets a little too cozy in bathroom stalls. Do you text message and chat on the cell phone too?

ChickyBabe said...

People at work who take their mobile (cell) phones into the cubicles and take calls. With all the flushing around, I don't want to be on the receiving end!

Babybull40 said...

You seem to have all the fun.. I don't think I've ever seen anything weird.. well when women don't wash their hands after tinkling..that's just gross..

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I wish I had thought of that when I was workig in the corporate world! That is genius!

I've checked my voicemails in the bathroom, but that's about it