Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks HDH was born on October 30, 1981 in New York City and is of Czech - American descent.

After attending boarding school HDH went to Georgetown University for two years and then transferred to and graduated magna cum laude from the Warton School at the University of Pennsylvania witha bachelor of science in economics in 2004.

While at boarding school HDH turned to modeling as mom would only paid for tuition and HDH had to find a job to pay bills and other needs.

HDH has been on the cover of magazines and also gone down the fashion runways for Versace, Marc Bouwer and Thierry Mugler along with doing campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Sassoon Jeans.

HDH hosted the Miss Teen USA Pageant in 1997 but gained fame in 2003 when featured in Born Rich, a documentary about the experience of growing up as a child in one of the world's most affluent families.

Was a featured guest-judge of Project Runway Season 3.

In 2006 HDH appeared in five episodes of her father's reality program.

She reportedly paid $1.5 million for a two-bedroom apartment at 502 Park Avenue.

In the September 2006 issue of Stuff Magazine , HDH named Joaquin Phoenix as a "big celebrity crush," and described Christian Bale as "a sort of Adonis".

She had been offered to appear in The Bachelorette , but she declined.

She does not consider herself as an 'heiress' and does not like being compared with Paris Hilton.

Currently HDH works as vice president of Real Estate Develoment and Acquisitions for her fathers organization.

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~ Ivanka Trump


kapgar said...

VERRYYY nicely played this week. She's grown up quite nicely, hasn't she?

Freckle Face Girl said...

Hot & smart...great combination.

Babybull40 said...

Pretty girl..

dmarks said...

A couple of comments:

1) Not all trust-fund-type famous blondes are trashy.

2) Looking at her, I can't help but wonder if there's going to be something weird about her hair when she is in her 50's.

Rachel said...

kapgar ~ She is lovely and very intelligent. As are her siblings. I am not a big fan of The Donald but he raises good kids.

Freckle ~ Exactly

babybull40 ~ I think she is lovely.

dmarks ~ Quite a polar opposite of Paris Hilton isn't she?

Churlita said...

I think it's great that her folks made her pay part of her way through school.

Babybull40 said...

How about Tim McGraw for HDH.. He is my sweetiepie of a hunk o' chunk of man.. (drooling)...

David in DC said...

If you're takin' nominations, I got a few:

Don Cheadle
Jenna Elfman
Carla Gugino
John Turturro

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I like how you made it all come together - even I was wondering who it was....

l.b. said...

I didn't know all those things about her working for the extras while at school. Thats pretty cool...but she's not the type of girl I'd go for, if I went for the girls.

egan said...

She's no longer jail bait is she?

Moonbeam said...

I agree she is kinda pretty and intelligent..but....

She sure comes off as a bitch on The Apprentice. Granted, reality TV is not the best place to judge someone. She seems to have such an attitude and talks down to people. Not at all the type of boss that would motivate me. She seems snobby.

Nominations for HDH: How bout a replay HDH, Johnny Depp :))) in honor of Pirates of The Carribean opening.

I know, I am way to wahooooo bout the Deppster.

evil-e said...

Her hair is not from dad's side I see.

She is a looker, and part Russian to boot. Good choice.

Rachel said...

Churlita ~ I thought so too.

Babybull ~ I will add him to my list.

David in D.C. ~ I will add them to my list

Princess ~ Thank you. I like it to be a mystery until the big reveal.

l.b. ~ Can you imagine how much money she would have to make to pay her cell bill? It boggles the mind.

egan ~ She is very much legal at 25.

moonbeam ~ I only saw her on one apprentice so the one that I saw showed her has very intelligent and shrewd.
I saw a few interviews with her and she is very well spoken.

evil-e ~ The hair is from Ivana without the poof. Thank goodness she looks like her mom and not her dad.

Not so little Woman said...

Oya. For the first time I don't agree. Not because she's a girl. But she just doesn't seem all that to me.
Yes, I'm mean! Ha!


Anne said...

I've noticed that the HDHs all tend to be young, modern, well known stars of some variety of fame or other. And, while I think you do an excellent job bringing to light that there are celebrities with good qualities, I want something more.

We are often voyeuristic in the lives of celebrities. They're all over the tv, radio, and news stands. I don't want to detract from the fact that many of these people do many good things.

However, it takes more than good looks and celebrity to be a hottie. Therefore, I nomiate Elizabeth Dole for HDH. I bet you'll be able to figure out why ;)