Monday, April 30, 2007

The Hottest Ugly Guy I Have Ever Met

About six years ago a new employee, Chip, came to work in my department. The first time I saw him I looked him over as any single woman looks over a guy.
Chip was NOT a good looking guy by anyone’s stretch of the imagination.
His light blonde hair was parted on the side and slicked over like Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. He had close set eyes and a thin nose that reminded me of an eagles beak. It curved sharply downward and was very pointy.
When the boss brought Chip around to introduce him to everyone he smiled and his teeth weren’t any better. A significant overbite combined with extremely crooked bottom teeth caused him to have a slight receding chin. Steve Buscemi was better looking than Chip.
As time went by I got to know Chip. He was very smart, had a kick ass sense of humor and the best stories. He had confidence for days and never let his lack of good looks get in the way of anything that he wanted to do.
While interning as an event planner in New York City he hobnobbed with celebrities and took up swing dancing. He won some competitions and was quite popular.
Chip is the kind of guy that the more you get to know him the more you admire him. He is charming, funny, sweet and a great conversationalist. The more I got to know him the more I liked him and the more attractive he became to me.
I won’t say that he became drop dead gorgeous in my eyes. I will say that his personality, charm and ability to have in depth, well thought out conversation or to make people laugh made him someone that I would have dated and been proud to be seen with.
Funny Girl knows Chip too and said the same thing.
Charm, wit, intelligence and respect went a long way for my having a mini-crush on Chip.
Too bad he was already married to a very lucky woman.
Chip left the company a few years ago and I haven’t seen or heard from him in a long time. I still smile whenever I think of him.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I Am One In A Million

I received a surprise this morning and was honored in a work meeting along with a few other people.
I am in sales and received an award for generating over a million dollars in earned premium for the department that I work in.
I had also earned over $500,000 in another department but they didn't count those figures.
I received a nice plaque that says:

Million Dollar Club

This certifies that
Rachel G
has not only reached the
One Million Dollar Milestone
but, by doing so, has confirmed that
She is one in a million

It was signed by the V.P., A.V.P. and my supervisor.
I also received $50 in American Express gift checques to spend however I want.
I do get regular sales bonuses but this was in addition to that just as a small thank you.
So, today I am no longer bitchy but am feeling pretty good because for the first time in a long time I actually feel appreciated at work.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bitchfest 2007

I am not in a good mood. I have been exhausted for days and just generally in a pissy mood.

I miss my best friend, my house is never as clean as I want it and the piles of laundry never go down.

I tend to put on a good front and people don't really know when I am in a bitchy mood. If they ask I will just tell them that I don't feel well.

But I feel OK today. I am just easily pissed off.

You have NO idea how tired I am of people questioning me about how I do my job when I am the professional and they don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

It's like questioning an accountant on why they used one formulation and to explain it in detail when you have no idea what the formula means in the first place. AARRGGHHH!!!!!

I am licenesed to do my job bitches. That means I know what I am talking about!

So that I don't feel alone in my bitchiness, please bitch away about whatever you want to. Anything to brighten my day would be good too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks Hump Day Hottie first appeared on the scene in 1975.

She presents a public face of the soul of feminine charm, but can instantly fly into a violent rage whenever she thinks that she's insulted or thwarted.

She first met the love of her life when she won the Miss Bogen County beauty contest and joined him and his friends on a trip to Hollywood.

In 1979 a close friend said of her: "She grew up in a small town; her father died when she was young and her mother wasn't that nice to her. She had to enter beauty contests to survive, as many single women do. She has a lot of vulnerability which she has to hide, because of her need to be a superstar."

She has a pet poodle, Foo-Foo.

Her real name is Pigathius Lee but she is known by a different name.

She is famous for her karate chop and her obsessive love of Kermit.

Most recently she was featured on an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~ Miss Piggy

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Upmanship Is Not An Olympic Sport

Jennifer: “I went to the amusement park and rode that new roller coaster last weekend.”

Nicole: “Well I went last weekend, rode that new roller coaster and got stuck upside down in the loop de loop for an hour before the firemen got me down.”

Jennifer: “Last summer I went on vacation to Italy and it was so nice and relaxing. It was the best vacation I have ever had.”

Nicole: “Well I went to Italy on vacation a couple of years ago. I also went to Greece, France and Spain. Greece was WAY better than Italy.”

Jennifer: “I was in labor for 5 hours with horrible back labor and then had to have an emergency cesarean section because of fetal distress.”

Nicole: “Well I was in labor for 35 hours with back labor and had my child natural with no pain killers. I ripped when the baby was coming out and had to have 15 stitches. The baby was blue and they had to revive her.”

I have talked to people who apparently have done everything and seen everything but it was bigger, worse, better, more expensive or any other adjective you can insert into the conversation.

Do these people irritate you? They drive me batty.

Is this a desperate attempt to make friends or are they really that much of a braggart?
I wonder if they realize that when they continually attempt to one up everyone else that it just makes them look like a pathetic, attention whore.

I try not to waste my time with these kind of people because I don’t know what is fact or fiction and to be honest I don't care to make an effort to figure it out.

I would rather sit with my friends and discuss the nuances of earth worms or watch dandelions come up in my yard.

When I talk to people like this it always reminds me of something that I read once.

“This person has the depth of a parking lot mud puddle”

Monday, April 23, 2007

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In That

Fashion is great. I love fashion. Shopping is great fun, especially when I have friends looking for outfits.
Even though I can't wear a lot of the hip fashions I love them and enjoy helping my friends find great stuff.
I don't wear a lot of the hip fashions because they do not flatter my body. I am not going to subject anyone to my muffin top. I don't wear short skirts or shorts in public because I feel that my legs are my least flattering feature.
I was walking around this weekend because we had fantastic weather and saw something that was unexpected.
A man was with his son and they were both wearing Heelys . It was an odd sight to see a grown man wearing something that was designed for kids.
I started looking around and saw some fascinating things. A lot of adults were wearing things that were originally marketed for children. Glittery, belly showing shirts, funky hair clips that were brightly colored with sparkles and many other questionable fashions. One thing that grosses me out is women in their 30's wearing ultra low-rise jeans that every time they move they have to adjust or pull up their jeans to cover their butt crack.
On the other hand I saw little girls wearing heels, makeup and non-existent cleavage bearing tops with little or no back coupled with short, shorts.
The worst offender was a girl, probably around the age of 10 wearing low rise shorts with a thong peeking out of the back. There are stores that are marketing these things to children.
When did the line between adult fashion and childrens fashion become so blurred?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses?

Let's say that you have a friend.
This friend has a child that has to go to another parent's house occasionally. While at this house the child is treated abysmally by their step-parent.
Your friend is trying to come up with some type of excuse to prevent their child from having to go over there for the weekend.
What excuses could you come up with?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

An Open Letter To Skipper's Seafood N' Chowder House

Dear Skipper's,

When I was growing up in Washington I loved your clam chowder. I remember going to your restaurant a few times and always enjoying the food.

I always got the chowder and some kind of fish and chip basket. You were one of my favorite restaurants.

When I was at home I also enjoyed making shrimp sauteed with butter and serving it over rice. It was delicious.

But you had to go and ruin it for me.

I know that you thought that having commercials showing live shrimp running across the t.v. with the song "Nowhere to run" was a great ad campaign. You had them play the commercial enough so it must have been a big success.

What you might not have thought about is the fact that the shrimp looked eerily like cockroaches scuttling across the floor and the antennae of the live shrimp with their beady black eyes disgusted me enough that even 15 years later I cannot eat shrimp or any other recognizable shellfish.

Every year at work we have a huge holiday feast. One of the highlights is the ice sculpture that is overflowing with shrimp with bowls of cocktail sauce to dip them in.

One year I decided to try a shrimp and I chewed it three times and had to spit it out when I felt the bile coming up the back of my throat.

You want to know why I almost chuffed? Because that damn commercial kept playing itself over and over in my head and that alone makes me want to spew all over one of your anchor signs.

So thank you Skipper's Seafood n' Chowder House for grossing me out to the point where I can't eat lobster, crab, shrimp or oysters.

I hope that marketing ploy worked well for you.



P.S. I still like your chowder though. I pick out the clams.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks HDH was born on August 18, 1969 in Boston, Ma.
His mother was an English teacher who died of a brain tumor in 1997. His father is an attorney and former federal prosecutor under the Carter administration.
He graduated from Yale in 1991 with a B.A. in history.
At Yale he became heavily involved in theater. Actors Ron Livingston and Paul Giamatti were classmates.
Following graduation he worked in Osaka, Japan for his grandfathers company, Enterprise Foundation.
He cut his acting teeth playing a series of dark, grotesque characters, quickly launching him into the spotlight, beginning with 1996's Primal Fear.
In 2000, he made his debut as a director with Keeping The Faith.
He is known for his reluctance to embrace his celebrity status and has said, " If I ever have to stop taking the subway, I'm gonna have a heart attack."
He has put a lot of time and money toward social activist causes, including improving the quality of living in low-income communities.
He has dated actresses Salma Hayek & Drew Barryman, and was once engaged to Courtney Love.
He is a self-proclaimed Deadhead.
He is probably most well known for playing opposite Brad Pitt in the cult favorite Fight Club.

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~ Edward Norton

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts About Loss

I have a lot of thought and emotions roiling in my brain right now. Fear, anger and sadness are the easily definable emotions. The thoughts and underlying feelings are harder to put into words.
When I heard about the shootings at Virginia Tech I was in the cafeteria at work getting breakfast and it was breaking news about 1 person being killed. I thought to myself how sad it was and continued to get my food and then went back to my desk.
Later in the afternoon I went to the news site and it said that 33 people were killed. Thirty three!! In some ways this seems a monumental number and in others it seems microscopic.
When I think of the families that lost their loved ones and a school that lost their teachers and students it seem so monumental. I wonder how people will work through it.
Then I think about people living in Israel and how this happens on a regular basis. People going and doing regular things being killed. Innocent people murdered by someone that they don't even know.
I think about the Iraqi's who are blown to smithereens by a suicide bomber or by a random bullet. Thousands and thousands have been killed. Doing every day things. Shopping, going to school, riding a bus.
Is our loss greater then theirs?
Maybe it seems like this loss is so much bigger because it is closer to home. Most of us know people in college or the parents of children in college.
I have a child in 3rd grade and so far we haven't had any incidences of guns or knives being brought to school. But is it just a matter of time?
What can I do to teach my son to be careful but not terrify him to a point where he is unable to function?
What would I do if he was a victim?
What would I do if he was the perpetrator?

This brings my biggest fears to head.
The fear of losing my son. Whether at the hands of someone else or by demons inside.
I don't know if I could survive it. Would I even want to?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Five Things

1. I should never be set loose in Target when I am really upset and have an empty credit card. Two DVD players, a few videos, a TiVo & 1 year TiVo service later I no longer have an empty credit card.

2. I met a really cool guy yesterday at my friend Rico's house for Soul Food Sunday. His name is Daniel and he is Rico's straight hair stylist. We bonded over hair and . I guess that he asked Rico about me too. Apparently there is some interest on both sides. (grin) No exchange of phone numbers yet but we did talk about him highlighting my hair so we shall see what happens.

3. D has asked me to use his full name on my blog so from now on I will refer to him by his Christian name ~ Devon.

4. Devon and I are almost finished with the second Harry Potter book. We already have the cd's for the third one. I don't know who is more excited, me or Devon.

5. Funny Girl will be in North Carolina for work for the next month. This will be the longest time that we will go without seeing each other since we met 4½ years ago. I miss her already.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Mielikki Interview

I thought this was a really cool idea so I thought that I would try it. Mielikki from What Its Like To Be Me interviewed me.

1. How do you decide who your hump day hottie is going to be?

When I first started my Hump Day Hottie feature I wrote down a list of people that I thought were hot in one way or another. Many were good looking but I wanted it to be more than that. I started researching people and found that some that I thought were attractive weren’t the kind of people that I would want to feature. An example would be Jude Law. He is attractive but he is also a cheater and has had some legal trouble. I chose not to post him because his appeal faded the more I learned about him.
I haven’t used the entire list that I originally wrote but I rarely have to pull it out and use someone from it. Now I usually get inspiration from something I watch or hear or a conversation that I have.
I also take recommendations from people and sometimes ask them who they would like to see on there. That is how Johnny Depp was featured.

2.This one is a two part question: Who do you think is going to die in the next Harry Potter book, and who do you WANT to die in the next Harry Potter book?

This is a tough one because I don’t even want to think about who is going to die. We know that it must be someone close to Harry and my first instinct of course is that it might be Hermione or Ron. But then I think that J.K. Rowling wasn’t mainlining heroin while writing this book and that if she kills one of them off she might start an international incident. I think that it might be a 2nd string character like Neville Longbottom or maybe one of the Weasley parents.

Who do I want to die? There are a few people that come to mind right away. Of course Draco Malfoy being killed would be great. Professor Snapes getting blasted with a Avra Cadavera incantation would be pure justice since he killed Professor Dumbledore with the same one. Or the elimination of Harry’s hated cousin Dudley Dursley , preferably by a rogue bludger.

3. In your humble opinion, what is the best song in the world?

Wow! This is a tough one. I was in choir all throughout high school and my family is very musically inclined so there is a huge repertoire of music to choose from.
I will have to go with one that was dedicated to me by an old boyfriend (the one that is in Iraq right now).
I had stayed over at his place one night and the radio was on all night. He woke me up in the middle of the night and said to me “Every time I hear this song, I think of you.”
The song is “More Today Than Yesterday” by Spiral Staircase and some of the lyrics are:

I don't remember what day it was
I didn't notice what time it was
All I know is that I fell in love with you
And if all my dreams come true
I'll be spending time with you

Every day's a new day in love with you
With each day comes a new way of loving you
Every time I kiss your lips my mind starts to wander
And if all my dreams come trueI'll be spending time with you

Oh, I love you more today than yesterday
But not as much as tomorrow
I love you more today than yesterday
But, darling, not as much as tomorrow

It has been over 12 years and I still think of that song every day.

4. You are raising a son on your own, and it must not come easy. He will soon be in his teenage years. Do you think you are ready for it?

Raising my son on my own is difficult. It is rewarding beyond belief but anyone who tells you it is easy is lying.
The most difficult part of raising him alone is that I don’t have anyone to support me. By that I mean that I don’t have a backup. I don’t have anyone to discuss things with or to support my decisions or to call me on something when I am out of line. I have to be judge and jury. I am sure that sometimes I come across as unreasonable when it comes to dealing with D. I am very strict with him in some ways and very lax in others. I would like someone to be there to help in the areas that I am lax in.
I don’t think that anyone is ever ready for a child’s teenage years. D and I were discussing last night that this year will be his first double digit birthday. I think that as long as the lines of communication are still open that we will be fine.
D is a very loving and caring child but is very stubborn and headstrong. I just have to make sure to approach him in a loving way and everything should be fine.

5. What will you do if 'Mall hair' comes back in style?

My first instinct to the answer to this question was to say that I would shoot myself. Since I don’t own a gun that isn’t much of an option.
I never in a million years thought that skinny jeans or leg warmers would come back. Pretty soon it will be the stirrup pants and Hypercolor shirts.
If ‘Mall hair’ came back in style I would probably not be in style. It took a lot of work and a lot of hairspray. I prefer not to walk around with crunchy, flammable hair.

Ok, the rules:
1. If you want to be interviewed by me, (and I encourage perfect strangers to take me up on this, it will be fun) leave me a comment saying "Interview Me".
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of my choice.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to my questions.
4. You will include these rules, and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Fathers Gift To His Daughter

My dad is a HUGE music fan. Much of my childhood I can remember my dad sitting in front of his record player with his huge ear phones listening to music. His favorite genre is Oldies. Especially from the 50's and 60's.
As a result I love Oldies music. The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Archies, Sam The Sham & The Pharoah's are some that I can remember off the top of my head. But his very, very favorite is Elvis Presley.
I haven't found an Elvis Presley song that I don't know (even the German ones) and there are very few that I don't like. I have 3 different sets of compilations that my dad has burned for me (he was one of the first people that I know that got a cd burner) and sends to me periodically.
I have seen most of the Elvis movies and my favorite has to be Viva Las Vegas with Anne Margaret. I know that the movies are pretty campy but I love them just the same. When I watch them it reminds me of sitting next to my dad watching them and hearing him laugh at the silly parts.
I still have a bit of a little girl crush on Elvis (version 1.0, not 2.0 when he embraced mutton chops and white jumpsuits with rhinestone eagles on the cape) and I used to be so jealous of Priscilla because she was married to him. I watched the movie Elvis & Me that was based off her her book with the same name daydreaming that I was Elvis' wife.
Of course the drugs, cheating and partying was never part of my fantasy.
In the summer I love to open all the windows and crank my Elvis cd's and drive with the wind whistling through my car.
D has developed a fondness for Elvis just like I did when I was a kid. One day he told me that wanted to meet Elvis someday because he sounded really cool. When I told him Elvis was dead he was so sad.
I know that this makes me sound really dorky, but I am pretty sure that everyone else has something that they love that makes them a bit of a dork right along with me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks Hump Day Hottie was born on August 17, 1968 in Fairborn, OH.
After moving to California she founded and co-owned a company in the cellular phone and by the age of 22, this company was the third top-grossing cellular phone company in Southern California.
Worked as a model & actor.
Was a script writer for Warner Brothers but eventually embarked on a career as a professional personal trainer.
Athletic from an early age, she had played inter-collegiate soccer & softball, and has been a lifelong equestrian competitor.
Soon after receiving certifications from the International Sports Science Association and the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association she opened a gym called Lift.
In 2004, she opened Sky Sport and Spa.
She charges $400 per hour for personal training services.
On July 19, 2006, the Bravo network aired the first episode of Work Out; a reality show that follows her daily routine, giving a behind the scenes look at how she runs the day to day business, juggles a personal life and deals with employees personal issues.
On March 18, 2007 the first episode of the second season of Work Out aired.
With her free time she enjoys riding her Harley Davidson Sportster.
She recently became single after breaking up with her long time girlfriend Mimi.
You can watch her on Tuesday nights at 10:00 on Bravo.

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~ Jackie Warner

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kids Do The Dumbest Things

When I was a kid I did some really stupid stuff. Really dumb. Put my life in danger types of things. Now that I think back I am amazed that I survived some of the stuff that I did.
We used to go to this abandoned mill that was a few miles from where I lived because there was a pseudo dam that had about a 20-30 foot cement slide down to a shallow pool of water. It was covered in slimy algae to aid with the speed factor.
We would slide down this slime encrusted thing down to the shallow pool that was full of sharp rocks and I am certain some other things that I don't want to think about. I was never hurt but some people got some decent cuts if they fell wrong.
By the end of the day our butts were stained green and we would have holes in our shorts and swimsuits. I don't know if my mom ever figured out what we were doing.
The main living area of our house was on the second story. We lived in an area with a high water table so the basement and garage were above ground and our living area was above that. We had a porch (probably about 12x20) that was on the front of our house with the steps going down the side rather than down the front. We would pile blankets and inner tubes on the front lawn and jump from the second story porch onto a big pile of fluffy stuff. We did this quite a bit until I severely sprained my ankle.
Near the school that I attended was a huge hill with lots of trees. During recess we were allowed to go on one portion of the hill and it was really steep. We could get about 40 feet up before it got too steep. There wasn't much undergrowth because the trees were so dense so we got dirty a lot. We would take cardboard boxes and slide down the hill like we were sledding, narrowly avoiding trees on the way down.
There was an easier way to get up another side of this hill that we could take our bikes up. We would push them up the hill and then do these mini BMX bike races around pools full of tadpoles and small but steep hills. I went down one of those hills one time and hit the bottom wrong. I went in somersaults on my bike for about 15 feet until I blacked out and came to a few seconds later. One ear rang for a bit and I had dirt caked inside the other ear.

I think that the absolute stupidest thing that I did was the Choking Game. If you haven't ever heard of it, the premise is simple. One person cuts of your airway in your neck (usually by pushing in gently right above your breast bone) until you can't breathe and pass out. Then they let go while you slide down. You are out for about 5-10 seconds and then wake up and your fine. It was a natural high. I never did it alone. My brother would always be the one to cut off my airway.
I haven't thought about the Choking Game for years until I saw a new show talking about it. I guess that kids are still doing it but now they are doing it alone usually with some kind of rope or device that they can lean against to get the same sensation. With no one there to make sure that they didn't pass out into the thing that was choking them.
I think about my son and I pray that he is smarter than I was.
What stupid things did you do as a kid?

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Personal Pile

The season of Lent has passed and while sitting in church yesterday celebrating Easter our pastor discussed something that happened this past Saturday.
I have to tell you that I haven't been going to church a lot lately so I wasn't aware of the activity that was taking place.
People were encouraged to come into church and bring something that represents an issue in their life that they want to overcome. Something that they didn't want to live with any more and things that they wanted to stop doing. By the end of the day there was a huge pile of random things on the stage.
One man walked in holding the hand of his young daughter and placed a clock on the top of the pile. Did it represent spending more time with his family or less time doing something else? We don't know what it represented to him.
Some people came in with boxes completely sealed in duct tape so that no one could see what they were leaving behind and others placed the item out on plain sight. Bags of sugar, a computer, a television and many other items.
A couple came in with a sealed envelope and placed it on the pile together and then cried in each others arms. It could have been anything in that envelope. Proof that one cheated, financial issues or information about infertility options. They know what they left behind.
People who weren't able to participate physically sent emails. One person said "I am going to stop playing computer games and get a life in the real world".
It got me started thinking about the things that I want to give up or get rid of in my life and since I can't go back in time and do it at church I thought that I would do it here.

I no longer want to live a life that is dictated by what is on television but a life that is based on family, friends, nature & spirit.
I want to become an active person rather than a sedentary one.
I will no longer listen to the voice in my head that pre-judges people but will allow people to show me who they are.
I will no longer allow the fact that I get frustrated easily turn into anger and yelling but use every frustration and turn it into a teachable moment for myself or others.
I will no longer live to eat but eat to live.

What do you want to give up or get rid of?

Friday, April 06, 2007

D's First Blog Post

I had D read all of the comments that you all made from the post titled A Letter. He wanted to write a reply to you and so here is his very first blog post. Just so you know, I have NO idea why he wrote that P.S.

Am I really a wonderful son?! I had no idea.
By the way our assignment was that, we had to say:
the important thing about my/the *your choice* is that (the “that” is optional)/the (your choice.)
Then we had to tell 3 things about what was so important. Then the wrap up is the same thing as the lead, but you had to add a “but” to the beginning.

As I was saying, I have never had so many complyments. There is so many that I am bearly about to cry (I am not going to cry, but you almost made me.)

Written BY D

P.S. BOK CHOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'll Take Embarrassment With A Side Of Humiliation,Mr. Trebek

D and I take at least one trip per year that requires taking an airplane. Interestingly enough, I had never flown until D was 3 weeks old so it was a new experience for both of us. I think he handled it better than I did.
When D was about 2 years old we took a flight home to see my family. The last plane was a 4 hour flight and we were ready to get off the plane as fast as possible.
For anyone who doesn't fly, as soon as the seat belt sign turns off there is a mad rush to get your carry on and then you stand there like pickles in a jar. The door hasn't opened yet and the further in the plane you are the longer you will stand without moving because the people in front of of you are herding into the aisle like cows to the slaughter.
I was standing in the aisle with D on my hip (so he didn't get trampled) waiting for the line to start moving.
There was an elderly gentleman in front of me that was facing toward us instead of away from us.
D looked at him and started to reach for him and said "Bullshit!"
People looked at us and some started to smile a bit.
D reached for the man again and said "Bullshit!"
My face flamed red and I kept pushing D's hands down but he kept reaching for the elderly gentleman saying "Bullshit" over and over again.
People were laughing out loud but I was so embarrassed.
I never swore in front of D and I had no idea where he would have heard this.
I mumbled something along those lines but people looked at me with a "yeah right" face.
I really looked at the elderly gentleman. Did he look like someone we knew? Not that I could tell.
"Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!". D was raising his voice in excitement and was straining to reach the gentleman who looked at me like I was a very poor mother.
Finally I noticed that he had a pair of wings pinned to his sweater vest. The kind that they give kids who used to visit the cockpit of the plane (this was before 9/11).
The light bulb finally went off in my head. D wasn't saying "Bullshit". He was looking at the pin which he thought was a button and was saying "Push it".
Triumphantly I explained my discovery to the rest of the herd of passengers right before the line started moving. I don't know if they bought it or not.
I was so embarrassed over the entire debacle that as soon as I disembarked I quickly lost myself in the crowd.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks Hump Day Hottie was born on June 25, 1971 in Newport Beach, CA. His father is a superior court judge and his mother is a nurse.
He is an actor and former male fashion model.
Attended college in San Diego, CA and was a member of Delta Upsilon Fraternity at SDSU.
After college he started fashion modeling, first in Paris and then with start status in Milan in the late 1990's for some of the biggest designers in fashion including Guess?, Tommy Hilfiger & Hugo Boss.
He appeared in a cameo on Beverly Hills 90210 in 1997 but is more well known as playing Jerrod Smith on Sex & The City.
He sued Absolut for using his face on posters for their vodka without his permission. In Sex And The City, his character, who was an actor, was on a large poster for Absolut Vodka in Times Square. They used the poster used in the show.
He has many extracurricular activities and said "When I'm not enjoying more active pursuits in my spare time, I'll happily pick up needles and a ball of thread. I surf, snowboard, mountain-bike... and now I started knitting. I knitted a hat for Woody Harrelson, but it was a little too small."
He has dated Rosario Dawson, Maxine Bahns, Jennifer Esposito & Monet Mazur.
This weeks Hump Day Hottie was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2006.
He has two Rhodesian Ridgeback dongs, Knuckles & Beqa.

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~ Jason Lewis

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Recent Obsession

I was tagged by Babybull40 to write about 5 things I am obsessed with.
Today I can only write about one.
Why in the world and am I totally obsessed with Wheat Thins?
It's not like they are the best tasting food in the world but recently I just can't get enough. I dreamt about them last night and when I got up I was craving their salty goodness like it was crack. The tears almost came when I realized that the only box I had was at work.
As soon as I got to work I cracked open the box and inhaled a few like an addict inserting a needle.
I keep coming back to my own little version of heroin and am starting to worry that I might be a Wheat Thins junkie.

Can you OD on Wheat Thins?
Update: I am all out of Wheat Thins now. I want to cry.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Letter

I received this letter in the mail from D's school. A sticky note was attached to it that said:

Ms. G,

D wrote this in writing class and I wanted to share it with you. I am very proud of him!!

Mrs. S

I opened the letter and started to cry. It was so sweet and unexpected.
My day improved 1000% and every time I think about it I get teary-eyed and can't stop smiling.

It might be a bit hard to read. I had a heck of a time getting a photo that was even semi readable as it is written in pencil.

This is what it says (misspellings included):

"The important thing about my mom is she is beautyful. Her eyes sparkle with the gleaming sun. Her personality makes people want to be her friend. She can cook almost anything. But the most important think about my mom is that she is beautyful."

Whenever I have bad day all I will have to do is pull out this letter. The best part is that he wrote this letter never thinking that I would actually see it. That makes it even more special.