Friday, February 27, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

People have been asking to see some updated photos but I thought that it would be better to take a lovely walk to remember where I started and where I am now..... Enjoy the walk with me.

This used to be my favorite photo pre- WW (weighed approx 285-290 pounds) . Some time in 2006.

This is as close to a full body shot that I have at about the same weight. We were both laughing.

This was my birthday in October 2007. I had lost 40 pounds. Weight was about 247.

Here I am again at my pre-ww weight (ignore the horrific eyeshadow) and me taking a photo when I had lost 50 pounds in the same outfit. Left photo approx 285-190/ Right photo approx 235-240 pounds.

Here I am in March of 2008. I was feeling very sexy that night. Weight was 219 pounds.

Another one from the same night.

75 pounds down. Posing with my WW leader Lisa in April 2008

Just another 5 pounds down.... Current weight approx 207. End of April 2008

Now for some reason I don't have any photos of me available right now (not at home) so i will start again showing my photos where I am at around 185.... Lost 102 pounds.

Here I am on my birthday October 2008. I was home for my Nana's funeral but made my best effort. Current weight was 175. Total lost 111.

And here we are at the end... These photos were taken today by my best friend Wendy with her iPhone.... Current weight 163. Total lost 123 pounds.