Monday, May 21, 2007

The Mini Magic 8 Ball Meme

8 Random things about me.

1. I was adopted by my father when he married my mother. He is the only dad I have ever known. I did call my biological dad when I was 14 and had a conversation with him. He acted like he had always acknowledged me and it really upset me because I knew he was lying and never talked to him again. I have two half-sisters and I met one when I was pregnant with Devon.

2. My mother was going to name me Heather Dawn until the night before I was born. She said she was in the hospital and I just didn't feel like a Heather Dawn, so she named me Rachel Heather instead.

3. When I was 4 years old I was at my grandparents cabin and they were making home made ice cream with an old fashioned churn style freezer outside. I leaned over to watch and slipped on the wet wood and hit my face against it right below my left eye. I still have a small scar. Devon has a scar in the exact same place from running into the keyboard storage area of a desk when it was open.

4. I had a mole on the back of my scalp that bothered me so I went into the bathroom at work and cut it off with a box cutter. It didn't even hurt.

5. I tend to get tired of cars really quickly and average a new (to me) car about every two years.

6. My first kiss was under a bridge on Gasoline Alley (a kids attraction where you ride in small 4 person cars on a metal track and can stop and start at will) at Knott's Berry Farm. I was 12 and on vacation with my dad visiting his friend Bill and his family. It was Bill's 16 year old son Jimmy that I kissed.

7. I HATE cooked vegetables. I love salad and can eat fresh veggies from the garden but if you cook them, I won't eat them. I do eat potatos but they are a starch, not a vegetable. I eat maybe one ear of corn a year doused with butter and salt.

8. I have really short, stubby toes. Funny Girl has really long toes to match her long feet and my 2nd toe only makes it to the knuckle on her toe. I grow my toenails out to the edge of my toes to make them look longer.


mielikki said...

I have a cousin named Rachel who was supposed to be named something else as well, but when she was born, my Aunt said "she looks more like a Rachel". And the name suits her very well! Strange. . .

Churlita said...

My mom wanted to name me Megan, but my dad didn't like it. Now that every other girl is named Megan, I'm kind of glad that it got vetoed.

Anonymous said...

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.......arrrrrrrrrrrrg

The Furtive Wangler said...

With a box cutter?

Tara said...

I used to hate all cooked veggies, but now I just hate cooked carrots. I'll gladly eat them raw and uncooked, but when they're mooshy from steam, it's gross.

Eric said...

I can pick up and toss a baseball with my feet because my toes are so long. Essentially I have 20 fingers.

laughingattheslut said...

You should have gone to a doctor and got the mole removed and tested for cancer.

I don't like my feet. I have little toes and such. About a week before I was born my parents got into a fight. My mom said if I was born with some of my toes stuck together like Dad's she was going to have the doctor cut them apart. My dad said the stuck together toes never bothered him and that was a stupid reason to risk infections and such and if I was born with stuck together toes they would just have to stay that way until I was old enough to have something done about them myself.

I was born with the normal five toes on each foot. I just don't like them very much.

Rachel said...

mielikki ~ I was going to name my son Darius until he was born. It changed to Devon because he just didn't look like a Darius.

Churlita ~ I like the name Megan but it was really common for a bit. I think that it is not in the top 10 anymore.

Anon ~ Ahoy!

Furtive ~ Yep. It worked really well. Almost no blood either.

Tara ~ My mom loves all vegetables and for her a snack is to eat a can of peas cold. It makes me want to gag. I hate veggies.
Oh, and my mom is a vegetarian. How crazy is that?

Eric ~ Can I see a photo of this? I will pay you.

Rachel said...

laughing ~ I have lots of moles and this was was an albino mole. No additional pigment so I knew that it was fine.

I don't have any webbed toes but they are pretty stubby. I don't mind them and would rather have the stubs than the extra long 2nd toe that stick out an inch further than my big toe.
Sorry Funny Girl :)~

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I have a scare over my right eye from when I fell from my grandfathers pickup truck onto a log on the ground. YIKES!

reformattingmybrain said...

A box cutter! Holy hannah!! I don't get tired of cars and after I sell it I miss it terribly.

playtah said...

There are some things on that list that I didn't even know.

Hmm...Do you think that in 10 years or so the kids' attraction will be named Ethanol Alley?

l.b. said...

I have this skin tag on my right ankle that I have the urge to snip. I am too chicken though.

Babybull40 said...

How did it not hurt cutting it off with a box cutter? Did it not bleed..? I would be screaming bloody murder.. I don't like to see blood..but I can handle seeing a dead body.. go figure..

Rachel said...

Diva ~ That is scary. You totally could have lost your eye.

Reformat ~ I don't get attached to cars. I like the feeling of having something new.

Playtah ~ It is probably E75 right now.

l.b. ~ use sterilized fingernail clippers. Works like a charm.

Babybull40 ~ There aren't any nerve endings or blood vessels in the raised moles except for at the very base. It bled a smidge but really didn't hurt that much because most of what I removed had no nerves.