Monday, May 07, 2007

Bloggers Block

I am having a case of bloggers block.

Quick, give me some ideas to write about!!!


Playtah said...

scotch tape vs. masking tape

favorite inventions of the past 10 years

movies that have changed your life

your favorite eating utensil

what you would do to GWB if you were alone in a alley with him for 15 minutes

your favorite social justice cause

the celebrity you'd meet if you had the chance

the riskiest thing you've ever done

the most dangerous (physically) thing you've ever done

a letter to your past self

a letter to your future self

what age you'd pick if you could freeze your looks and stay that way your whole life

if you could do a side-blog about a single subject (i.e. OCD, poverty, Lost, Diet Pepsi, etc.) what would the subject be?

will your best friend be a virgin the rest of her freaking life?

your favorite decor motif

your favorite season

if you had to make a cd mix of songs to listen to while getting ready to go out on the town, what songs would be on it?

if you wrote a book, what would it be about, and what would its title be?

if you were given 10,000 unopened soup cans and told to make a work of art, what would you make?

favorite random memories

no, seriously, when will your best friend get laid? :)

why hell will be like a cubicle

how to steal office supplies

pet peeves

your favorite quotes

dmarks said...

Don't forget about the Taradays Eclectic calendars at eclectic spaghetti: the writers'-blocked-blogger's best friend. Tomorrow, you can write about Coca Cola.

But the Sidekick's Comedienne has a great list above too.

Churlita said...

GEt someone to interview you, or you could steal some memes off of other blogs.

Arnold said...

haha... will be stealing some of playtah's idea, if y'all don't mind... :)

have a case or two of the old BB myself too..

David in DC said...

The new taste of Honeycombs cereal.

Personally, I'm outraged.

mielikki said...

sheep, good or evil?
what the best kind of chapstick is
where in the world is Carmen San-whatever
was the wicked witch really wicked, or just misunderstood?

I liked playtah's list a lot, too!

Babybull40 said...

I think Playtah has covered all the groundwork for this.. How about what your ideal mate would be like?

Dennis said...

Is life really this complicated or is it just someone playing a cruel joke?

Will I be stuck in the same job the rest of my life?

Why does my Ass hurt like this?

Do we talk to the dumbest people on the earth or is it just me?

Eric said...

If I had any myself I'd be happy to help you out. Is it cool if I steal some of your commenters suggestion for myself?

Anonymous said...

WHy do men have nipples?

What is a wind chill factor?

Freckle Face Girl said...

Me too...

Playtah said...

for me personally, my list is up for grabs. go wild :)

minijonb said...


"what you would do to GWB if you were alone in a alley with him for 15 minutes"

...i think you should do this one, but with a Penthouse Forum parody style thrown in just for kicks.

that's all i got today.

mielikki said...

I would personally love to read anyone's dissertation on the sheep good vs. evil theme. It would take a lot of fun and imagination to write that post! And there are one or two idea's of playtah's I'll be "borrowing".

l.b. said...

I am almost always blocked, but thanks to Playtah, Meilikki, and the rest o' your gang I am feeling quite refreshed!

laughingattheslut said...

Did you ever get to the rest of the things that were on that list that we voted on before you wrote about your broken private parts?

And I thought your best friend chose not to get laid. Find mister right and get married and all that first. A wise decision on her part. Don't throw in the towel now.

evil-e said...

I see it is not only me....I have a bit of a block today as well.

Try this....type in 4 or 5 random words into the Google search and see what comes up. Try to avoid innuendo for obvious reasons. (cat, rooster, meat....)

Indiana said...

Whenever I suffer blogger block...I troll random blogs for inspirations, play the 123-5 book game, or just write about sex. ~grin~

M said...

a things that piss you off rant!

Ambulance Driver said...

Mielikki wrote:

"I would personally love to read anyone's dissertation on the sheep good vs. evil theme. It would take a lot of fun and imagination to write that post!"

Sheep with back feet in a boot=good
Sheep with back feet free=evil

I'll leave it to the rednecks to explain why. Enough people already think I'm twisted.

playtah said...

laughing - yeah, it is a choice. I just gotta vent sometimes :) Lol.

Playtah said...

Alright, Mielikki, the post on my blog is for you! :)