Friday, November 14, 2008

A Question He Will Regret Asking

In the car earlier this week Devon asked me if I have ever lied to him. I told him that yes, I had lied to him.

He asked me what I had lied to him about. I told him that he didn't want to know and that if I did tell him that he would regret asking.

He kept badgering and badgering me about it so I finally said " If I tell you, you will be sad and you will be upset that you asked". He promised me that he wouldn't be upset or mad so I told him.

"There is no Tooth Fairy"

I thought for sure that he had already figured out that there was no Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus etc. but I guess I was wrong. He was totally shocked. He asked what happened to the teeth. I told him that I had them in my dresser drawer. Then he asked about where the money came from etc.

I told him that because he knows that the tooth fairy doesn't exist that now he doesn't get any more money when he loses teeth. He was soooooo disappointed.

He was also sorry that he asked.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are you talking to me????

"Don't lose any more weight. You are getting sooo skinny."

Huh? Seriously? Are you talking to me?

I hear this quite often actually and it never ceases to surprise me that people think that I am skinny. Me! Skinny! (mind still boggling)

I know that I have been very sporadic with the posting lately and to be honest with you, I don't know if it will change any time soon.

Life is busy. I am in love and trying to incorporate a relationship into a life that was already full. Sometimes there is a bit of juggling going on. I worry that my friends think that I have abandoned them even though I do make an effort to spend time with them. (Funny Girl ~ you, me and Tivo tomorrow night!)

My weight loss has slowed down dramatically. It took me 6 months to lose 50 pounds. It took me another 7.5 months to lose the second 50. It has been 3 and a half months since I hit 100 pounds gone and I have dropped another 16 pounds. It isn't much, but it is still a downward trend so I am not complaining.

Can you believe that I only have 26 pounds to go? That seems crazy to me. When I started I had almost 140 pounds to go and it seemed to be a monumental task. Now 25 pounds seems like almost a walk in the park compared to that. I do have a feeling that it will be a hell of a lot harder to lose that 25 pounds than I am anticipating though.

My goal is to be at goal by my cruise which is April 11, 2009. That gives me 6 months to lose 25 pounds. I think I can do that.
Here is a photo from my birthday last month. Can you guess who people tell me that I look like?