Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wax On Wax Off

In the always fascinating, sometimes disturbing world of hygiene there is a practice that goes on all over the world.
Some would say that it is barbaric while others embrace the pain solely for aesthetic reasons.
There are varying degrees of this practice. The practice is modification of pubic hair.
Some choose not to modify their pubic hair and instead leave it all natural with no modification at all. Then there is trimming where hair length is shortened but not removed or shaped.
The Triangle, Landing Strip (long, centered, vertical rectangle with hair approx ¼ inch long), Brazilian G-wax (pubic hair completely removed except for a remnant, centered, narrow stripe above the vulva approximately an inch in size) and the full Brazilian (completely bare)
One of my former neighbors and his brother (who would talk about all things sexual without any embarrassment) used to say “It’s a garden. Let it grow” making it very clear that they both preferred the natural style.
I have been quietly and discreetly inquiring about this and I have received answers that run the gamut from both men and women.
One man said “Less is more” but very few men were comfortable answering my question.
Women were a bit more forthcoming. One shaved it all off and went into detail on how she maintains it without waxing. Another shaved most off except for a small patch on her mons.
For me personally, I have tried shaving it all off, using Nair, trimming, landing strip etc. I have shied away from waxing as it seems really, really painful. I really want to try the full Brazilian but the thought of going in and having it done makes me cringe.
Here is my question:
If you are a man, what kind of maintenance do you prefer? Be honest. I seriously want to know. Also, please let me know if you “manscape” and how much.
If you are a woman, what kind of maintenance do you prefer and what method do you use? Waxing, shaving, hair removal creams etc. How much do you spend to maintain your style?
If you are married, did your maintenance change in any way? Style, frequency etc.

If you want to answer anonymously, I completely understand.
Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

(RMB) This is great fun! I shave. I tried Nair and other hair removal stuff and wax strips and none of them worked. I always keep it a surprise. I like the triangle, landing strip and completely bare. I too want to have a Brazilian wax, but first of all - scaaary, second of all - I don't think anybody does it here.

minijonb said...

I hurt everytime I see that picture from the 40 Year Old Virgin. Ouch.

Anyway, back to your question. My soon-to-be ex liked my body hair... on every part of my body... so I've never manscaped. I might try it soon. Maybe.

Since I don't "trim the hedges" or whatever phrase you want to use, I can't demand or even expect my partner to do that. I'm not going to get into what I prefer. I've got to leave somthing to the imagination =;-)

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to the less it more school of thought. I do if the occasion is right landscape the private property. There are several reasons of which I will not mention. Most people will think of their own. Personally it is because I am a very visual person and like that look.

Tara said...

I haven't tried anything yet, but I know that I won't try any of the Nair or other lotion-type hair removal things because I had an allergic reaction when I tried Nair on my legs and...ha...yeah, I don't want that happening anywhere else. The Brazilian sounds utterly demonic.

Rachel said...

Anon ~ Variety is the spice of life eh?

MiniJonB~ I had an ex who shaved all his body hair off including downtown and under his arms. I didn't mind. He said that he did it because hair traps odor.
Have fun manscaping if you decide to change things up.
You didn't answer the main question. I will get it out of you eventually...Muhhahahahaha!!

Anon ~ Thanks for you imput.

Rachel said...

Tara ~ Nair does NOT work for me. I have very dark, coarse hair. Waxing or shaving are my only options.
I wish that I could afford laser hair removal. I would have a heyday.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I usually use my name, but of course not this time.

I think waxing sounds barbaric but long before I married I began trimming...things. I was living in the South and it was SO hot in the summer and I thought I would feel cooler and therefore cleaner. I was right.

I used the simplest of methods, which was a comb and scissors, about once a month. Few years ago the hand held beard trimmers came on the market and no one would look at you funny if you bought one so I did and zip zip zoom, I'm done in a matter of seconds and have never once cut or otherwise injured myself.

Husband does prefer this, and he doesn't even mind being the barber.

I don't think there's anything shameful about body hair, but the totally bare look to me seems weird...I don't want to look pubescent. I just like the feel of clean shaven legs and armpits and neatly trimmed everything else.

Hope it helps!

Rachel said...

Anon ~ It seems that if you live in a very hot environment that being more drastic with your modification would be more sensible since it would help keep you cooler.
I could safely bet that the percentage of brazilians in Florida is much higher than than Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to try a Brazilian wax someday but for now I will stick to shaving it..... all of it. I personally have enough hair I could be named a chimp. So for now it works. Until they come up w/ something new that doesn't cost an arm and a leg then I guess you'll call me OL' FASHIONED!!!!

Rachel said...

Anon ~ You could always embrace your plethora of hair like Austin Powers and work
Thanks for your answer.

l.b. said...

I'll go ahead and post under my own name...sure, why not? Personally, I like to switch things up. Sometimes I let things get all natural and I have also gone completely bare(shaved....I've never had a wax). Between the two extremes, I sometimes just try to shape things up a bit.
In the winter, wearing more clothes all the time, I even get lazy about my legs and underarms. Of course, I'd get all purty again for a special occasion.

funny girl (playtah) said...

I usually just shave (electric and regular razor). I kind of like the landing strip (when I do get time to groom), however, since nobody's ever "been to the airport", I may have to change things up if my future hubby prefers a different, um, travel method.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I prefer the results from the brazilian (not bare). The pain is horrible, but not as bad as the embarrassment of exposing myself. I realize that the people who do that see a million & don't pay attention, but I'm just not a nudist. The last time I had it done, I was a few months pregnant and incredibly self conscious. I just decided to go back to shaving.

Rachel said...

l.b. ~ Isn't winter great? We don't have to shave as often. We need the insulation!!

Funny Girl ~ Any Pizza delivering pilots on the horizon?lolol

Freckle ~ I have major respect for anyone that goes in for waxing down there. I want to, but I am too chicken.

Ashburnite said...

I prefer the "dolphin effect," which is no hair (on me), and I like a man to at lease me groomed. I have gotten a Brazilian once, and yes, it is very painful. I've also used nair, but I have extremely sensitive skin, so it was horrible. Now, I just shave- less expensive and less drama.

Anonymous said...

I would rather not have to be a jungle explorer to find what I am looking for.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I prefer variety. (Who doesn't?) So a new kind of hairdo down under is always welcome. But in general, I tend to side with the "less hair there, the better" camp. Full Brazilian -- good!

John said...

Personally I find free and natural to be very attractive. I never did like shaving, just think it is a way for the razor and cosmetic industry to create more revenue.

John said...

Personally I prefer the natural look and feel of body hair set free. I think the cosmetic industry has created this "clean shaven" ideal for thier profit not for ours. The top of my head is bald and I have no social fear of it as the advertisers would wish me to. They want to sell me products to hide or alter what is natural on me. They try to create a fear in me that women will find me unattractive, that I am somehow not complete. It is a very similar job that was sold to women about shaving and removing hair, successfully I might add.