Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks Hump Day Hottie was born and raised in England to Indian parents.
Her name means supreme goddess, princess of snakes.
At the age of 7 she suffered a burn scar that was shown in her 2002 breakout roll in “Bend It Like Beckham”.
Played opposite Kiera Knightly as Jesmider Bhamra, a teenage Sikh soccer player who idolizes David Beckham and defies her traditional parents to pursue her dreams of playing soccer.
Has also appeared in “Ella Enchanted”
Joined the cast of the TV show “ER” in 2003 playing Neela Rasgotra. This was the first recurring Indian doctor role on American Television.
She has received the Golden Wave Award and the Bordeaux International Festival of Women in Cinema for “best actress”., the Movieline Young Hollywood Award for “Best Breakthrough Performance”. She was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award and a 2006 Asian Excellence Award.
In 2004 she received the honor of being a torch bearer as the Olympic torch passed through London on it’s way to the games in Athens.

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~

Parminder Nagra


Lydia said...

I've been wondering for a while, so have to ask. What is "hump day"? With the hottie connection it seems kind of obvious, but perhaps I'm missing something.

Tara said...

Good choice! She is so pretty!

Rachel said...

Lydia ~ Hump day means Wednesday. The middle of the work week. Once we get past Wednesday we are on the downward slope of the week heading towards the weekend.
Also known as Clinton Day.

Tara ~ I LOVED her and Kiera Knightly in Bend It Like Beckham. I own the movie.

funny girl (playtah) said...

Lydia, don't worry, the first time I heard "hump day" I was kind of taken aback. Then they explained that it was Wednesday--you're over the "hump" and headed to Friday. Why couldn't they have just called it "hill day" or something? :)

Rachel - nice work. Switching it up. A hottie for everyone, not just us girls. Although I do have to say, I was hoping for a guy....hey, on ER doesn't she work with Dr. Kovach? grrrrrrowl. lol. :)

Rachel said...

LOL.... FG ~ We will do a male hottie based only on looks next week. Sound good?

funny girl (playtah) said...


Freckle Face Girl said...

Good pick! - I thought she did a great job in Bend it Like Beckham. I had no idea that she is now on ER.

Lydia said...

Thanks for the explanation, Rachel and Funny Girl. It all makes sense now. lol at Clinton Day!