Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gearing Up For The Big Day

October has two of my very favorite holidays. The first being my birthday. I will be 33 next week. I know that my friends have plans for that day but I don't know what they are. I like to be surprised so I told them not to tell me what the plans are.
But that holiday isn't the one that I am referring to today. What I want to talk about is Halloween.
I grew up in a relatively small town of about 15,000 people. We would always have the halloween party at school, dress up and tromp our way through the school showing off our fantastic costumes. Then we would go next door to the nursing home in a noisy colorful display for the residents. (Sidenote: Why do almost all nursing homes smell like urine?)
Then the ghosts, goblins, super-heroes and princesses would take over the town running from house to house to get our candy treats.
I still love this holiday and am lucky that I work for a company that allows us to dress up for that day.
Last year I came as this:

Mimi Bobeck from The Drew Carey Show

This year I am dressing up as:

Carrie (horror movie)

Do you enjoy the halloween celebrations? Are you dressing up? What are you dressing up as?
If you could dress up as anything, what would it be?


funny girl (playtah) said...

I LOVE Halloween. I LOVE wearing funny/cool costumes. I know what I'm going to be this year, but I'm not telling you yet! :)

Tor Johnsen said...

Great fun!! Dressed up as Carrie is very messy but cool!! Preparing Halloween - but less mess - in Osl

Tara said...

Ah!! You're gonna be Carrie? That is so awesome, you'll have to take photos and share!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I dress up almost every single year. The parties at school were so much fun, drinking fruit punch and eating cookies made for us by the PTA. We also went on a costume parade, and I think we dropped by a nursing home one year!

Last year I was a pirate (yo ho ho), but this year I'm going to be a bit traditional and dress up as a witch. I was also thinking of dressing up as Jean Gray from X-Men, but I'll probably be a witch.

Sofi said...

I'm going to be early 70's Cher, complete with fangs and blood. My real reason for being Cher is that I have an awesome vintage dress that I'm dying to wear.

I love the Carrie idea! You could keep the Steven King theme by next year going as Cujo.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I love Halloween too, but the office I currently work for doesn't do the dress up thing. I have a costume for the babe though & might get in the spirit with her.

Lydia said...

We just don't do Halloween in the UK on any kind of major scale, and not even much of a minor one. It's not that big a thing for kids and barely features for adults if you don't have children. Which is a shame because it sounds like a great reason to play dress-up and have lots of fun. Hope you have a great time. And the Carrie thing sounds awesome.

l.b. said...

I LOVE dressing up and candy and being scared in a fun way, so Halloween is great in my book. I get to dress up for work. This year I might be a bear, but it will be a very simple version. I don't get too fancy with my costumes. Plus, I do programs for very little kids, so I can't be too scary...