Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Have Been Meme'd - Three Things

Tara from e.clec.tic spaghetti meme'd me so here we go:

3 Smells I love:
Fresh Cut Grass
Coconut oil
Clean Laundry

3 Smells I hate:
Eau de Kitty Litter
Wet Overflowing Ashtrays
Full Trash Cans On A Hot Day

3 Jobs that I have had in my life:
Cook at Dairy Queen
Insurance Agent
Customer Service for an ISP.

3 Movies that I could watch over and over:
Independence Day
Love, Actually
Pulp Fiction

3 Fond memories:
My first kiss at Knott’s Berry Farm
Inventing the game “Blow Pucky” with Funny Girl
When D (as a 2 year old) said “Mommy, that is unasseptable behavior. I know I spelled it wrong but that is how he said it.

3 Jobs I would love to have:
Sleep Study participant
Couples counselor
Advice columnist

3 Places that I have lived:
Spanaway, WA
Hoquiam, WA
West Michigan

3 Things I like to do:
Hang out with friends
Buy new shoes

3 Of my favorite foods:
Cap’n Cruch Peanut Butter cereal
Grilled chicken with A-1 steak sauce

3 Places I would like to be right now:
Wherever we are going to celebrate my birthday (it is a surprise)
In bed
Getting a full body massage

3 Websites that I visit daily:

3 Things that make me cry:
D when he is upset
Sappy movies
Something happening to my family

3 Friends that I am tagging: (The new chosen ones!)
Funny Girl
Reformatting My Brain
Freckle Face Girl


Tara said...

Oh Sleep Study Participant would be great! Get paid to sleep. Course if I know someone's watching me and taking notes, I'm not sure if I would be able to fall asleep so quickly. :)

Anonymous said...

The things and the jobs, I feel the same! Especially the 'buy new shoes' bit!! I love buyings shoes so much! But can't afford at the moment...

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I cannot find Cold Leftovers blog anymore, I hope he is okay, has he changed address?

Rachel said...

Tara, I bet that once you get used to it you would have no problem. I would probably just want to do the study where you are hooked up to monitors, not the video camera.

Erica ~ Love shoes!!!
I tried to find Cold Leftovers too but it is gone. He had mentioned that he was thinking of deleting his blog but that was really quick.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Thanks! I love being tagged. For once, I had actually been tagged on this one the day before... here is the link

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was quick, such a shame. thanks

l.b. said...

Hey! Couples Counselor! I could do that so much better than any of the ones I ever dealt with!

reformattingmybrain said...

Thanks for the tag!