Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Sure Fire Way To Piss Me Off

I was at work today having a great discussion with some co-workers. We were discussing politics, abortion and homosexuality, specifically gay marriage.
One person was very adamant that all are black and white issues and I and another co-worker were insisting that there are shades of grey in every part of life including all of these issues.
We had finished the conversation and a while later we each got called into our supervisor’s office and were informed that our conversation had “offended” a co-worker and that we needed to cool it.
Excuse me? When did someone who wasn’t involved in a conversation and was basically eavesdropping have to right to complain about our private conversation?
If someone doesn’t agree with what I have to say, I have no problem with that. But instead of running to a supervisor and whining, say it to my face.
I promise I won’t attack you; physically or verbally. If you feel strongly enough that something that I am doing is inappropriate, grow some cajones and tell me.
I hate whining tattle tales.


Anonymous said...

"A Sure Way To Piss Me Off" what an understatement!!!!!!!! Pissed is not even the word for it. Does anybody have balls anymore? I mean for god's sake I thought we were all adults here, but I guess not. You can't even S*** anymore w/out someone up your A**. So I would just like to say if your one of THOSE PEOPLE stay away, far far away.

Funny Girl (playtah) said...

To be offended because someone has a different opinion is the ultimate in ridiculous. That co-worker is going to spend 90% of their life in a very bad mood, because judging by their close-minded easily-offended behavior, they are going to meet a LOT of people with differing opinions. That makes ME mad to hear of someone doing something THAT pathetic. Part of being an adult is accepting that other people may not agree with you, and that it is OK.

Tara said...

My manager did that once to another department. He heard them talking about someone, and he went and told his boss. The department got in trouble, and when one of the girls stopped talking to my boss, he had no clue why she wasn't speaking to him. He teased her and called her "ice queen".

minijonb said...

yeah, i guess from now on we are only allowed to talk about sports in office

Anonymous said...

You and your coworkers need to actually have goals in life and do some work. Maybe talk to them about single mothers who got knocked up by a random guy because their judgement sucks. You should know a lot about that mom.

reformattingmybrain said...

Wow today's a pissy kinda day huh?! Aren't we all entitled to our own opinions??? That's the way I think anyway. Man... people really piss me off. If we all lived our lives making sure no one would be offended.... ummm... I actually think there would be no such thing so life as we know it would end. Geesh people grow the *&#! up - we don't need tattle tales in our adult lives also! We had that in like the 3rd grade!

l.b. said...

I guess at work we are supposed to leave our thoughts and opinions at the door and behave like good little corporate stooges.
I guess I'm lucky that librarians tend to be all for zippy discussions.

esb138 said...

Swung over here on accident, but.....

it seems thin skinned, weak, whiney beings have taken over this world. The problem you had at work is just a small look at the bigger picture in this world...people who are offended by everything now deem themselves "victims" of some sort of crime and go crying to the authorities(in your case, the super).

Sticks and stones used to just break bones, but now aparently names will always hurt them worse.

Rachel said...

Anon ~ Didn't you know that working here is an extension of high school? Gossip, backstabbing, heck ,even the lunch cliques.

FG~ I don't think it was that they didn't agree with us but that the entire conversation was not "work appropriate". That's what we get when people from the corporate office come here to work temporarily.

Tara ~ Guys can be clueless. Even if they are the boss.

MJB ~ I will shoot myself in the head if all we have to talk about is sports.

Anon ~ Had that conversation many times. The good thing is that we are able to multi-task. Work and talk at the same time. At least we weren't talking about Jen Sterger

Reformat ~ D is in third grade and I swear we have to deal with the same maturity level with some people during our days.

l.b. ~ If we were talking about something like felching or double fisting or a dirty sanchez I can understand being offended. Politics? Give me a break.

ESB~ It is great that we live in a country where free speech is respected..... oh wait!

Anonymous said...

"At least we weren't talking about Jenn Sterger..."

Worst comeback of the year. Congrats!


Freckle Face Girl said...

What a freak....they don't have the guts to pipe in with their opinion, but they can run to the boss? That would make me want to have more conversations to bug them.