Thursday, October 26, 2006

Morning Conversations

Wednesday morning I was sitting at the coffee table putting on my makeup while D was eating his breakfast and watching the Today Show together.
Out of the blue D turns to me and says:

D: Mom, do you want to have any more babies?
Me: Why, do you want me to have a baby?
D: Yeah, I think it would be cool.
Me: Well, I won't have another baby unless I am married.

About a minute passes by....

D: I know who you could marry.
Me: Really? Who would that be?
D: You could marry MiniJonB.

What? Where did this come from? After a couple of seconds I was able to respond.

Me: MiniJonB and I are just friends. There has to be a lot more to a relationship before you get married. Trust, respect, attraction......

The conversation continued for about another minute and then he dropped the subject. D is realizing that I am alone and he is at the point where he wants me to be with someone. All he knows is me being single. I haven't been in a serious relationship since I was with his father and we broke up before he was a year old.
It's about darn time someone starts matchmaking for me. Even if it is my own kid. LOL


minijonb said...

it's a cute story... and, well, before i stick my foot in my mouth, i'll just change the subject: you've been tagged. =:-)

Lydia said...

And I thought I'd been asked some awkward questions by kids. But that's so sweet. He really sounds like a wonderful boy. Perhaps he is the ideal matchmaker for you?!

Tara said...

He sounds like a sweet kid. And very pensive!

reformattingmybrain said...

You have a great kid :-) My son is very protective of me.

Freckle Face Girl said...

Perhaps, he'll keep his eyes open for a great catch! :)

Rachel said...

MJB ~ It was very funny.
Thanks for the tag and busting me out so that everyone will know my love of fluff reading.

Lydia ~ Since D and I are around the same people most of the time I doubt he can find someone that I haven't thought of already. Maybe when he is older and can go off on his own more.

Tara ~ He is sweet. Pensive? What do you mean?

Reformat ~ D isn't so much protective and he wants me to be happy.

Freckle ~ Great catch? In West Michigan? I don't know if those go together unless he has already be

Tara said...

He spends time thinking of stuff, that's what I meant by pensive. His mind is always working. :)

Rachel said...

Tara ~ Ahhh I understand now. When I saw the word pensive I thought of a teenager. How they always look annoyed and never talk.

l.b. said...

I wonder is it that he wants you married or that he sees that as the only way he's going to get a little brother?

Anonymous said...

Your kid is so bright! As he gets older you will be even more amazed at the things he comes up with - please always tell us, we love hearing all the smart things he comes up with - children are so much smarter than we give them credit for sometimes!!!