Friday, March 30, 2007

Rise & Fall Of A Wanna Be DICK-tator

Some of you are aware of my own resident troll, Anon1 (his avatar is to the left), who was recently blocked from commenting on my blog by my adding comment moderation. Due to his hate filled comments he has been blocked from commenting on several other blogs as well.
Most of you do not know how Anon1 came to be my blog troll so as this is the last time I will ever discuss Anon1 on my blog I thought that I would tell you the rise and fall of a DICKtator.
Anon1 came to light on another blog White Dade where he attacked White Dade for having negative things to say about Jen Sterger. I don’t know who she is and this was before I started reading White Dade’s blog so I never really thought much of it. I knew that WD got a lot of nasty comments but I never dreamed that they would be directed towards me.
He kept insulting WD so much that I made this snarky comment:

Rachel said:
WD~ I think that Anon might just have the hots for you but can't admit it just yet.Anon~ Got any nekkid pix you can post so we can see if you are up to par for WD? Or better yet, how about coming out of the closet all together. You are such a coward.

I shouldn't have done it as I now know that Anon1 can't take ANY form of a joke and it spiraled downward from there.I didn't check comments for most of the day and when I went back I saw that Anon1 had responded and that my best friend Funny Girl had started defending me.

Anon1 flew of the proverbial handle and has since said some of the most vicious, hate filled, disgusting things that I have ever read. His response to my comment was this:

Anonymous said:
Rachel,Go straddle a knife. I bet you are a fat bitch with 3 kids from 3 different men.And if you can possible explain why I am a coward I would like to hear it.If I were you, I would jump of the nearest bridge and hope I hit cement. Now finish your McGriddle you fat pig and shut up.

After going back to check comments and reading quite a few that you can read here I replied with this:

Rachel said...
Wow... I don't read for a day and look what I miss. An ANONYMOUS commenter insulting me for calling him a coward.Ohhh poor baby... are you upset that I didn't respond to your hate and your pathetically asinine comments other than to say that I thought you were a coward for posting anonymously?I find it extremly funny that you were more offended that I called you a coward than the fact that I insinuated that you are gay.So, I will say it again. YOU ARE A COWARD!!! You want people to take you seriously? Post your username, blog, or real name. Until you are able to state your views and identify yourself.. STFU!!!I wonder if your mom knows what kind of sewage spews from your mouth.

After that day he started commenting on my blog. Funny Girl and I tried to diffuse his anger and sometimes we were successful. When we did, we found a relatively interesting guy.
Anon1 comes from a well off relatively well known family in Florida. He currently has an up and coming consulting business and is extremely Republican and you can almost always rely on him to refer to things that he doesn’t agree with as “liberal bullshit” even when it has nothing to do with politics.
He works out avidly and has a penchant for strippers but definitely doesn’t like to have fingers shoved in his bum.
Anon1 moved from being a nasty commentor and having a guest post on White Dade's blog to having his own blog for a short time. He even invited White Dade to his parent's Christmas party and then started his own blog. After a few months he removed his blog and went back to his blog trolling ways.
Dealing with Anon1 is very frustrating for me. There is a part of me that enjoys reading the crap that he writes because usually he is so off base that it is laughable. Funny Girl, in the past, would intentionally rile him to see what his reaction would be. She liked to refer to it as poking a badger with a stick.
Other times it seems that he knows the exact buttons to push to get me riled up and even sometimes he has made comments that have hurt me deeply. He seems to derive particular pleasure from insulting my weight and my status as a single parent and has often referred to D as “unwanted” and “a bastard”.
After I started moderating comments on my blog he tried to contact me via G-Chat but I didn’t reply to him. Then he started to chat with Funny Girl and was whining to her that I moderated comments.
Funny Girl had to ban him from her blog as well and so for some reason yesterday he sent me an instant message.
I was feeling generous so I responded. Of course an insult fest ensued and after getting my last point across I stopped responding. I decided that you all might like to see some of what I and others have dealt with for the past few months.

I left everything (including my own spelling mistakes) intact other than to replace his G-Chat name and the one time I used his real first name with Anon1.

Anon1: Who do you think you are?
Rachel: The same pereson I was yesterday. Why?
Anon1: You post about Poppy like everyone else is too Blame?
Rachel: Why do you care?
Anon1: She got warts, her bad, her fault.
Typical left wing bullshit.
Rachel: Poppy is my friend. Dean isn't. It's my blog. I can write what I want. I never said I was unbiased.
Sent at 2:28 PM on Thursday
Anon1: Blah, blah, blah,
Only thing you have control of is your blog.
Sad, sorry, pathetic...
Rachel: Really? I'm not the one that has been banned from multiple blogs
Anon1: Because of people like you.
Must suck to have no one want you.
Sent at 2:34 PM on Thursday
Rachel: You were banned because of your own abhorrent behavior. Take a good look at the glass house that you live in before you start throwing stones.
Anon1: LOL
Rachel: It does suck that I am not dating anyone. I admit it. I accept it. But at least I am not having one night stands with strippers. I would rather be alone than lower my standards.
Anon1: LOL
Least I am not 300 lbs with a mized kid
Let some thug knock you up.
Rachel: What is a mized kid?
Anon1: MIXED
Get it,
A bastard.
Rachel: Next time spell it correctly and I will understand.
Anon1: OK no college degree.
Rachel: You are such a small minded little peon. I can't imagine you have any friends. You
Anon1: LOL
I am a PEON?
Are you serious?
Look at your life.
Living in a trailer.
Single mom.
Should I go on?
Rachel: hold on...I am busy for a few minutes
Anon1: Looking up my IP addy? Posting it?
Sent at 2:42 PM on Thursday
Rachel: no..i am with a client
Anon1: LOL
Come on.
Sent at 2:48 PM on Thursday
Rachel: Sorry about that. I had to take care of an issue with a client.
It doesn't matter what I try to say to defend myself, you won't believe me so I am not even going to try.
You will always think that I am a fat, nasty whore who got knocked up by some drug dealing thug who isn't ever going to amount to anything in life.
But you know what? I know the truth and the actual truth is so far from your idea of who I am it is ridiculous.
I know who I am and I LIKE who I am. And I have the best friends anyone could ask for. I am blessed beyond measure.
I might not come from a well known family and I might not have money to throw around hiring hookers and such but you know what? I wouldn't want your life for one minute. Living with such anger and bitterness is so incredibly sad and I feel sorry for you. I pity you. Even with the silver spoon in your mouth that is so tarnished by the venom that spews out of every orifice.
I would rather be dirt poor and happy as I am than be rich and as pathetic and miserable as you are.
You might want to look into anger management classes Anon1.
Sent at 3:06 PM on Thursday
Anon1: Look into weight management.
Or birth control.
Or college.
Plastic surgery.
Sent at 3:10 PM on Thursday
Rachel: I would rather be beautiful on the inside and ugly on the outside than have your "winning" personality.
Anon1: LOL
Come on.
You hate your life.
I would too.
Having a blog as the only thing successful in your life.
You know D is doomed.
Rachel: You know the only thing that I hate in my life? That you seem to linger around the peripheral edges of it like an insidious poison.
I may not be what you consider successful. But then again, I don't care one bit what you think.
D isn't doomed. He is loved and encouraged to be an honorable man. He is loving, kind and funny. He is more of a man at the age of 9 than you will ever be.
Rachel: I am done. Good day.
Anon1: lol

No longer will I allow this entity to harass me, my readers or my friends. I will not respond to his email and will be blocking him from G-Chat.

I am ashamed that I have let it go on for this long.

I am DONE!!!


Dennis said...

Now who are we going to laugh at with totally off base comments. I understand the reason behind stopping this and I cannot fault your logic. My only thought is everyone is entitled to their own comments but if they want to express them do it in a mature way and don't attack people personnally, their views are a different subject. That is what freedom of speech is all about. I was impressed the few times I saw that Anon1 carried on a mature conversation and I think he is an intelligent person. Unfortunatly that did not come through often enough.

Poppy said...

As I have no prior experience with much of this, I had to go back and read some of the links. I have, however, had a few encounters with Anon1 myself - including the comment he made to Rachel about me yesterday...
He seems like he has a lot of potential, and I was very impressed with what WD said about the Christmas party evening - seems like he might even be fun! But as Rachel has pointed out, why would you let bitterness and anger get in the way of a happy, eventful and fulfilling life? It has it's ups and downs, but let's move on!
I wish people would live to their potential and not get stuck in the middle somewhere...

playtah said...

So true. He's a spoiled little rich kid. Maybe his dad never played catch with him or something. I don't know, but he certainly has hate issues and trouble relating with people who don't agree with him.

I don't know if he's thinking of going into politics, but he's offended so many people that if any of the bloggers are in his constituency, he may get some bad word of mouth publicity. That's not a threat from me--I'm not even near him. I'm just saying he's going to have to watch himself so he doesn't shoot himself in the foot. Actually, part of me hopes he does shoot himself in the foot. He doesn't have the mentality or heart to be a public servant. Unless something changes, all he'll ever be is a spoiled rich kid. He'll always have friends--people with money always do. But I'm not sure he'll have friends that actually like HIM. Just his money.

It's funny how he thinks he's insulting us by calling us poor, etc. Like money is the only thing that matters. Oooh.....that's right. I work 8-hour days and pay all my bills but can't afford a boat. He, on the other hand, works 13-hour days, pays his bills, and CAN afford a boat. So the difference is? A boat for him, and a few hours of delightful freedom for me. I'm cool with that.

I HAVE baited him in the past. (I'm a master baiter?) His hot buttons are so predictible. The last few times he chatted with me, I turned everything he said into a joke. It really annoyed him. He thrives on working people up. If he can work you into a tizzy, he thinks he's won. He doesn't matter enough to me to work me into a tizzy. For a while I played with him like a cat with a mouse. But now I'm done with him too. I'm bored with that game.

It's funny how much emphasis he puts on money. Of course, he grew up with it, so maybe he doesn't know any better. It must amaze him that people making less than 30k a year can love their life. I wouldn't want his life for anything. People who are rich AND jerks will always be plagued with doubt over whether their friends like them for them, or their money. Lots of people have money. If you are banking your friends, future, or happiness on money, you'll soon find that other people can easily take your place.

I'm glad to be done with him. Run along, now. Off you go.

laughingattheslut said...

He reminds me of this kid I used to babysit. He would bring some baseball thing and expect everyone to be impressed. "Look at my new baseball bat. It costs *** dollars." Okay. So what. I don't care about baseball. "It's a ********, and it costs *** dollars." So? "But it costs *** dollars." I still don't care about baseball.

If he was going to impress everyone with his money, you'd think he'd at least bring something that everyone else cared about. If he wanted me to be jealous, maybe he should have brought an autographed movie poster. But even that doesn't quite get it. Not like I would buy an autographed movie poster, even if I had the money. For me the point of having autographs is having something to show for the day that I met that actor or writer. If I didn't get the autograph myself, it just isn't the same.

l.b. said...

He may well be an intelligent person, but what a waste. Using that razor wit to cut people up is just pathetic. He must be the most insecure man ever. You had more patience with him than I ever would have Rachel. I really do think that all you can do with someone like that is ignore them. In the end, you can't have a reasonable discussion with someone who is completely unwilling to behave like a human being.

Churlita said...

Oh, it makes me so sad. Can you imagine how depressed and insecure you'd have to be to spend that mauch time and energy trying to make people you don't even know feel bad about themselves?

I think you given him WAY more time than he deserves.

You are amazing. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently.

Jaybird said...

I agree with Playtah in that he appears to have missed some important sociological stages in his development as a child. I bet a poor kid kicked his ass as a kid and he has been angry about it ever since. Or maybe this holier-than-thou attitude stems from some separation anxiety issues when he was going away to college and Mommy couldn’t do his laundry anymore or tell him how great and perfect he is… Sorry, I stepped into a zone there for a second. I went to a prep school and saw quite a bit of this type of attitude.
Whatever happened to playing well with others? You know, the whole “live and let live” thing? He seems to think that he is the uber-man and evolution has peaked with him. Who am I to disagree? Hitler thought the same thing and look how that ended, though. He only sleeps with strippers? To me, it’s pretty clear why he seems to have a penchant for strippers; they obviously are the only ones that will listen to what he has to say and agree with him as long as he is paying them money on a regular basis. Strippers are very therapeutic in that way. They are also cheaper than a psychologist. And nicer to look at too...
I do feel a little sorry for him, though. People who have that much anger and frustration in their lives are bound to die from stress and angst sooner than the rest of us. I really hope he is enjoying that boat while he can...

hegaveanonymousabadname said...

There's a lot of great people in this blog "area". However, every Garden of Eden has to have a serpent, I guess. Or every apartment building has to have a cockroach. Or every 300th box of Cheerio's has to have a rat dropping in it. Anon1. That's how I think of him. "Hey, this blog area is pretty classy, all things considered. But I guess things can't be perfect, that's why Anon1 exists!"

Rachel said...

Dennis ~ You are right. When he would carry on a mature conversation and didn't fling insults like monkeys fling poo there was intelligence there.
Too bad that anything that he had to say that was worth reading was always surrounded by vitriol.

Poppy ~ He has said in the past that it is his online persona and he just enjoys starting the drama. I don't buy it. No one is that angry without it spilling over in to every aspect of life.

Playtah ~ You are a master baiter. The question is...are you a masterbater too?

laughingatheslut ~ Exactly. It never impressed me that he can afford lap dances from strippers and to buy everyone drinks.
He doesn't understand that there are people for who money isn't the most important thing.

l.b. ~ Did you notice that I referred to him as an entity at the end? I couldn't bring myself to call him a man or a person.

Churlita ~ I gave him way too much of my time and my emotions. Funny Girl and I would have discussion about Anon1 sometimes and I will admit that I cried a few times. Some stuff was just so hurtful.

Rachel said...

jaybird ~ I think that being surrounded by sycophants all day every day and everyone wanting something from you can destroy a person.
The fact that he views women as consumable products doesn't help either. If you look at them as objects it isn't easy to treat them with respect.

hegivesanonymousabadname~ Maybe we should call him Apollyon which in Greek means Destroyer since he revels in trying to destroy people. What he doesn't realize is that he destroys himself in turn.

Jaybird said...

I have a better idea, let's just call him Zoolander!

"The world is not yet ready for Magnum!"

egan said...

It's about fucking time. What a piece of work. I'm sure he's loving this post and touching himself inappropriately while reading it.

Dennis - speaking his mind is one thing, but when it becomes personal, that's another thing like you stated.

Can we predict his next move?

Babybull40 said...

Is this guy for real? I was reading his comments and he trully is a bitter person.. silver spoon and all.. he is sad excuse of a Coward...Good riddance..

The Chef said...

You know someone's full of inner demons, insecurities and crap when all they can do is attack others based on income, weight or looks. Glad to hear you stopped falling into his nonsense. Hopefully one day he will get some therapy and deal with his issues

Rachel said...

Jaybird ~ I am sorry...I have only seen bits and pieces of Zoolander. I am sure it is a brilliantly witty comment though.

Egan ~ I know that Anon1 has checked my blog today at least a dozen times (that was the last count when I checked at 5pm).
I am sure he has read the post a few more times than usual.

babybull40 ~ He is unfortunately real. It is sad isn't it?

the chef ~ His favorite subjects were that I was a horrible mother for not having a stable family foundation when I had my son. Also my weight, which I wrote about in January. I definitely DO NOT weigh 300 pounds like he likes to say but he does it because he tries attack perceived weak spots to try and put chinks in my armor.
He has gotten to me a few times and I have cried about it but I would never tell him which comments got to me.

Beth said...

He can read this here, but he can't comment? LIFE IS GOOD!

Yeah, he gets these ideas about who we are--usually waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off base, and nothing you can say will convince him otherwise.

I know who and what I am and he never could make me cry, never even could make me mad, although he'd just hate knowing that. I called him on his atrocious spelling more than once because I thought it was so funny that he was so NOT all that he thought he was.

Money can't buy a personality...or if what he's got is what money can buy, I don't mind not having lots of money. What I have--a good life, a wonderful marriage and child, a church I love, a job I love, all sorts of good things going on--means more to me than any money or connections he may have.

Not that he would believe this.

Not that I care.

I'm just glad he can't come in and leave his garbage everywhere. I like a good discussion as much as anyone and I don't have to agree with you to have one--but there is such a thing as respectfully disagreeing, and he doesn't know how to do that.

Ah well. Both blogs where he's been banned are better for his absence.

Thanks, Rachel. And you're right--you're beautiful just as you are and your kid is terrific!

dmarks said...

Thinking about this again, him insulting your son is lower than lower than low.

Erica said...

Rachel, I must have missed all the comments that happened in White Dade's website at the time. All the things he said against you were horrible and I am glad you have now stopped all contact with him.