Monday, March 05, 2007

Question For The Masses

It has been really busy at work lately and I haven’t been able to really write much during the day. I need to make sure to write my blog posts at night instead of in the morning.
Today’s will be short and sweet.
I am sure that you have heard about the teenagers that gave the 2 and 5 year old kids pot and taught them how to smoke it.

Is it a good or bad thing that D had no idea what pot is?

P.S. I promise that I will write about my one and only fist fight tomorrow.


laughingattheslut said...

Are you sure he doesn't know what it is, or maybe he's just used to it being called something else?

If he really doesn't know what it is, you're lucky that you have this opportunity to tell him about it. If this really is the first he's heard of it, I don't think he could misunderstand and think that it is something cool.

Sizzle said...

they gave a 2 and a 5 year old pot!?

i really need to watch the news more often.

on second thought, i don't want to know these things.

Karl said...

Yeah, I saw the story on CNN. Friggin' sick. And how old is D, not knowing what pot is? I agree with Laughing - it's a potential opportunity to talk about it.

reformattingmybrain said...

I've only ever seen one drug in my life. About to go out for the night with some friends - I asked, knowing they were users, if they had anything with them. If they did I wasn't going. They said they didn't have anything, knowing I wouldn't go if they did. They waited until we were quite some ways from home when the shit came out! I said to stop the car - I punched him in the face - busted his lip open and told him NOT to lie to me again and NOT to come get me again. They took me home right then and I never saw them again, that being a choice made by me. I don't put up with that shit. To this day - I don't know the difference between all of them and I'm constantly asking my husband while we watch Cops, what the stuff is, what you do with it, etc. I have NO desire to ever try it or see it.

I think it's good he doesn't know - you have the opportunity to explain to him yourself, so he can learn the truth from you, instead of learning the hard way from others.

Rachel said...

laughinattheslut ~ He knows what marijuana is from the D.A.R.E. program in school. They come in a talk about safety and staying away from drugs. He didn't know what pot was. He thought it was a kind of cigarette.

Sizzle ~ two teenagers gave their nephews pot. They taught them how to smoke it and videotaped it. It was disgusting.

Karl ~ D is 9 years old and is in 3rd grade. We did take the opportunity to discuss illegal acts and peer pressure. We had a good talk about it. He told me that he won't ever smoke cigarettes either because they are nasty.

Reformat ~ I will admit that I have seen more than one drug and have never bought any kind of drug.
I don't allow any kind of drug or firearm in my home. and I rarely have alcohol either. I don't think that exposing D to those kinds of things is healthy.
I did smoke for a few years but I quit when D picked up a butt and pretended to smoke.

Dennis said...

There is nothing wrong with exposure to different things. The more exposure the less experimentation that someone has. There is a draw to the unknown. That said illegal is illegal. Guns are one thing but illegal acts and substances are another. An open dialoge is the best thing. Good luck. By the way check your email.

Churlita said...

I still have no idea why anyone would do that. If they have no morals or character, you would at least think that they wouldn't want to share their drugs.

My girls are teenagers, so a bunch of kids in their school have already gotten busted for having weed on them. We talk about it a lot and about the dangers. I suppose they'll experiment with drugs and alcohol at some point in their lives, because most people do, but at least they'll be educated about the risks.

David in DC said...

This screams "teachable moment".

Of course so does the squished winkie story and you handled that just fine.

I always tell Monkeyboy in DC that he should ask me or RFB any words he doesn't understand. I've also told him RFB will understand if it's easier to ask me about the ones that might have something to do with sex.

They need to know clinical words like penis and marijuana but they also need to know slang words like dick, prick, weed and blunt.

Hey, that sounds like a Law Firm: Dick, Prick, Weed and Blunt, LLP.

dmarks said...

"Of course so does the squished winkie story and you handled that just fine."

Now I'm cringing in this post, too! Thank you so much, DiDC.

egan said...

I think it's a good thing. Ignorance is bliss in this case.