Thursday, March 22, 2007

Emails & Updates

Today I have two subjects for your enjoyment.

Yesterday when I came into work I had this in my email account.

To: RachelG
From: D
Subject: Mom, your son is emailing you!
hi are you? :) Im trying to buy you something in Toontown,but its not working out very well.Hope you are forward to spring weather,cause it' on it's way.


My reply:

To: D
From: Rachel G
Subject: Re: Mom, your son is emailing you!

Hi Buddy. I am doing great. Much better after receiving your email. It is OK if you can't buy me something in ToonTown if you can't get it to work. I don't need gifts to know how much you love me.
I am looking forward to spring very much. You know how much I don't like to shovel snow. It is getting close to May, my favorite month of the year here in Michigan.
I love you very much. Thank you for the fantastic email.


He had asked how to use email and I explained it to him while I was getting ready for work. I thought he wanted to email his dad.
It totally made my day.

For those of you who are following the Poppy/Dean situation we do have an update. I received this email from Poppy:

We talked last night, I used a smoking and your pizza analogy. I explained it's hard to quit having sex cold turkey even when you want to wait. His problem is that he wasn't sure he could trust what I was saying (that I wanted to stay pure and had been thinking about it for a while). Maybe I was just saying it to stay with him, but would falter along the way (i.e. cheat, I think).
I told him that obviously it would be easier for me to remain pure while with him and I liked that - I liked that there was no pressure to be with him like that, especially since I knew it was not something I should do anyway.
I told him I knew he was worth working this out and asked if he felt I was worth it. He said yes a little hesitantly, but hugged me tightly.
He said he could trust me and move on, or go with that he thought I was just saying it and walk away. I told him a relationship is about trust. I asked if it was worth it to him to ruin something potentially good by thinking about what I had done, or if he was willing to trust me and see where this relationship could go. He said the latter, and I mentioned that he then needed to start thinking about me in a different perspective than he had been and move from this point forward.
I think the reason he was being a little strange when we all got together last night at the beginning is that he was still contemplating it. When you guys hauled out your cameras is when things went back to "normal". It was like a light went on and he realized this is what he wants - to be with me and work it out. Then we cuddled and kissed on his couch until 2am :)
It's not going to be peaches and cream, but we got over this bump - we can work through just about anything!



Tara said...

I can see how that email from D made your day, Rachel. That was so sweet of him! Your son sent youa memo. Hehe. :)

And it's also great news about Poppy! I'm glad they're working it out. Thanks for the update!

Churlita said...

I love e-mails with my kids. I instant message my daughter once and was like, "look at me! i'm IM'ing you." And she messaged me back, "You nerd."

I'm glad your friend and her man are working it out.

reformattingmybrain said...

LOVE the email from D! I love when my son emails me. It makes my day SO much.

Trust is the absolute most important in a relationship to me. Hope it works out for you Poppy! :-)

l.b. said...

That is so sweet, Rachel. I love getting email from my kids too.

Since Poppy seems to sincerely wish for this relationship to work out then I really hope that it does.

Rachel said...

Tara ~ It was fantastic. I lurved it!!!

Churlita ~ I have been called a dork before by D. And he is right. I am a total dork.

Reformat ~ It totally brightened my day.

l.b. ~ This is my first email from D so I had to blog it.
I hope that things work out with Poppy and Dean. We shall see how it goes.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

That is so sweet that your son emailed you. I know that made your day.

I love when couples work things out instead of give up so much luck to your friend and her man.

Beth said...

Wow, after just reading you-know-who's latest diatribe on Wendy's blog...did I ever need to see something sweet.

Smiles all around. I'm so happy for you ALL!

Babybull40 said...

Awesome email from "D".. And its nice to hear your friend is feeling better about things with her man.. He made the right choice..WTG Poppy and Dean

Rachel said...

diva ~ It totally made my day. I saved it so that I can go back and read it whenever and want.
Too many people give up when things don't go the way that they expect. I am glad that they are going to work it out.

beth ~ I saw the love letter (insert sarcasm) that you got over there. Some people will never understand that no everyone lives with the same priorities in life.

babybull40 ~ D is so sweet. If he was chocolate my teeth would be rotten.
I am glad that Poppy and Dean are going to work on it. I have never seen Poppy this happy.

egan said...

Good for you and your son. Each story has it own uplifting vibe. Your son's email prowess is remarkable. Keep him away from blogs.

M said...

gorgeous email! aww

Erica said...

That sweet boy of yours! You must be so proud and I think you two have a wonderful relationship.

I am so happy for Poppy, it looks like they will be able to sort out their differences and be happy together!

Rachel said...

Egan ~ You should see the email that he sent me yesterday and today. Priceless.

M ~ They were both great emails to receive.

Erica ~ He is very sweet. So caring.
I am happy for Poppy and Dean too.

David in DC said...

Whever Monkeyboy "buys" me something from Toon Town, it's always a gag (like a pie to the face or a seltzer bottle). They usually cost 60 jelly beans or some such thing. It's a wise child who knows his father.

For those of you in the dark about ToonTown, it's just as well. It's just one more Disney scam to extract the maximum amount of coin from a parent's wallet.

You can play there for free, but you can't get access to the coolest stuff.

On the other hand it's cute, funny and has only cartoon style violence.

OTOH, I've discovered a great, moderated chat room for kids Monkeyboy's or D's age. It's at a site called and it's only open for chat from 7pm - 9pm on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights.

The whole site, including the chat room, is run by a mom named Wendy who decided to create this resource because she could find nothing like it.

The first time we went in, I piloted the keyboard first and gave myself the monicker "nosydad". Once I was satisfied, we logged out. Mokeyboy now chats there once or twice a week, after homework is all finished. His chat handle: "nosysson".

I'll bet D would like it, and it seems totally safe. Wendy keeps kids from using real names or disclosing ages. She tries to keep questions about gender down too, but I think, in Monkeyboy's case, the "son" part of "nosysson" is a giveaway.

Added benefit: he's frustrated at typing so slow and working on his keyboard skills so he can keep up with the conversations.

David in DC said...

I just reread my post here.

I'd like to make one clarification.

Despite the implication above, I only have two hands.