Friday, March 16, 2007

I Don't Think I Will Have A Rainbow Sticker On My Car

I was taking D to his grandparent's this morning before school and we were listening to the radio. A woman had sent an email about a "friend" who's husband had cheated on her. The DJ, Puddin', was fielding calls about the email and a man named David said "You can't just say that all men are cheaters because women cheat too." Puddin' replied "Everyone cheats."

Me to D: Not everyone cheats.

D: I don't cheat. I've never cheated.

Me: They aren't talking about cheating on tests D. When you get married you promise to be faithful and only be intimate with the person that you marry. If you are intimate with someone else that is called cheating.

D: Oh like if you are married and you have a girlfriend?
Me: Yes, exactly like that.
D: I think I am going to marry Hunter (his little girlfriend at school) because she is so cute. I can't think of anyone cuter than her. Most girls are ugly.
Me: Do you think that boys are cuter?

D: No Mom. (you could hear the eyeroll in his voice) Guys like chicks, not other dudes.

Hahahahaha... This was hilarious to me. Just the way that he said it. Guys like chicks.

I have a some gay friends and I am pro gay rights. I was all prepared to be a mom of PFLAG if he told me that he liked boys more.


playtah said...

D is hiLARious! I love the talks you have with him. They are so honest and well-explained.

"I was all prepared to be a mom of PFLAG if he told me that he liked boys more."
I also love how loving you are. I can't believe parents who disown their kids over stuff like that. Heck, I can't belive parents disown their kids, period.

Freckle Face Girl said...

That is so adorable. I think we are the only ones in our apartment building that aren't gay. It doesn't bother either of us, but I like to tease my hubby that the guys are trying to convert him. :) Perhaps, I'll get him a flag.

Tara said...

That is so cute that he can't think of anyone cuter than Hunter. :)

I'm pro gay rights too and be totally prepared to defend my kid as well.

Beth said...

Betsy KNOWS, and SAYS, asked or not, that no matter what, Mommy and Daddy will always love her. There is nothing she could say or do that would change that, and she knows it. So I've done at least one thing right! cool is this...for those who think (that would be NONE of you here but I HAVE run into such morons elsewhere) that my maternal experience is lessened because my daughter is adopted, and I didn't carry/deliver/breastfeed her (like I wouldn't have if I could!)--what was I saying? oh yeah--in Biblical times, an adopted child could NOT be disowned. A biological child could be, but not one you CHOSE to take into your home as your own.

So I figure she's pretty well covered, even on the days when she's just running from one no-no to the next. :)

Dennis said...

Personally I think that being gay is totally wrong. I will however tolerate them and in some cases even become friends with them as long as they are not trying to force their beliefs and lifestyle on me. To each their own.

Rachel said...

Playtah ~ D is at his funniest when he is being serious. These comments he says in every day conversation are priceless.

Freckle ~ sew one on the back of his jeans and see what

Tara ~ Hunter is a cutie. She is super sweet too. She isn't the most beautiful child that i have ever seen (she will def need braces) but D says that her personality make her even more pretty

The Diva Tee's Thoughts said...

That was a cute story

Rachel said...

Beth ~ Betsy is blessed to have you as a mother.

Dennis ~ I know quite well what your opinion is about this. And what is great is that we can disagree and I don't have to hit you with a book ~ again!

Diva Tee ~ Thanks!

Beth said...

Thank you, Rachel, but I'm the lucky one. I wanted a child for twenty years, and she finally came when I'd given up hope. ALL hope. I even blogged about it a few posts back.

I think you're an incredible mom, yourself, I love hearing about your son. He's older than my daughter, I'm sure? she's almost 8--but one of these days maybe we'll get together with Funny Girl and watch the kids run amok. (yeah, that would include Funny Girl too.)

reformattingmybrain said...

D cracks me up with the things he says! And you guys have great talks - I love that.

Churlita said...

That's so great. It helps them to be open with you when they're older, if you can be open with them when they're younger. I'm sure he's secure in the fact that your love for him is unconditional. You're doing a great job.

Rachel said...

Beth ~ D is 9 years old so not too much of an age difference. That would be a ton of fun to get together.
I want to have a big ol' barbeque this year. If I can swing it, you have an invite!

reformat ~ D says some of the funniest things. He has a bit of a snarky side to him so sometimes things come out and are so unexpected that Funny Girl and I have literally burst into laughter.

Churlita ~ I try and be very open with him. Except for the time that he came out of my room with my vibrator turned on asking me what it was. I took it from him and sent him to bed without an explanation. I don't want to scar the kid for life.

egan said...
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egan said...

Is your son destined to wear a baseball hat backwards and join a frat?

David in DC said...

I'm gonna pimp my own blog here for a sec, Rachel, I hope you don't mind. I blogged about this in one of my very first posts.

l.b. said...

Great post, Rachel. I have always secretly thought that out of my five kids one was bound to be gay, and I am all prepared to be cool with that. Sincerely. So far, all is straightness. Truthfully, I will just be happy if they all find someone worthy of their love.

And David in DC, great post at your blog on this topic.

Rachel said...

Egan ~ Backwards hat? Probably since that is how he wears them now. Frat? If that means that he will get a college degree I am ok with that. It just better be a dry one.

David In DC ~ I love that "teachable moment". I can totally relate about the "wah wah wah" Peanut strip parent sound. I am sure that D hears it a lot.

l.b. ~ I would be totally fine if D was gay. I would only lament the high probability of never having grandchildren and the adversity and prejudice that he would have to deal with.

Not so little Woman said...

The world needs more moms like you, who are willing to accept their children's choices. Lord knows that I intend to fully support my kids (if I'm blessed to have them) in their choices. They will feel enough pressure and rejection from strangers in life. Not from their momma. No.

Sizzle said...

more mom's should adopt your attitude! :)

Erica said...

I love D!! And you are an amazing mum, if only there were more like you. He is adorable!