Friday, August 04, 2006

Sex and Pizza

Imagine a pizza. One with your favorite toppings. It is sitting there right in front of you all hot and ready to eat. You can smell it and it is making your mouth water. You know that as soon as you eat it that it is going to be great and you will satisfy your craving for a while.
But, you have decided that you aren't allowed to eat pizza. That is isn't good for you. You still love it and you always want it, but you won't eat it. You are around it on a semi-regular basis, but you can never indulge no matter how bad you want it.
Of course, if you had only ever heard of pizza, but never tasted it or smelled it, it wouldn't affect you the way that it would someone who has had pizza and loved it right?
This is how I explained being abstinent from sex vs. being a virgin to my friend Funny Girl. Funny Girl is a virgin. She is waiting until marriage to have sex. We were talking a while ago about how difficult it is to not have sex once you have had it especially when you are dating someone or are in love. I used the pizza analogy.
She totally got it.


minijonb said...

I can take that analogy to another level.

Up until a year ago, I was living with my own personal exclusive pizza chef. Every pizza she made tasted worse than the previous one. I'm still trying to get of the contract we had so I can eventually find a new chef to partner with.

How's that for mixed metaphors?

Funny Girl said...

Yeah, I totally got it.

And even though I'm controlling my hunger right now, ...

I REALLY want pizza!!!!!! NOW! I've got a plate, and I've got pizza music.....guess I just need a delivery boy! PIZZA NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Sofi said...

What are you doing to me? Just looking at the pizza kicked my PMS up another notch.

Besides that, I'm very impressed with your pizza analogy. Were you ever a seminary teacher?

Rachel said...

Minijonb ~ Yeah, sometimes it is hard to get out of a legal contract. Hope that you can start shopping for a new person pizza chef sooner rather than later.
Funny Girl~ It was the best analogy I could come up with. Glad it worked. Maybe your Pizza Delivery Boy is having to deliver from a different place. Maybe from South America?? (evil grin)
Amy~ Nope, never a seminary teacher, but went for a year. The LDS church is great for saying how wrong SBM (sex before marriage) is and then doing nothing to cater to the non-married members. Makes me want to eat a lot of pizza, let me tell ya!

Rachel Heather said...

oh that is so damn true.

Once you have a taste of something good, you want it all the time.

ALLLLLLLL time time.

Excuse me while I go eat some chocolate


Chris said...

Pizza explains everything.