Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yours, Mine & Ours

This was a movie starring Lucille Ball that was made in the late 60's. The gist of the movie was a woman who has 8 kids marries a man (Henry Fonda) who has 9 kids. They move into a huge mansion and hilarity ensues while two large families learn to get along and how to be part of such a large family. Toward the end of the movie Lucille Ball's character gets pregnant and has baby number 18.
There was a recent remake of this movie, but I prefer the original.

I received some news over the weekend that initially shocked me and then made my roll my eyes and shake my head. My step-brother DJ and his new wife Lisa are expecting a baby. Normally this would be good news and the family would be celebrating and anticipating the new arrival.
This is truly an event in my family. Combined DJ and Lisa will be having their 14th child.
I don't have a problem with large families. I grew up in the Mormon church and having lots of kids wasn't that unusual. Also the Catholic Church looks down on birth control so there are many large families in the Catholic Church as well.
There has to be a point where enough is enough. In todays environment how in the world can any family support so many children? If you are independently wealthy and want to pop out 20 kids or adopt a small Asian nation go right ahead. More power to you.
The problem that I have with large families is when you continue to have children and are unable to support them. Food stamps and Medicaid are the two most common state or federally provided subsidies that are given to large families.
I don't know where this rant is going other than if you have kids, make sure you can fully support them. Don't keep popping out kids if you are receiving Medicaid or other financial programs that are tax payer funded.
On the other hand, my friend Robin has 9 children. She and her husband are able to fully support their children with no assistance. All of her children are well taken care of emotionally and physically. They don't even receive free or reduced lunch at school.
Robin's home is controlled chaos, but her home is well maintained and when you walk in you can feel the love and happiness there.
Not sure where I was going with this other than if you are going to have a big family, I don't want to support it.


minijonb said...

I think 6 became my favorite number because the Brady Family had 6 kids... but in reality, multiple kids isn't as much fun and laughs as it is on tv.

Playtah said...

Amen, Rach! And really, why do people need so many kids? Robin is an exception--she is a great person and her kids will turn out fine. But generally, it's the dumb ones who have 30 kids, and the smart ones who have 1 or 2.

Don't people get to hunt bears when the population gets too large? Hmm....

Erica said...

14th kid?? That is a lot of kids! But I agree with you, if you can support them emotionally and financially why not, but otherwise I don't see the point, I think after 2 or 3 I would definitely stop!!