Sunday, September 17, 2006

Post Of A Picture Of Yourself In High School Day

Tara from Ec.lec.tic Spaghetti has deemed today " Post Of A Picture Of Yourself In High School Day". I thought this was would be a lot of fun so I scanned my high school graduation photos.

I graduated high school in 1992 as is easily deduced by the enormous ball of fuzz on my head that is reminicent of a hedgehog that got an unfortunate perm. Mall hair was only one of my memories from 1992.

I have brown eyes, but back in the early 90's colored contacts became easily accessible. I wore glasses but decided to switch things up and purchased a pair of violet colored contacts.

I used to wear silk shirts, Keds, Cross Colour clothing, stone washed jeans, baby doll one piece outfits and was never seen without my Black Hill Gold class ring with my birthstone. Until my opal birthstone exploded at my job working as Sbarro's that is. No one told me that opals are heat sensitive.

Within a year of graduating from high school the Grunge Era started with Nirvana hitting the scene. Living in Washington State at the time I couldn't get away from plaid shirts, baggy pants and white kids with dredlocks. I was always more of a preppy dresser so I was very glad that I was done before I could be mocked incessantly.

I think that hedgehog with a bad perm hair and the au naturel eyebrows aside I looked pretty darn hot back in high school. I wasn't very popular my last year of school because we moved and I transferred high schools between my junior and senior year. I wouldn't recommend it.

I don't miss high school. The drama, homework, only having 5 minutes to run from one end of the school to another to make your next class, the homework, gym class, homework, the cliques and ummm let me think...did I mention homework?
I do miss early dismissal, choir class, thinking that a $300 paycheck was a lot of money to make in one week, living at home and not having to pay rent or buy my own food.
I loved to hang out with my friends all the time. Jade and I had a record of hanging out for over 41 days straight. We used to go to the clubs in Ft. Lewis and cruise down at the Tacoma waterfront or in Tillicum (that was the cruising strip to meet Army guys).
Sometimes I miss the carefree days that I had right before and after graduating from high school but I definitely would not want go back. Life is pretty good right now too.


Tara said...

Hey cool, thanks for doing this! I completely forgot to post my picture! You took a good high school photo! I was so pale back then I looked like a piece of chalk. Lol.

minijonb said...

Woo woo!!! Violet eyes!
Our hairstyles were pretty crazy back then, weren't they? I really miss parts of those high school days. If I knew then what I know now... I still woudn't know jack.

Tara said...

Some people called our hairstyle the "fluff chick". A few of the choir guys made up a song about how the ozone is being ruined because we use so much hairspray. I didn't need any hairspray to make my hair poofed out like that. My hair was naturally frizzy. Lol.

I don't miss homework either, or the cliques.

Rachel said...

Tara ~ Thanks. I saw your photo. If you looked like chalk than it was probably a good thing that you posted a b&w photo.
MJB~ 20 years from now we are going to wonder what we were thinking today about our hair.
Tara ~ I should have invested stock in Aussie hair products. I was addicted. Now they smell like cheap rotten grapes to me. Blech!!

Beth said...

Hi Rachel,

I got to do that, too...move when I had six weeks left of my junior year. No one told me that in the new school the senior trip was taken in the summer, so I missed out on that...and despite the fact that I sang in the choir, played in the band, worked at the same restaurant as my new friends, and wrote for the city newspaper representing my new school...when I went to my 5th class reunion I sat next to a boy I'd played cards with EVERY morning of our senior year....who looked at me, and my name tag, and said, 'don't remember you...oh, were that new girl, weren't you.'

Funny Girl said...

Wow, you do take a pretty good picture! But yeah, the hair back then is good for a laugh these days. At least you were stylin'!

Rachel Heather said...

OK you look like a celebrity but I cannot place which one

Very purty!

and P.S - love the perm :)

Rachel said...

Beth ~ Yeah, Transferring toward the end of your school career sucks. No one knew who I was either. Strange thing is that I was never invited to any reunions from my new school, but I did get invited to my old schools 10 year reunion.
FG~ Thanks... I was stylin'. LOL
Rach~ Back then people used to say that I looked a lot like Demi Moore. Now I look more like Delta Burke..lolol

Freckle Face Girl said...

I graduated in '91 & definitely had big ugly bangs. How could that have been in style? What was the world thinking? :)

TooMuchCoffeeLady said...

HA! I graduated in '97 from a school of white-dreadlocked, unwashed, flannel-clad Kurt Cobain wannabees, and you're right... as a preppy/straightlaced type, I took endless shit from the "grunge" folks. My showering and concerted efforts to not look like a bag lady made me superficial.