Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's All About What I Want

I just did something that I hate doing. It happens least once a year and I always have to do it but I always end up feeling greedy or selfish.
I had to write out a birthday wish list for my friends.
I have some awesome friends and we always try and make a big deal out of each others birthdays and celebrate them together.
There are a few reasons why we make such a big deal out of it. Since my family all live out of state I can’t go home to celebrate. Funny Girls family lives a couple hours away and they usually do dinner but it isn’t a big thing. Sweet Morsel’s family regularly forgets her birthday even though she lives 10 minutes away and they usually call her later in the week to apologize. All of those are really only excuses. We love to celebrate just about anything.
I will be 33 next month so after two weeks of being harassed by my friends I wrote out my list. I thought that I would share it with the entire blogosphere just in case you wanted to celebrate my birthday too and buy me something. (Just kidding about the buying me something part)
I like to give a variety of things in various price ranges so that no one feels obligated to beggar themselves.
Here is my birthday wish list:

Body Shop Satsuma body wash
Body Shop body butter (a fruity scent like coconut, pineapple, grapefruit or something like brown sugar)
TIGI Bedhead shampoo and conditioner (Self Absorbed is the kind that I use)
Bathroom Shelf Rack (the thing that makes shelving space above the toilet) with doors.
Towels (bath sheets, towels, hand and washcloths)
New cute shower curtain and bath mats for main bathroom. (not clear)
Beauticontrol brown sugar cologne
silicone baking dishes
new board game (for game night)

More Pricey Stuff

Flat screen computer monitor (at least 17 inch)
DVD burner for PC
new coffee & side tables for living room
book of oil changes
coupon for getting carpet cleaned
coupon for maid service

This list was off the top of my head. I always have a list of stuff that I need since I rarely buy household stuff unless I absolutely have to have it.
I know that no matter what I get (unless it is gift wrapped dog poop or something) I will have a great time just because I get to share the day with my friends.


Anonymous said...

I love the coupon for maid service, I want one too! What you should add also is a coupon for a beauty salon where you can treat yourself to a nice massage!

Wanderlusting said...

I have a 1/4 used tub of Coconut Body Butter you can have. Love the smell but it's a bit too rich for my liking. :P

Rachel said...

Erica ~ I forgot that one. Dangit!!!

Wanderlust ~ Thanks for the offer. I LOVE coconut scent. PiƱa Colada and brown sugar are my favorites. Anything that makes me smell edible. Unless there are mosquitoes. Then I want to smell like Off.

Tara said...

Ohh, new towels and washclothes are wonderful, same as new bed sheets and a comforter. Nice list!

The group get together sounds like a wonderful idea! I hope you all have fun!

reformattingmybrain said...

Sounds like you have a hella fun group! It was funny to see your list when I came here, I have a list by my computer right now of what I want - not birthday or anything - just what i want BAD! :-)

Rachel said...

Tara ~ My towels and such are getting aged and worn out. Definitely need to be replaced. I love bath sheets though which can get pretty pricey.

Reformat~ That is hilarious. I don't keep a list. I am constantly saying to my friend when I see something I want to remember it for my birthday. I always forget and she does too.

reformattingmybrain said...

I'm going to have to get another job, as my list includes, Laptop, WebCam, Scanner, Printer, Desktop, Digital Camera, Phone & 2 Flat Panel Monitors. That's a spendy list!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Friends are often make birthdays more exciting anyways. I love to smell like sugar cookies, but them I am too tempted to go buy some.

minijonb said...

back in the day, i would always give the gift of music by making a mix-tape for friends. i'd make dozens a year with bizarre, cryptic liner notes. it's strange; it's now easier than ever to share music with CD-Rs and MP3s (making mix-tapes was a long process), but i share much less.

i'll be sure find a hot... yeah, hot... and big monitor for your computer =;-)

Rachel said...

freckle ~ I like sugar cookie candles. They smell yummy!!!

MJB ~ If it is gonna be hot go for the big guns and get me the wide screen!!