Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Greatest Achievement ~ This Week

Over the weekend I achieved something that I haven't been able to do in quite a while. It wasn't anything that was earth shattering or worth national acclaim. But in my little piece of the world I now have something that I can brag about.
My closet is clean. Not just straightened up and things tucked into the corner, but really clean.
Funny Girl and I spent Saturday sorting, cleaning and organizing my disaster of a closet. I don't know how it got quite so bad. I basically had a small trail that I could walk through the 6x14 closet while bags, boxes, and piles of stuff had accumulated on the floor. My shoe pile was atrocious as was pointed out by more than one friend.
One of the biggest problems I have is that I really don't have any other decent storage area in my home. I have 2 other bedroom closets and one small coat closet and that is it. I have a shed outside, but I don't like to keep certain things out there because snow gets inside.
Back to Saturday. I was ruthless when I went through things. I threw away about 7 30 gallon trash bags of stuff. Old things, empty boxes, worn out shoes and things that were not acceptable to drop off at Good Will. I also had 1½ car loads of shoes, clothing, and other miscellaneous items to take to charity.
Without futher ado..... my closet:


Funny Girl said...

Yay! Your closet looks GREAT. And now there's enough room so that I can make out with a hot Peruvian guy in there.

minijonb said...

that's a pretty snarkarific closet you have there... i'm still looking for a Peruvian guy in the picture... where's funny girl?

erica said...

Nice closet!! I wish I had so much space. And my closet is just a complete mess lately, I must dedicate next Sunday to it!

Rachel said...

FG~ Didn't you already do that?

MJB~ The photo was taken after that debacle.

Erica ~ It is a large closet, but it is the only decent storage area in my 3 bedroom house so it tends to become a catch all.