Monday, September 25, 2006

The Circle Of Life

When I was growing up I loved September. It was the nicest month of the entire year. Blue skies most days with high temperatures in the 70’s to the low 80’s but with mornings that were turning crisp. Anyone who has ever lived in Western Washington knows how rare that is.
I could sense the change in the weather. It was a good change. The leaves on the deciduous trees were just starting to turn orange, red and brown. School was starting again it was time to have fun at the Puyallup Fair eating onion burgers and scones.

Now that I live in Michigan I still love September but it is no longer my favorite month. The color palette of the trees are intense and sometimes so brilliant you feel that you have to shield your eyes. On the negative side September comes the realization that winter will be here soon. I will be shoveling my driveway and scraping off my car every morning.

The temperature fluctuates wildly. One day it will be 55 and the next it will be in the upper 70’s. There are random downpours and you can never leave your windows open on a warm day. Chances are you might come home to a sopping wet floor.

Since moving to Michigan my season has changed from fall to spring and May is my favorite month of the year. After living in bitter cold and snow for 4-5 months it is amazing to see the rebirth of the earth. Trees and flowers blooming with riotous color. Grass that is turning from dead brown to vibrant green.

The smell of newly mown grass is my favorite spring scent. It smells of growth and new beginnings. It reminds me that no matter how cold and lifeless things may seem at any point in my life that life goes on. A new cycle begins. Death and renewal are a part of everyone’s life. I celebrate the renewal of the earth and in turn, celebrate the renewal of life.
The theme song from “The Lion King” is stuck in my head. Grrrrr


Freckle Face Girl said...

I guess Miami has made me love the fall. I used to love when the snow would melt and summer would be on its way. Now, I can't wait for it to cool off. Today, I was sitting in the car all hot & suffering and looking forward to some colder months ahead.

Freckle Face Girl said...

By colder, I mean cooler.

Rachel said...

Freckle ~ LOL.... If I lived in Miami I would absolutely LOVE winter. It would be my favorite season hands down. Not too hot, hurricane season over. That would be good times.
Until I move I will still have to stick with spring.

Tara said...

Ugh...Ice on windshields. Yeah, I'm in Ohio, so I know about that too. I'm not going to think of it yet, though, I'll just have bad dreams.

Anonymous said...

Lovely description of the seasons! Makes me wish for May! I also always loved September when I was a kid, as my birthday falls in this month and school would start, so very exciting. Now I feel I still love September, I get an anticipation of things to come and I am looking forward to snuggle up in bed with a good book and wearing big socks and a big cozy jumper!