Monday, January 22, 2007

Vacation Of My Dreams

Living in Michigan makes me long for a warmer climate. I spend 3-4 months per year in bitter cold, snow, ice and dealing with shoddy roads and even shoddier drivers.

Since I can't be outside grilling on my bar-b-que or lounging by the pool I consign myself to daydreaming about my fantasy vacation.

I haven't traveled much in my lifetime. I have never had a passport and the only country that I have been in besides the U.S.A. is Canada (which by the way their broadcast news is much more cheerful than in the U.S.).

I have been to the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Florida & Georgia. I have been in the airport in Minnesota and took a wrong turn while in Youngstown, OH and ended up driving a mile into Pennsylvania. I have also been to Vancouver & Ottawa, Canada. I went on a road trip with my friend Anne to Ottawa to pick up her daughter so I drove past Toronto but we never stopped so I don't count it.

I would love to travel overseas. There are so many places that I want to see. So much history that I want to immerse myself in. I would list all of the places that I want to see but it would make for a really long post.

For my first overseas trip I really want to take a three week cruise that starts in England, goes down the coast of Western Europe and around the boot of Italy and then spends a week cruising the Greek Isles. Of course the price of this cruise ranges from $10,000 - $20,000 not including gratuities, airfare or off ship trips.

I think that in reality my first trip overseas will be to Great Britain. I would love to see Stonehenge, Cullodon Field, Edinburgh Castle, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Tower of London, Royal Museum of Scotland, the White Cliffs of Dover, Loughcrew Cairns and lots and lots of other places in Great Britain.

Since I tend to be a bit of a spender when I travel it may take me a few years to save the money. I have faith that I will make it there before I turn 40 (7 years).

Anyone want to join me in the adventure?


Countersteer said...

I'm in. June/July 2014.

Tara said...

I need to travel to the UK. I don't just want to go there, I need to see it. Especially Ireland. Then I'd like to go to Australia and maybe Japan as well.

What did you think of Arizona? And what did you think of Ohio for that matter?

Sofi said...

My first grown-up overseas adventure was a trip to England. It was great for me because everyone spoke English, and the food was so horrendous that I actually lost weight. I liked it so much, that I even went back.

Oh.......I love the Minneapolis airport. If I had to get stuck in an airport, it would be my first choice.

Rachel said...

Countersteer ~ It's a date!!!

Tara ~ Wanna come with us?
Arizona was HOT!!! We went in June for a day trip to Lake Havasu. It was nice but had HUGE bugs.
Ohio was similar to Michigan except it had a lot of toll roads. I need to get back to Cedar Point this summer.

Sofi ~ My heritage is very murky but I know that there is a lot of English, Scottish and Irish.
I have a real desire to see historical sights that are older than 300 years too.
Minneapolis is a VERY nice airport and not busy at all.

Moment said...

I would love too but I'm afraid I'll never have the money for something like that!

reformattingmybrain said...

I'd give anything to go to Europe :-( Maybe you can take a picture of me with you and show me around the town as you go - hehe. That's about the only way I'll see anything there. This broke chica isn't going on any vacations prolly every :-(

Dennis said...

You have a large wish list. Good luck. Watch out for shoe bombers on the planes. There are some areas of Europe I would like to visit but I am not sure if and when it will happen. Hope one of us makes is soon.

laughingattheslut said...

I will tell you something that made us laugh at our fellow dumb Americans.

We went to England and did tourist stuff. A lot of the places have self-guided tours, and you just pick up a small pamplet that tells you about the place and then you walk around and look at stuff. The little pamplets are in clear plastic brackets attached to the wall, and the plastic brackets have little national flags painted on them so you know what language pamplet is in that particular bracket. So the German translation is in the one with the German flag, and the Spainish translation is in the one with the flag of Spain, and the Japanese translation is in the one with the flag of Japan. So, of course, the English version is in the bracket with the flag of Great Britain. And most of the places got tired of Americans bugging them cause they can't find the English pamplet, so they put up a second bracket with the American flag right next to the one with the flag of Great Britain. And of course the one with the American flag is always empty, and the one right next to it with the flag of Great Britain is always full, and the dumb Americans still go and bug the poor employees because they can't find any English version pamplets.

Rachel said...

Moment ~ If you think that it is important enough, you will always find the funds. If it isn't a big deal then why waste the money?

Reformat ~ You never know what could happen. I did the math and if you set aside $10 per week for 5 years then you will have over $2500.00. You could take a really nice vacation with that. Maybe not England for a family of 4 but something really cool.

Dennis ~ I have a lot of interests so there are a lot of places I would like to go. That wasn't even scratching the surface.

laughingattheslut ~ Wow! That is embarrassing.

reformattingmybrain said...

Rachel that's a good point, but I'll tell you my problem. I've had it forever and I'm actually glad I have it - it's not a bad problem. There have been numerous times I've saved money for something in particular. Well the time comes that I have the money saved and I'm ready to get whatever it is I've been waiting for so I get it - but... I DON'T spend the money I saved - I make it work into my monthly budget and stash that money into my savings account. So... I've never gone on big vacations because I can't spend the money (I just can't - I don't know why - I'm a penny pincher), but I have a nice savings account to fall back on in case something awful ever happens, furnace, fridge, etc. Am I missing out on life - prolly - but I feel more secure because of the way I am. It's hard to choose which is better. I'm a big old chicken to not have money stashed.

Ashburnite said...

When you go to Britain, make sure you spend some time in the smaller towns (like Bath). I definitely preferred the English country side over London.

Wanderlusting said...

If everything turns out for the best, I'll probably be in Scotland by can come and stay with me!

minijonb said...

I can only say good things about visiting London and Edinburgh. I have had a great time in both places. Keep them at the top of your list.

Prague and other places in the Czech Republic keep rising to the top of my "need to visit" list, but I think I'll head back to to the UK first.

Thomas said...

Houston is pretty warm year-round.

Playtah said...

I'll join you!!!

I would love to go back to Greece. I'd also love to visit England, France (especially the Louvre), Italy....oh, heck, all of Europe. But we gotta find some locals to guide us--some touristy stuff is good, but you gotta get some local flavor!

David in DC said...

Ash says Rachel needs a bath.

Quick, somebody start a blog war!


(Disclaimer for the irony-impaired: [DiDC employs his famous Foghorn Leghorn voice] I say, that was a joke son.)

The Furtive Wangler said...

I really like the stone circle at Avebury near to Stonehenge. You must out to an English pub, I know a few I could take you to! I've posted about my own dream holiday.

Anonymous said...

Watch out radioactive man!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

reformat ~ I can understand that. I wish I had the problem. The only savings that I have is my retirement fund. It is 100% company funded or I doubt I would even have that.

Ash ~ I want to be there long enough to do the touristy things and then enjoy the non touristy things too. If I had enough time and money I could be there a month and not do everything. The only thing that I know about Bath is that is has natural spring waters and was a choice vacation spot for the older aristrocrat set back in the day.

Lusty ~ Aye!! I will be sure to visit you if you are living there. I can just imagine how fun that would be. You are a treasure trove of travel info.

MJB ~ My list is soooo long but I trust you so they will be at the top!

Playtah ~ I am SO going to hold you to that. We can go renew your passport and get my passport together.

David In DC ~ I laughed out loud and I am at work. People looked at me funny. Thanks a

Furtive ~ When I am there you can take me to an authentic english pub..No touristy spots for me.
I guess I will have to learn to like beer before I go.

Rachel said...

Thomas ~ Sorry, I missed your comment the first time! I have been to Dallas in July/August. Warm doesn't even come close to describing it.

Anon ~ Keep the completely random comments coming. They make me laugh.

laughingattheslut said...

The ice has all gone away (Dallas area).

It was a little chilly this morning, but I managed with just a sweater and my scarf.

The rest of the day was beautiful, and reasonably warm. I'm just not in the mood to enjoy it.

Lydia said...

Great choice of location for a future trip. Of course living where I do (London) I'm biased, but yes, so much to see and do over here and such a lot of history to absorb. And the smaller towns like Bath, Cambridge etc are well worth seeing too. Always happy to play tour guide!

I'm spending a week in March split between Dallas and Austin, so hopefully I'll miss the ice and the sweltering heat.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I am a huge fan of traveling. I recommend England too, but not as an escape from the weather. For an escape, go to the Bahamas. :)

Eric said...

I'm with you on this one. I don't have a passport and have never been out of the country. In fact I've only been west of the Mississippi twice, Vegas and San Diego. I need to get working on that. The saddest thing is that I have a few good friends who live in Ireland and I still haven't been able to make it over there.

Erica said...

You must come and see me for sure, would love to take you around London!!