Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks Hump Day Hottie was born on November 4, 1969 in Uvalde, TX.

The youngest of three boys, son of a gas station ownder who ran a oil pipe supply business and a mother who was a substitute teacher.

His parents divorced and re-married each other several times in what this weeks Hump Day Hottie describes as a "loving, but unstable relationship".

He was voted "Most Handsome" by his high school in 1988.

In 1993 he appeared in his first movie Dazed & Confused but was not fully recognized for his acting prowess until he played a lawyer in the 1996 movie A Time To Kill .

On October 25, 1999 he was arrested in his home. The charges included posession of marijuana and resisting arrest. The police were responding to a disturbance call after a neighbor complained of loud music from the house next door. They arrived to "easily hear very loud music" bongo drum playing and clapping coming from this Hump Day Hottie's residence. He was found dancing around naked and playing bongo drums with a friend. The drug charges were dropped but he pled guilty for violating the city's noise ordinance and paid a $50.00 fine.

He has a knack for getting himself involved in unusual situations with animals such as snatching a cat from youths who had doused it with hairspray and were attempting to set it on fire, rescuing pets that were stranded in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina.

He is often seen at Texas Longhorn fooball games.

He has dated acresses Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd and Penelope Cruz.

Voted the "Sexiest Man Alive for 2005" by People Magazine.

He admits to wearing no underwear, cologne or deodorant because he doesn't want to smell like someone else. He says "People say I ought to start wearing it."

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~ Matthew McConaughey


Tara said...

I think he did an awesmoe job in "A Time to Kill" and he was cute in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days".

Eric said...

How come you didn't super odd, shirtless manlationship with Lance Amrstrong and Jake Gyllenhal?

That guy is kind of a lunatic I think.

Beth said...

I love this guy. He was the best part of "A Time to Kill" and there was not ONE false note in that film, so that's high praise (IMO, of course.)

And I just saw him in "We Are Marshall," where he gave yet another powerhouse performance.

What I like about him is that in the roles I've liked most, he stands firm in whatever his beliefs may be: when Sandra Bullock asks him (a married man) if he wants her to stay and he says 'yes, so you'd better go.' That was one of the best moments in "A Time to Kill". And in "Marshall" his determination to give a broken community something to live for will not let you sit quietly watching.

Great choice, Rachel. (And of course the fact that he's a real sugarbritches doesn't hurt at ALL ;)!!!)

Ashburnite said...

oh hell yeah. he's so tasty.

Rachel said...

Tara ~ I also loved him in "The Wedding Planner" and "Failure To LaunchH. He is great in romantic comedies.

Eric ~ I didn't comment on the manlationships because although they hang out a lot most of it is unsubstantiated rumor.
I wouldn't say he is a lunatic. I would refer to him more as a free spirit.

Beth ~ Sugarbritches has offically been added to my lexicon.

Ash ~ Tasty? Definitely. Smelly? More than a little likely.

Tara said...

He doesn't want to wear cologne or deoderant because he doesn't want to smell like someone else? I never thought of it that way. He doesn't have to worry about being someone else, he'd just come off as himself only smelling better....and cleaner. Don't be afraid of deoderant, at least.

Dennis said...

How about something for the men out here?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

He is hot. Hubba. Yeah, you could find female hotties too, right? Why not?

Rachel said...

Tara ~ I almost didn't recognize you. Nice avatar!
I don't know why he doesn't wear deoderant. Maybe he gets those shots instead that inhibit sweating. There is unscented deoderant. I think it is kinda gross.

Dennis & SisterMaryLisa ~ I have done Hump Day Hotties that are female. Just not lately. Email me with suggestions and I will see what I can do.

Moonbeam said...

Yep..he is hot and yummy. I liked him in Sahara. I get him mixed up with Owen Wilson. They have different noses, thats the key. Both did Wedding movies, Wedding Planner and Wedding Crasher.

Anonymous said...

Naked chubby chixs.

Playtah said...

I'd do him.

David in DC said...

I got this on the first sentence.

He's great.

Two wonderful performances not yet mentioned:

1) Two for the Money, where he held his own in scenes with Pacino and with Rene Russo; and

2) Boys on the Side, as Drew Barrymore's nut of a boyfriend, an Arizona cop with the unlikely name of Abe Lincoln.

Playtah said...

But if you got married, you wouldn't have time for ME! **whine**

I do hope you find the one. When you do, I will interrogate him until I'm sure he is the one. If he is, you can marry him. If he's not, I will need help putting the body in my trunk.

l.b. said...

He is pretty but comes off a bit nutty. I could live with that...

Rachel said...

Moonbeam ~ I love Owen Wilson too. He is super hot even with the jankey nose.

Anon ~ Sorry, I refuse to post nude photos of myself on my blog.

Playtah ~ Really?

DavidInDC~ There are a lot of great movies that he has been in. I just mentioned a couple of them.

Playtah ~ Was this referring to yesterdays post?

l.b.~ I like to think of him as eccentric. That way the people that are allergic can enjoy him too.

Erica said...

Love him, he is really cute! Loved all his movies, A time to Kill, How to lose a Guy in 10 days, The Wedding Planner, and Failure to Launch!!

I have also commented on your other posts, I am always behind of 2-3 posts, I know I know...

Freckle Face Girl said...

I CANNOT believe he is the hump day hottie…I didn’t get to read this yesterday, but the girls in my office had a long conversation about what a sexy man he is (we rarely have these kinds of talks). He has the looks & seems to be full of personality.

So, I must say AMEN to your selection!