Monday, February 19, 2007

Stray Cat Strut

D went out to the car yesterday to get his karate uniform so that I could wash it and came back with a stray cat. I guess the neighbor asked D if he wanted it and without consulting me D brought it into the house.
Ashen and Gilly were not impressed in the least. Gilly is a very friendly cat so she was trying to check out this cat but Ashen's tail was puffed up and was growling like crazy.
I made D take the cat back out and when he returned I explained that we don't have room for another cat and that we can't afford another one, especially a stray.
I knew that my friend Dolly was looking for a new cat and although this was a stray it was well fed, had glossy fur and seemed very friendly. We called Dolly and she said that she would come out and check out the cat. We put our cats into a bedroom with a litter box and brought the stray back in.
He wandered around for a while and promptly laid down like he owned the place falling asleep in the recliner. We gave him some food and water which he chowed on and he seemed contented.
He was a black cat with green/gold eyes and we nicknamed him Donnelly after the show The Black Donnelly's.
D was enamored with this cat and thought that he was the bee's knees. Until the little shit bit him. He was petting him and then the cat jumped up on the couch and bit his face. He didn't do anything more than give him two light scratched but D was devastated.
He was crying and asking me why the cat would do that. He was nothing but nice to the cat and he felt that the cat rejected him. I put some Neosporin on the scratches and we snuggled on the couch. From then on he was scared of the cat and wanted nothing to do with him.
Dolly showed up and I told her what happened. We hypothisized on what could cause the cat to bite. Maybe D smelled too much like our cats or that he made a move that scares the cat. We don't know what experiences this cat has had so we tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Dolly decided to take the cat with her and I sent her on her way with some food and a makeshift litterbox.
This morning I asked Dolly how her night went and she told me that the cat bit her too. She was petting him and he was purring and all of a sudden he bit her face.
I feel bad for Donnelly. I don't know why a cat would be content and then turn on the person that is loving it.
Dolly said that she is giving the cat one more chance and if he bites her again she is taking him to the Humane Society.
I have a feeling that he will be there before the end of the week.


anonymous said...

Some cats are very bitey by nature.

Tara said...

I've read that sometimes a cat will bite out of affection. Hmm. Maybe the cat just wanted alone time. Cats are weird little creatures. I'm glad Donnelly has a home now, though. Maybe once he gets really comfortable in a home, he'll stop the biting crap.

Anonymous said...

My cat sometimes goes from lazy and lovey to bitey and playful in the blink of an eye. But he usually bites on the hand then kicks his little back legs, LOL.

Maybe the poor cat is just scared and will come around after lovin!

minijonb said...

I've met cats that will bite and/or show their teeth if they've been pet too much. Yes... sometimes you can pet someone too much. Really.

Sizzle said...

my friend took in a stray similar to donnelly. he got over the biting but it was hard going there for a while. she even ended up in the emergency room once from some bite that got infected on her wrist.

poor little fella. i hope he shapes up!

Rachel said...

Anon ~ He never once showed his claws. I know that he has them but it was very strange.

Tara ~ I thought about this too. I just couldn't read this cat.

Hilly ~ He tried to bite D 3 times. Only one time was he successful.

Minijonb~ It happened after less than 10 seconds of petting. Is that too much?

Sizzle ~ I hope he shapes up too. He is a gorgeous cat. I would hate to see him put down.

minijonb said...

10 seconds? yeah, that sounds like a cat-bite due to petting world record. usually about 15 or 20 seconds will do it, but 10 seconds? defective stray kitty.

Dennis said...

This just shows that cats are like women, totally unpredictable.

Playtah said...

Cute cat!!! I housesit for a cat that doesn't like to be petted. One or two pats on the head is ok, but much more than that, and he'll had your butt back to you on a shiny plate. But he's cute.

If it makes Devon feel any better, I got bit by a miniature boxer yesterday at a relative's house. I have a pretty good pain tolerance, but that bite hurt like the dickens. I almost put a dog-shaped dent in the opposite wall. Of course, the dog wasn't nearly as cute as that cat.

The Furtive Wangler said...

Tricky! Not a great way for D to learn about letting go. But the end result is the same, at least you were able to help give the cat a chance with someone.

Anonymous said...

So you bring a wild cat into a domestic home and when the cat bites some kid who is in it's face then it is the cat's fault?

Wake up people.

Babybull40 said...

what a great looking cat likes to nip not bite.. I love the name too..

Eric said...

Growing up we had a cat that was the most docile thing ever and then one day out of nowhere it attacked my brother. It was hanging from his ears and biting his nose. The cat was like 12 years old at that point, it came completely out of the blue, and it was hilarious.

David in DC said...

"... one day out of nowhere it attacked my brother. It was hanging from his ears and biting his nose. ...[I]t came completely out of the blue, and it was hilarious."

Reminds me of Mel Brooks' definition of tragedy and comedy.

"If you get hit in the head by a falling flower pot, that's comedy. If I've got a hangnail, that's tragedy."

Anonymous said...

"That man down the street was the nicest, quietest, most polite man you'd ever know. Until he snapped and went on that killing spree."

l.b. said...

I am not a cat expert by any means, but I have heard that some cats will bite when the get sort of over-excited. Like a little kid who gets so happy they start screaming. Not that I would want a cat that might bite my kid's face, but just an idea of what might be going on.