Monday, February 12, 2007

A Memory That Make's Me Laugh

I am training somone today, tomorrow and Wednesday. My post today will be short and sweet. Just a quick story and a question.

When I was in elementary school they had a contest at the local radio station. If you heard them play a Michael Jackson song you would call in. The first caller who said "Give me my Michael Jackson picture disc won a Jackson's Victory Tour picture disc (basically a record with their images on them kinda like a CD looks today).
Every day when I got home from school I would turn on the radio then call in and request a Michael Jackson song.
One day I decided to call when I walked in the door. The phone rang and the deejay answered. I said "Can you play a Michael Jackson song?"
He replied "We are playing one right now!"
I felt a bit stupid but ran and turned on the radio and rocked out the Thriller.
I finally won a picture disc and stupidly gave it to my best friend Sheila for her birthday. She was an even bigger fan of MJ than I was. The first time I saw the Thriller video was at her birthday party.
Even though MJ has turned into a serious freak I still love his older music. Anything from the Jackson 5, The Jacksons, Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad. The most recent stuff is utter crap so I don't buy them anymore.
I still have fond memories of crushing on a young MJ wearing a soft lemon yellow sweater from his Thriller album and wishing that I was the girl that he was singing about with Paul McCartney.

What childhood memory never fails to make you laugh?


Sizzle said...

the soft yellow sweater! i TOTALLY remember that. hee hee. :) i love old MJ- you know, the ones where he actually has a nose.

one childhood memory that makes me giggle is when my sis and i would put on "shows" for our parents and relatives. we would lip sync to madonna wearing our mom's dress up clothes. looking at those pics now we look ridiculous but we had SUCH a good time.

p.s. my sis was always scared of the Thriller video. heh.

reformattingmybrain said...

I think the childhood memories that make me giggle the most are the ones of me tormenting my brother. Man I was mean to him. Sometimes it was me being the big sister and telling him no and "protecting" him, but other times I was just a snot. We always laugh about it. I'm still wondering why he didn't beat the crap outta me when he got older! haha We are VERY close now even though we're 1000's of miles apart.

playtah said...

One childhood memory that always makes me laugh is of a certain family vacation. We drove to Maine every summer to visit my uncle, Grandma, and assorted relatives. We'd always spend the first night in Canada, and go to a specific Harvey's restaurant the next morning. One year, Dad thought it would be funny to trick my sister and I. The morning that we went to Harvey's, we were about to get out of the van, when Dad pointed to some flowers in front of the restaurant windows and told us, "Those are the kind of flowers that close up if you put your hand near them. They sense your body heat and close up. So my sister and I, having been awake less than 2 hours, go outside and stand there holding our hands out above these flowers like tards, and Mom and Dad are laughing their heads off inside the van. Heck, I laughed out loud as I typed this.

Incidently, there is a flower like that, but Dad saw it in Thailand, not Canada. :)

Tara said...

I used to have a crush on MJ too. That Thriller video definitely did it for me. I liked his red jacket when he was dancing with the zombies. I had his record and then I bought the CD. I LOVE "Say, Say, Say", too.

One memory that makes me laugh now is when my mom and I went to McDonald's. I was young, naive and believed most of what my mom told me. She pointed to one fo the drive-thru people who had a headset on and told me the girl was a robot. I believed her. Then I went on to work at a McDonald's and worked in drive-thru, and I would get a chuckle everytime I remembered about the robot thing.

Rachel said...

Sizzle ~ I miss his nose. It was actually nice. We never put shows on but we did some pretty silly stuff too.

Reformat ~ I was the youngest so I was on the receiving of all of the abuse. But I did get revenge when I was older. My mom had already dealt with my sister and brother so I was able to do things at an earlier age then they were. I was the only one to get a car when I graduated high school too.

Playtah ~ That is hiLARious!! I can totally see you and Jill doing that. And your dad laughing so hard he has tear running down his face. How long did it take you to figure out that he was full of hooey?

Tara ~ That is so funny!! Back then the drive thru headsets were HUGE weren't they?
When I did drive thru at Dairy Queen we had a battery pack hooked to our waistband. We would have been lopsided if we had to have all that weight on the headset itself.

Sideon said...

An oldie but goodie is: "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough." The first bass beats of "Billy Jean" still give me chills, 20+ years later. "Thriller," with Vincent Price narrating, was a song I couldn't play enough. I had the RECORD for Pete's sake. "Say Say Say" with Paul McCartney was such a great-sounding duet.

Once he started doing the plastic surgery thing, I lost interest. It's sad, the total freak-show that he's become.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

The Furtive Wangler said...

I liked Thriller but I must have heard it so many times!

I chuckle when I think of my grandad. He'd sit in his window observing the world go by with a wicked sense of humour: he'd make up names for people. One unfortunate man was nicknamed "Hardwork" by my grandad because he lived off benefits and had never had a job, while my grandad had just worked all his live and could literally walk out of one job straight into another. Grandad lived opposite a junction near the bottom of a big hill. He'd laugh his socks off if a cyclist came down the hill too fast and lost control of their bike.

Wanderlusting said...

Wow, good question! I do have lots of sweet/funny ones but this one is a tad different. Still makes me laugh too and what a nut I was/am.

I think it was when I took a friend of mine when I was 9 (she was one of those off again/on again "best friends" who secretly - or not so secretly - drove you nuts) on our boat to this island.

I pretended there were some people on the island that wanted to kill her...people with yellow eyes and such. I left her death threats on lined obvious it was me, lol!

OK so it wasn't the nicest thing to do (and in my young mind I thought she deserved it...still do ;), but I laugh everytime I think of it.

Especially since afterwards when she would tell the story, she added that she had pushed me off the boat and into the ocean when she found out it was me behind it all.

That, of course, didn't happen. But I suppose it does make the story better for rehashing ;)

Rachel said...

Sideon ~ I LOVE Say, Say, Say...the video for that was really cute too.

Anon ~ Maybe you can try parking parallel in a diagonal universe.

Furtive ~ I would probably have laughed when people bit the dust on their bikes too.

Wanderlust ~ Wow!! You have a bit of a vengeful streak in you. And here I was thinking you were all sweet and

dmarks said...

I laughed out loud the first time I heard him described dismissively as a pale noseless freak.

laughingattheslut said...

I can still vaguely remember when the Jacksons were a Saturday morning cartoon.

That's made all the stuff about MJ from the past ten years or so all the more strange.

Eric said...

Bad was the first tape I ever owned. It's still a personnal favorite.

TinaPoPo said...

I can't say I ever had a thing for MJ, but my best friend did. I remember sitting in Miss Brecht's 4th grade science class, and Suzi insisted every day that the entire class listen to the Bad album. We did that for an entire year, and to this day, I still associate "Smooth Criminal" with learning the bones of the body.