Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not The Brightest Crayon In The Box

Today I got up early because the roads are still pretty terrible from the storm last weekend. It hasn't gotten above single digits so the salt doesn't melt anything. That, coupled with a slight amount of melting due to the sun blessed us with roads that were covered in a sheet of ice.

I got out of the house 30 minutes early hoping that it would be enough time for me to make it to work on time. My average drive is 45 minutes so even if were were quite a bit slower I should have gotten there on time.

About 4 miles from my house I am on the freeway and all of a sudden there is a huge slow down. I am just past the off ramp for the next exit so I could see the people behind me exit but I was too far past it to back up.

I wait and I wait. I call my supervisor and leave a message letting her know that I am stuck in traffic. I move up about 20 feet and stop again. After about 30 minutes it starts to move at a 2-4 mph pace for another 15 minutes. Then I get past the accident that is blocking the roadway.

I drop D off at his grandparents house since he doesn't have school again (2nd snow day in a row) and I drive to work. By the time that I arrive I am 45 minutes late.

I log into my phone and notice that I have a message. I listen to the message and my supervisor informs me that she tried to call me back but that she couldn't reach me (I changed my cell# back in July). She wanted to let me know that I wasn't scheduled to work today because I am working on Saturday.


I thought that I had Friday off and hadn't even checked the schedule because if I work on a Saturday I am supposed to have the previous Friday off.

Now I am back home after being gone for 3 hours dealing with traffic and icy roads when I could have stayed snuggled in bed all morning.

I am officially an idiot.


reformattingmybrain said...

That is NOT the way to start a comfy cozy day off :-( Have a better restful rest of the day Rachel! I would hate to drive that far day after day. My daily commute used to be about 5 minutes - now it's how ever long it takes me to walk downstairs to my office :-)

Anonymous said...

I hate the S Curves.

playtah said...

That sucks. But it sounds like something I'd do too :) And I'm not an idiot, right? (Don't answer that.) So see? You're all good. You're gravy in the navy.

Of course, I do have to say that if I made that much effort to get to work and then realized I wasn't scheduled, I'd probably snap and start stabbing people.

Tara said...

Well look at it this way, you weren't really late because it wasn't your day to work, plus you could go home for the rest of the day. However, it does stink because if you had known in the first place, you really could've slept in and you wouldn't have had to deal with the traffic jam.

Your heart was in the right place, to be able to get to work on time. You're a very good employee, Rachel. :) I know, right now that probably isn't a comfort right now. ;)

The Furtive Wangler said...

That's so crummy for you! Hope you've enjoyed the rest of the day though.

Freckle Face Girl said...

That is the worst!

Rachel said...

Reformat ~ I wish that I could work at home. They don't allow very many people that opportunity. I even have a room that I could use.

Anon ~ I come into town from the south so I don't hit the S-Curve. I am sure that I would hate it if I did.

Playtah ~ What is Navy gravy made out of?

Tara ~ I did take a 2 hour nap. It was good times. Unfortunately I missed my monthly catch up on my soaps. Oh well. It takes 6 months for anything to change so I guess I will catch up next time.

Furtive ~ Naps are good...

Freckle ~ It ranks pretty high on the suck scale, that is for sure.

Erica said...

That is so upsetting! I would hate it so much to have gone to the pain of getting out of bed, showered, dressed and drove in the crazy traffic with snow everywhere, so I don't blame you if you were furious. Hopefully the rest of your day off has gone better and you have had a chance to relax and enjoy your afternoon!

Rebecca said...

Nice, Rach! I'm terribly proud of you, coming in on your day off :) My flex day changed this year, too, although it'd be great if WFM could catch up with the times...

Lydia said...

Catching up! Dang, that's a real pain to go through all that just to have to go back home again. Glad you got back home ok, as it doesn't sound like fun at all to be driving in those conditions. Hope the weather's improved for you since then.