Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Would Rather Have A Dairy Queen Blizzard

We are under a blizzard warning all day today. I took the photos from my bedroom window so that you could see what we are in for today.
The houses that you can barely see are right across the street from my house less than 200 feet away.

This is my car. It doesn't look too bad but the wind is blowing about 30-40 miles per hour so it has blown most of it off. D was supposed to go to his grandma's house today but the freeways are closed due to near zero visability.

This is where my sidewalk is supposed to be. You can see the big drift of snow from the wind blowing so hard. It looks like big frozen waves.

This is my shed. You can see the snow drifted over the door. It is about 2 or 3 feet up.

This is the snow on my roof that is hanging about 3 feet over the roof line. My outside lights are cute though, huh?


Tara said...

That's a cute car you have! Poor thing is almost covered in snow, though. Yes, I'd rather have a Dairy Queen Blizzard instead too. Great pictures!

The Furtive Wangler said...

Sheesh! You got it bad. Our snow lasted approx one morning. I like looking at snow more than living with it. After a week, I've generally had enough but the last time it was on the ground for over a week was a few years ago.

Not so little Woman said...

Woa! That's a lot of snow. But you're right, the lantern light looks super cute!

David in DC said...

Great pix indeed.

Are you digging out yet?

Finwenluin said...


Te escribo porque no puedes dejar de ver mi blog, en donde he posteado un artículo acerca de la voz más aguda del mundo.




Anonymous said...


Malnurtured Snay said...

We got an inch of snow, and it was more than enough for me!

Babybull40 said...

If you dig they will come...Oh wait that's about baseball.. oops.. well good luck digging out of all that white stuff.. I like the picture of the wave like snow..You remember the storm of '77.. I had waves like that on my country road..snowbanks were so high... no cars could get through..

Erica said...

Snow it's lovely but this is a bit too much! I hope today it looked better, you don't want to drive or go to work in these sort of conditions. All one woud want to do is curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate!

Rachel said...

Tara ~ I just bought that car in November. What is your favorite Blizzard Treat? Mine is Peanut Buster (just like the Peanut Buster Parfait but blended together).

Furtive ~ is really bad. Today it was -8 degrees farenheit when I had to go out and scrape my car off to drive to work. Ugh.

Not So Little Woman ~ Thanks! I have had my house for about 6 years now and I had those installed about a year and a half ago. I love them.

David In D.C.~ We dug out a bit on Sunday. It was so cold that after 15 minutes I had to come inside as I was dizzy and nauseated. It was crazy.

finwenluin ~ Hablo Español muy poquito. No comprende.

Anon~ ;)

malnurtured snay ~ I wish we only had an inch. This is one time when less is definitely more.

Erica ~ I drove to work today. It is so cold that the salt doesn't work on the ice. I was basically driving on packed snow and ice. It was great. I only saw 2 cars spin out.

Eric said...

That is awesome. I'm sure it's much less awesome when you have to deal with it all the time, but coming from someone who won't see that much snow in 3 or 4 years combined I'm a little jealous.

Rachel said...

Eric ~ It wouldn't be so bad but it is bitterly cold as well. With wind chill it is -25 degrees. Right now we are at a balmy 5 degrees. We were at -6 this morning. We aren't going to break the single digit mark until Thursday or Friday.

Churlita said...

We're supposed to get about 5 inches tonight. On the plus side, it's supposed to get all the way up to ten degrees tomorrow. I better go dig out my shorts.

rebecca said...

Yeah, I had to use a broom to get over a foot of snow off my car on Sunday afternoon, then another few inches in Monday morning, and another few on Tuesday... Unfortunately the wind didn't blow the snow OFF of my car, but ONTO my car!