Friday, February 02, 2007

Breakin' The Law

Laws govern our lives. We are told where we can and cannot go, what we are and are not allowed to do. Some laws are put in place for very good reasons. They allows us to live in a safer environment than if we lived in an anarchist type society.
We may assume that we are all law abiding citizens, but even the most morally upright person has broken a law.

I consider myself to be a relatively moral person. I typically follow the law but there are times when I have done something knowing that I was breaking the law.

Here are a few things that I have done within the past 5 years that are illegal:

I speed just about every day.
I failed to register my car for a month and drove with expired tabs.
I slid on ice and hit another vehicle.
I have given alcohol to someone under the age of 21.
I have claimed to be a college student to get discounted movie tickets (stealing).
I jaywalk ~ all the time.
I stole someone's mail and threw it away. It was a Christmas Card ~ I know ~ BAD!
I lied to a police officer when they asked me if I knew how fast I was going when I got pulled over. I knew how fast I was going, I just played dumb.
I drove home once when I might have had just a bit too much to drink. I felt ok but when I was driving I realized that I was slightly buzzed.

Do you knowingly break laws? Do you break them on purpose because you think that they are stupid? What kind of laws do you break?


Playtah said...

I speed every day. I too slid on the ice and hit another car. I've littered before (but it was a while ago, and I DESPISE littering). I use my college ID for college discounts even though I'm not in college any more (although I am still paying off student loans). And I killed that one guy and buried him in my basement. (Note to NSA: that was a joke. Keep looking thru my mail.)

l.b. said...

When I was married, I looked the other way a lot when WTG was up to all kinds of thises and thats. Letting things happen is as bad as doing it yourself. Not my proudest memories.

Sizzle said...

i tend to speed without caring that it is against the law. a long time ago i bumped a car, scratched it and drove away. and since i spent 12 years in santa cruz, CA i smoked my fair share of weed. mostly though, i'm too law abiding. i'm so vanilla!

Rachel said...

Playtah ~ I think you might have broken that no swearing law that we have here in Michigan as well.

l.b.~ I am the mean mom that makes D go back in and apologize for taking too many of the free suckers.

Sizzle ~ Holy Moly! That was fast. I JUST commented on your blog. Thanks for visiting!
I have done both of those too. But that was over 5 years ago.

snackiepoo said...

I pretty much break every traffic law there is....well, ALMOST every one. I speed, cut people off, speed up when the light turns yellow. In my defense, I live in Southern California so if I did not drive like that, I would be toast!

By the way, I came here from Sizzle's site and love your blog!

Basic Theology said...

i pee on everything.
i was drunk a LOT while underage.
i smoke pot daily.
i've done heavier drugs.
i drive high daily.
i speed constantly.
i make illegal turns.
if i'm at a red light, and no one is around, i'll drive through it.
i used to be a cleptomaniac, so, i've stolen a LOT of things, biggest being a video camera.
i've driven drunk several times.
i've broken and entered 10-12 times, just to go exploring.
i caused an accident and then lied and said it was the other guys fault so my insurance wouldn't go up.
i was a drug dealer for 2 years.
i'm the worst polluter i've ever met.
i actually force other people to pollute.
i've lied to five police officers when i get pulled over smoking weed, or doing 180 on the highway, and each time i've gotten out of a ticket.
i've graffiti'd the word "RUINED" all over various things, just because i thought it was funny/ironic.
i collected empties for a couple months and then went out and smashed 200 bottles in a public park.
i ran up a huge tab at a club where i ran standup, then i stopped going, and had to hop a fence to get away from the owner.
..i think those are all the unrepetative, broad, pg-13 laws i've broken that i can think of. however, i have broken many more. and several of these laws i've broken a LOT of times. :).

Tara said...

I speed almost everyday going down a particular road to and back from work. Apparently more people have sped down that road, because now and then there's a police cruiser parked just after the bridge.

I have driven home very buzzed before. It's not really because I want to break the law, I just want to get home.

I drove without my license and registration one day but because I forgot I had switched purses.

"I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die."

And that's it, but more will come to me, I'm sure. ;)

David in DC said...

Does civil disobedience count?

I got arrested in front of the South African Embassy in 1985.

Otherwise it's just the standard minor traffic infractions (sometimes on purpose, sometimes by mistake) and dope-smoking.

I keep trying to break the law of averages at the blackjack table.

I contemplate mayhem frequently, but, so far, have been able to restrain myself.

Murphy's Law breaks me now and again. But more often it just bruises me.

I always try to abide by the First Law of Holes: If you discover that you're in one, stop digging!

And rules of grammer and usage. They were definitely made for casting scorn on. I boldly split infinitives where no infinitives have been splat before. With abandon.

Egan said...

Oh, what a good post idea Rachel. I consider myself to be a rather law abiding person, but I'm sure I have a rather lengthy list of things I shouldn't be doing.

I often make left turns where there are signs telling it's prohibited. The signs are just suggestions right?

Rachel said...

Snackipoo ~ My biggest pet peeve when driving are the people who tailgate. The ones that are RIGHT on your ass.
I forgot to admit another thing. I fail to use my blinkers all the time when I change lanes.

Basic ~ Wow... You ARE a lawbreaker.

Tara ~ Where did the quote come from?

David In DC ~ Splitting infinitives is punishable by hanging participles.

Egan ~ Here in Michigan we have lots of signs that tell us not to turn on red. I do it anyway.

David in DC said...

Johnny Cash on the Reno quote.

Letterman used to say it a lot.

Rachel said...

Dang!!! I totally should have gotten that one. Fulsom Prison Blues....
Teaches me to try and multi-task!

Basic Theology said...

nah, not a lawbreaker. i just make amendments here and there.

M said...

I don't really break any big laws or anything - I'm not an anarchist (hehe, fight the power!) but I do stupid shit like speeding, or will knowingly park illegally even though there's a chance I'll get a fine. I've bought alcohol for underage teens and I've drunk it as an underage teen. I've driven while drunk (it was the next day but I'm SURE I was still drunk)... etc.

Tara said...

The quote came from Johnny Cash's song "Folsom Prison Blues".

Churlita said...

Man, I'm going to look really bad compared to you.

I've hitchhiked, I've done my share of illegal drugs, I've done acts of civil disobedience, I've stolen from the man, I've brought outside food into a movie theater, but I would never, EVER litter. Most of those things I did when I was much, much younger and I like to think that nothing before you're 25 counts. Hey, whatever gets me through the night, right?

ChickyBabe said...

I speed and jay walk but these are the equivalent of white lies, right?

Erica said...

I cannot speed yet, I am on driving probation for two years as I just got my licence. If I get more than 6 points (or 12, don't remember), I would need to take the theory and practice exams once again. No way I am going through that again!

-I travelled without a ticket on a train once
-Stole the odd post-it from my office or stamps
-My dentist forgot to charge me 100 dollars, I never told them and I never went back, I changed dentist!
-Smoked weed briefly in my rebellious teenage years

I think that's it!

I just lately watched 'Walk the Line'- loved it so much. I am getting a Johnny Cash cd and a Carter Family cd from my library now!

Babybull40 said...

I was a bad child.. took money from my mothers purse and also shoplifted.. I broke the law.. Inever was caught stealing from the Store I was in.. but my mother caught me taking the money from her purse.. I have long since been pretty good at not breaking the law..I will jay walk.. but no one really watches you and reports it.. the cops have bigger fish to fry..

Anonymous said...

Hung like Einstein, smart as a horse.