Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hump Day Hottie ~ Double Trouble

These two characters were based off of two University of Maryland professors who told their creator that he would never get anywhere in life.

They are both named after posh New York City Hotels.

They are brother-in-law's. One is married to the other's sister Astoria.

They are a pair of grumpy old men who would heckle performers on stage from their balcony seats.

They would return every week, despite constantly complaning about the show and how terrible the acts were.

Their first names are rumored to be Jason & Jon.

They have appeared in comic books, movies and animated series. One animated show was Family Guy where they watch Lost with Peter and Lois from a baclony.

They capitalized on their fame and started appearing in online shorts for

Their most famous tagline is included with the intro song to the show that they are most famous for and is as follows:

- Why do we always come here?
- I guess we'll never know
- It's like a kind of torture...
- (in unison) have to watch this show!

This weeks Hump Day Hottie's are ~ Waldorf and Statler from The Muppet Show!


Anonymous said...

My favorite comment from them, after they saw a movie: "I've seen detergent leave a better film than this!". It might have been in "The Muppet Movie", I'm pretty sure.

Tara said...

Tsssssss...Hot! Lol..Great combo choice, Rachel!

Playtah said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's nothing better than grumpy, sarcastic old men!!!

....Unless it's grumpy, sarcastic old men who give me money. That's a little better.

Eric said...

They are definitely my favorite muppets, other than the Swedish Chef of course.

Not so little Woman said...

Hehehehehe. Love them! I just watched "The Muppets Take Manhattan" the other day and was thinking how much I miss this two guys.

Rachel said...

Anon ~ That is a great one. They had a ton of great quotes from them on Wikipedia.

Tara ~ They are pretty smokin' for some cranky, old muppets.

Playtah ~ Isn't everything better when receiving cash is involved?

Eric ~ I <3 the Swedish Chef too.

Not so little woman ~ I need to rent the muppet movies for my son. He would love them.

Anonymous said...

I really just watched The Muppet Show for them....sarcastic puppet dudes? Priceless!

David in DC said...

I started smiling at about the 3rd sentence and by the time I got to the picture I was wearing a HUGE grin.

Thanks for helping us get over hump-day with a giggle, chortle or snort.

Playtah said...

Hmm....David, if I giggled, chortled and snorted at the same time, would that be a chortsniggle? :)

egan said...

I love those guys. I pictured them in my head before I got the answer so therefore I rule.

Lost is back on the air tonight? Huh, I thought the show was dead.

Rachel said...

Hilly ~ They were seriously one of my top reasons for watching and loving The Muppet Show!

David In DC ~ Anything that gets a smile on Hump Day is a winner in my book.

Playtah ~ Ummmm... sure!

Egan ~ You do indeed, rule! I don't watch Lost but I do think that it is back tonight.

Churlita said...

Oh, The Muppet Show. I would be so much happier if I could watch some reruns over my lunch break.

Freckle Face Girl said...

They were always my favorite characters.

Dennis said...

If I wanted this abuse I could go get married. Thanks Rachel. That is not funny.

l.b. said...

Sounds like Waldorf and Stadler have themselves their own little fan club right here! You go, grumpy old men!

egan said...

Lost is this show on ABC featuring character that are stranded on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. What's great about the show is how it goes on and on yet the characters continue to look nice and fresh. I have a hunch you already know this much about the show. The bad people are called The Others. Now you're current and you're welcome.

Erica said...

I love the Muppets, we had them in Italy also and I especially love these two. I want to see the movie about Manhattan, I have never seen it!

Rachel said...

Churlita ~ Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Freckle ~ I always had a bit of a crush on Kermit too but I loved Statler & Waldorf almost as much.

Dennis ~ Good luck finding your "one". It might take a while.

l.b. ~ I wonder if the movie "Grumpy Old Men" was based off of these two?

Egan ~ I did watch the show for a bit but I lost interest pretty quickly around the time that they found the hatch.

Erica ~ Muppets Take Manhattan is a great movie... definitely worth watching.

M said...

haha, my friend E and I always say that we are the living examples of those guys. err..actually maybe I shouldn't be admitting that!

egan said...

Yeah, I can see how you lost interest in Lost. I've come close a few times, but they still have me.