Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Holy Heatwave Batman!!

This isn't Michigan hot where it is mid 80's and sticky. This is Southern Florida in August hot! Where it is so hot, you don't even want to hang out in the pool. Bitch slap you in your face hot.
You want A/C in your car? Forget it. It takes so long to cool down that you are home, dripping with sweat from stewing in a broiling hot car waiting for it to kick in. Well, it won't cool down until you are about a mile from home.
Eggs frying on the sidewalk hot.
JalapeƱo juice as a cool refreshing beverage hot.
Burning your buns on leather seats hot.
Even your A/C working full steam in your house will barely be at a tolerable level.
This is the perfect time for ice baths, cold beer, sleeping naked, eating ice cream, water balloon fights (if you can handle being outside at all), having sex in the cold shower, incorporating ice into every day activities , not cooking or doing laundry.
The worst part? That you would rather be at work instead of home because of the A/C.
Did I mention that it is FRICKIN' HOT????!!!!!


minijonb said...

"It's gettin' hot in herre... so take off al..."
oh... that song's not workplace appropriate, is it?

Rachel Heather said...

damn you just wrote about eating ice cream and having sex in a cold shower in the same sentance

that is talent


Rachel said...

MiniJB ~
As much as you would like it to happen...sorry charlie. I am sure that we work with some former strippers that would oblige you though....
Rachel K~ What can I say? I am multi-talented. Heck, it is so hot, if I wasn't single, I would be willing to incorporate eating ice cream during sex in a cold shower.

FunnyGirl said...

It is fricking hot. It's like like being trapped in an oven sitting in a sauna in Iraq. Yeah? No?