Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Celebrate The Misery Of Others

I got a call last night from a cute co-worker who also sits near me. We were chatting about various things and then he dropped a bomb on me.
CCW: I have good news and bad new for you.
Me: What is it?
CCW: The bad news is, someone got fired today.
Me: Oh my gosh, who was it.
CCW: That is the good news. It was Smelly Girl.
CCW: Yes, the email was sent last night after you left.
Me: You're kidding right?
CCW: Her stuff was still there last night, but she got fired.

The conversation continued and I have to admit, I was pretty happy about it.

Smelly Girl is hard to describe. She is probably about 5 feet tall and in her mid 40's. She is an extremely heavy smoker and is a very large woman. And, she smells.
Sometimes it is a reeking of stale cigarette smell, other times that aroma is mixed in with other body odors that I don't even want to contemplate.
The best way that I can describe it is imagine a hot, steamy locker with old sweaty socks and clothes along with an ashtray overflowing with old cigarette butts that have gotten wet.
I wonder if it is wrong to celebrate someone else's misery. I don't know her personally. I never really had an interest in getting to know her. Not just because she smelled, but because she was hardly ever here (FMLA for a plethora of issues) and because when she was here, she didn't know how to do her job and was basically dumber than a box of rock.
I hope I don't burn in hell for being happy that she is gone.
I brought home made banana bread.
To celebrate.


minijonb said...

:Gasp: You've broken the golden blogger rule! You blogged about work. However, I guess this is an occasion worthy of bending a few rules.

Funny Girl said...

I think that if a co-worker smelled THAT bad, I'd be kinda happy she's gone, too. So no, you won't burn in hell, but we might have a few hot summers ahead. lol.

Sofi said...

You are such a Mormon girl with your homemade banana bread. You may have just inspired me to go home and bake.

I work with a gal who reeks of wet cigarettes and fried food. She's grosser than gross.

Anonymous said...

Picture a bell with feet.

elhaf said...
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elhaf said...

I thought it was blogging AT work that was wrong. Oh that's right, that's what everyone does. Anyway, the Germans have a word for what you describe; it's called schadenfreude. Revel it in.