Friday, July 28, 2006

What Would Be Your Breaking Point?

If you had worked at the same job for years, met or exceeded your performance objectives and rarely missed a day of work, what would be your breaking point?
"Dennis" is a man that I work with. We have sat in proximity of each other for around 3 years. He is a man that can come across a bit blustery or opinionated, but he has a heart of gold. If you sit and talk to him, you realize how much he cares about others and willingly goes out of his way to help people whether at work or on his own time.
Since he started working here, Dennis has gotten his Bachelor's Degree (which at our company is a requirement for many areas of work). He also works part-time assisting others in emergengy medical situations.
Dennis is very open about his opinion of things and sometimes comes across rude or angry, which isn't the case. He wants to make sure that people are looking at things from another viewpoint, but it can come across wrong. We have actually had discussions about this a few times.
This is the rub. Dennis has applied for 21 different positions in this company and been interviewed at least a dozen times. To date, he has been promoted 1 time and received a lateral transfer 1 time as well. Since I have known him, he has interviewed for at least 5 jobs and was passed over for each one.
I am not really sure why they don't offer him the position. He has a plethora of knowledge and willingly helps anyone who asks (even to his own detriment). They use excuses like "You don't seem confident in your decision making"(uh, he has has to make decisions on who has a better chance to live in an emergency more than once) or "You don't rate high enough in the matrix" (which is a ridiculous tool that they use that means VERY little in regards to a persons ability). It used to be "You don't have a Bachelor's degree" so Dennis got a Bachelor's degree. Now the excuses that they are using are getting more and more ridiculous.
It seems that for some reason, Dennis has pissed of the PTB (powers that be). How? I am not sure. Maybe because he doesn't back down when he has an opinion. Maybe it is that he is a 6'4" man that can come across as cranky or annoyed unless he really tries hard to tone down his personality.
I am not sure why he is being continually turned down for jobs that he is more than capable of doing. The last one he more than deserved. Instead it went to someone who has half the skills and has been here half the time that Dennis has.
At what point would you just say screw it? I am done and then tell the company to stick it where the sun don't shine and start looking elsewhere?
I wonder if Dennis has reached that point yet. I probably would have been long gone by now if it was me.


Anonymous said...

The breaking point? It seems "Dennis" is unbreakable. He is holding out for the job of a lifetime and sooner or later he will obtain it. As for the company they are missing out on one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Go Get EM' Dennis!!!

minijonb said...

"Dennis" has a lot to offer the company and it's their loss if they keep passing him over like this.

The worst part about this situation is that first impressions are almost impossible to overcome. Whatever crazy ideas the PTB have formed probably won't change.

I really hope there is a good change of fortune for him soon on this front... the crappy part of it is that it just might have to happen somewhere else.

Leigh said...

All I can say is-
Dennis, get the heck out. Having been in the same sort of position with the same company where I was contantly passed over due to a litany of increasingly pathetic excuses, it aint worth sticking around. I have been far happier in the nearly 2 years since I left. I am appreciated much more in my new job and am told regularly how highly they think of my skills.