Friday, August 04, 2006

Cleanin' Out My Closet (long post)

Since I have started a blog I have shied away from talking about one specific subject. Not because it is something that I am ashamed of, but because I don't want a certain person stumbling across my blog and reading things about themselves. But I figure, what the hell. It isn't going to make a bit of difference in my life at this point. He does enough shit to drive me batty, so why not write about it.
Butthead has been in my life since 1996 and I will be stuck dealing with him for at least the next 10 years. At this point it is hard sometimes to remember that I loved him. What I feel now is very close to contempt.
It is hard to give a shit about someone who goes out of their way to cause problems. Someone who treats me like I am an idiot and refuses to listen to anything that I have to say that goes against what he thinks. Even when I have been proved right again and again.
This is a story about the last thing that he did.
D used to go to his dad's for daycare and his step-mother Bitch would watch him. After a year I found out some shit that she was doing to D that was totally unacceptable. Telling him that he was stupid, that he was fat (which he is not), that she hated him and wished that he was never born.
When I found out about what was happening I called Butthead and told him that D was not going there anymore. Butthead got pissed. Not because D wouldn't be coming over anymore, but that it meant that I wouldn't be giving back all of the child support that I received every month. Since I didn't have to pay for daycare we agreed that it was fair.
D has always gone to school using Butthead's address because I work fulltime and he was there before and after school. When D stopped going to stay with Bitch all day, he started going to his grandparent's house and his grandfather Motown would take him to school every day. This was only for a few weeks since school was going to be ending soon.
That summer Butthead moved into a different school district (which was the same one that Motown lived in). I called the school and talked to them about registering D and what I should do in regards to him not being in his home district. The principal told me to just register him using Motown's address, so I did.
Butthead found out about it and called the school after the school year had already started and let them know that D didn't actually live in the school district and that he was registered under false pretenses. The pricipal called me and told me that since Butthead was making it an issue that we would have to get a waiver etc. for D to be released from his home school district.
Now, Butthead has pulled a bunch of shit in his time, but this didn't affect me, if affected my son and that was the last straw. You DO NOT mess with my kid.
I called him on it and he said "I wanted everything to be on the up and up. I didn't want him to be there under a lie". I told him that I did exactly what the school told me to do and that it wasn't his place to try and start trouble. He ignored me and then said "You decided that D shouldn't come over here for daycare anymore, so I thought that they should know. I wanted everything to be fair and equal" and more bs like that.
So, I decided to hit him where it would hurt the most. In the pocketbook.
Fast forward 5 months. Butthead had started a new job and was making decent money. Since the custody agreement back in 1998, he had been paying the same amount for child support (under $50 per week). I decided that it was time for the child support to be reviewed which is my right to do every 3 years.
I sent the request to have it reviewed and a few weeks later I got a call from Butthead.
Butthead: "Did you request that the child support be reviewed?"
Me: "Well, it HAS been 7 years, so it is probably time, don't you think?"
Butthead: "Why would you do this now when we have been getting along fine?"
Me: "Well, I thought that everything should be on the up and up. You know, fair and equal." This was using his exact words against him when he called the school.
Butthead: "What do you mean by that? I just don't understand why you would do this now."
Me: "Well, after you did what you did, I figured that it was time."
Butthead: "What did I do?"
Me: "If you can't figure that one out, you aren't as smart as you think you are."
Butthead: "What are you talking about. What did I do?"
Me: "Think about it. You decided that you wanted something to be on the up and up and fair and equal just to cause me problems, I thought that I would return the favor."
Butthead: "Just tell me what I did wrong!"

So, I tell Butthead what he did wrong and he thought that I was an idiot to have the child support reviewed for such a "stupid" reason.
Yeah, I am such an idiot. I am soooo dumb. I am so stupid that I waited 5 months until he had a good job for a few months before I requested the child support review.
After about 3 months, we got the review decision back. They increased the child suppport by over $325.00 per month to $525.00. Of course, he about shit a brick.
Since the review he has lost that job (I can't even count the amount of jobs that he has had since I have known him. I lost count at 12 in one year) and hasn't found another one except for his part time job that he has been working.
Of course, he requested an appeal of the child support increase and that review date is set for next week and we both have to go to court. I wouldn't be surprised if he was waiting to look for another job until after support has been set. He is in for a few nasty surprises.
To date, I haven't received any child support for over 3 months, which I am sure that the courts will not take kindly to.
I have a few things that I will be bringing up at the review, but will wait to post about it until afterwards.
You would think that after all of this time that Butthead would think that I am smarter than he gives me credit for, but you know what? I prefer that he think I am stupid. That way when I am right, it makes him look like even more of an idiot than he already does.
Mess with my kid and you will taste the wrath of Rachel!

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Funny Girl said...

Butthead IS immature and a real craphead. I can vouch for that!!! It seems like he is more concerned with getting his way or "winning" than he is with D's well-being. Yeah, good job with the "father" thing, buddy. If I saw him in a forest, I would kick his crotch so hard that his grandkids would be born with migraines.