Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Throat Energy

Saturday I had gone out to dinner with Funny Girl, my son D and his friend Ami. We were having the usual silly dinner chatter and then Funny Girl mentioned that she didn't like monkeys because they looked creepy (there was a photo of an orangutan on the kids coloring book).
For the next 20 minutes Ami talked about how much she hated monkeys. That they were scary, creepy and ugly. That they threw things at people etc.etc.etc.
Apparently she had been taken to the zoo by her father and did not like them at all(this was all news to her mother when I told her about it later that night).
Funny Girl of course thought that this was hilarious and continued prompting Ami to keep talking about her dislike of monkeys.
After a while, D was done with his dinner while Ami was only about halfway through hers since she was talking at high-speed for the entire meal. D turns to her and says "Ami, you have a lot of throat energy. (pause) That means you talk too much."
Funny girl and I look quickly down at our plates and try to stifle the giggles that are attempting to break free. We look at each other, clap our hands over our mouths and look back down at our plates laughing silently behind our hands.
It was such an unexpected comment. Especially coming from a kid who has a lot of "throat energy" himself.


FunnyGirl said...

That WAS great! As soon as D said that, I wanted to bust out, but it looked like Ami would be offended, so yeah...had to stifle.....good times!

minijonb said...

i need to figure out a way to incorporate "throat energy" into a pickup line... "hey baby, you look like you have a lot of throat energy..." =;-)

D is a smart kid. you should give him a medal for this.

Rachel Heather said...

I agree with Jonb - that is one hell of a way to pick someone up! :)

I like monkeys though. I like Bonobo moneys. Though the little fluffy padding on their butts is kind of odd.

Then again my nickname in high school was monkey buns...hmmmm

P.S - I like people with throat energy :)