Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Recent Obsession

I was tagged by Babybull40 to write about 5 things I am obsessed with.
Today I can only write about one.
Why in the world and am I totally obsessed with Wheat Thins?
It's not like they are the best tasting food in the world but recently I just can't get enough. I dreamt about them last night and when I got up I was craving their salty goodness like it was crack. The tears almost came when I realized that the only box I had was at work.
As soon as I got to work I cracked open the box and inhaled a few like an addict inserting a needle.
I keep coming back to my own little version of heroin and am starting to worry that I might be a Wheat Thins junkie.

Can you OD on Wheat Thins?
Update: I am all out of Wheat Thins now. I want to cry.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wheat Thins are good...I'm not as into them as you are but they are good!!! lol

dmarks said...

I can't eat them without thinking of Sandy Duncan, and I'm not a Sandy Duncan fan.

Jaybird said...

Although Wheat Thins are a marvelous treat, I prefer El Matador tortilla chips! For those of you not living in in West Michigan, you are truly missing out on a great chip.

Oops, I think I just drooled a bit on my keyboard ...

Tara said...

It would probably take tons of Wheat Thins to OD, but I'm sure they're much healthier than heroine. Not that I know this, but I'm guessing. But don't snort the Wheat Thins, because it would be very hard to explain to the doctor why there's one wedged up your nose. Just eat them. And enjoy.

minijonb said...

I won't buy Wheat Thins anymore... I can't handle the urge to eat the whole box at once.

"Hi. My name is minijonb. I'm a Wheat Thins addict."

egan said...

You can't OD on the baked variety. That I know for sure.

Rachel said...

Diva ~ Except for the past 2 weeks I cannot remember the last time that I ate Wheat Thins.

dmarks ~ Sandy Duncan always made me think of doughnuts.

jaybird ~ I know you love those chips. You bring them every game night. I just am not a huge fan of tortilla chips in general. I did find the white corn El Matador tortilla chips though.

Tara ~ I did eat about 1/4 of a Family size box today. Not the Costco size but bigger than the regular box.
No snorting, I promise. That would hurt too much.

minijonb ~ Are you just going to stick with your orange Tic Tac obsession then?

Egan ~ I think there is a story there. Do tell!

Churlita said...

There are a lot worse things to be addicted to...Like, say, any of mine.

I was kind of crazy for the lime Tostitos for a while, but I think I'm slowly recovering.

minijonb said...

Yep. It's just Orange Tic Tac's from now on, baby!!! Gimmie more!!!!!!

= ; - )

Eric said...

I love the whole grain wheat thins. Or maybe its 5 grain wheat thins, I cant remember but I love them and they love me.

Babybull40 said...

wheat thins are ok..I don't seem to get the same reaction as you do... I wonder if mine are a cheap brand in disguise.. hmmm.. I shall have to investigate.. Thanks for playing.. Look forward to seeing 4 more obsessions.. when you can get the time...:P

Babybull40 said...

oh I don't think you can OD on WT's but you might get a upset tummy later...

Sizzle said...

i like my wheat thins with some cream cheese.

lately, i'm all about the organic fat free cheese puffs. i practically want to lick the bag!

egan said...

I ate three boxes in one sitting and lived to see the next day. No ODing possible.

Indiana said...

I am like a crack-whore when it comes to Dorritos...I swear they put something in them...they are as a friend of mine said "Moorish"...once you have one you want more.

laughingattheslut said...

Wheat Thins are one of those things that I eat a lot of when I'm sick. Sort of like the cookies.

About twenty years ago I knew a tiger who ate sawdust once in a while. It didn't seem like a good idea to me. I kept wondering if he would eat Wheat Thins or some cereal instead. I never tried to find out.

David in DC said...

You can definitely OD on Wheat Thins if you snort a whole lot of tiny lines of coke off of them.

I think.

Or it might have been the shrooms. It was all so long ago, the details are a bit foggy.

Rachel said...

MiniJonB ~ That must be why your fingers are always stained orange. I thought it was Cheetoes.

Eric ~ I am a Wheat Thins purist. Only the original.

babybull40 ~ There are some things that just are NOT the same in the generic version. Maybe Wheat Thins are one of them.

Sizzle ~ Try them with a ham and onion cheeseball. Pure bliss.

Egan ~ You survived but was it painful for the next few hours?

Indiana ~ What is your flavor of choice?

laughingattheslut ~ Wheat thins are a great sick food. Unless you have a sore throat.

David In DC ~ Dangit. Now I will have to stop using my 'shroom dip.
Thanks a lot!

egan said...

If that really happened, yes... I would have survived. I have an iron gut, not butt.

minijonb said...

heh heh... there's an old joke about the guy who goes to the emergency room with bright orange privates.

"Doctor, doctor! My unit is orange! Fix it!"

The doctor says, "Well, what have you been doing?"

"Oh, nothing, just sitting at home, watching porn, eating Cheetos."


Erica said...

I love peanuts M&M!! I can eat a whole packet in 10 minutes!
But I don't know Wheat Thins, they sound healthy anyway!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This sounds serious. I'm really interested in this addiction to Wheat Thins actually. If anyone is willing to talk about it shoot me an email please. benjamin.pauker@tbwachiat.com