Monday, April 23, 2007

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In That

Fashion is great. I love fashion. Shopping is great fun, especially when I have friends looking for outfits.
Even though I can't wear a lot of the hip fashions I love them and enjoy helping my friends find great stuff.
I don't wear a lot of the hip fashions because they do not flatter my body. I am not going to subject anyone to my muffin top. I don't wear short skirts or shorts in public because I feel that my legs are my least flattering feature.
I was walking around this weekend because we had fantastic weather and saw something that was unexpected.
A man was with his son and they were both wearing Heelys . It was an odd sight to see a grown man wearing something that was designed for kids.
I started looking around and saw some fascinating things. A lot of adults were wearing things that were originally marketed for children. Glittery, belly showing shirts, funky hair clips that were brightly colored with sparkles and many other questionable fashions. One thing that grosses me out is women in their 30's wearing ultra low-rise jeans that every time they move they have to adjust or pull up their jeans to cover their butt crack.
On the other hand I saw little girls wearing heels, makeup and non-existent cleavage bearing tops with little or no back coupled with short, shorts.
The worst offender was a girl, probably around the age of 10 wearing low rise shorts with a thong peeking out of the back. There are stores that are marketing these things to children.
When did the line between adult fashion and childrens fashion become so blurred?


Churlita said...

It's probably been since that baby doll dress craze in the early nineties. That was kind of gross.

Moonbeam said...

I too would love to wear certain items of clothing but my Bod holds me back. I wish I could wear fashionable clothes but have sense enough to hold back and wear something that hides here and there.

Disneyland has a Disney Walk with lots of shops. One of those shops is dedicated to little girls. There are "beuticians" there to apply makeup to the little girls (not teenagers, but girls as young as 2 and up ). For sale are fashionable adult clothes turned into little sizes that look out of place to me. All the accessories you could ask for hung on the walls. It just looked odd to me. I know its fun to play dress up but I feel this shop takes it way too far.

evil-e said...

I will give the guy angle on this.

A woman with low-rises and a peeking thong is either a slut who is out trying to attract the "cooler" segment of the guy population or some old crow trying to grasp onto any last shreds of youth. The latter would be like an older guy buying a Camero. This female also, probably has the tribal back tattoo that she just got over the winter.
This little fashionable show is laughable to me in that I know all it would take is a couple of Bud-Lights, some cheap flattery, and a good buzz for me to get to the "promised land".

Little girls should stay little girls as long as possible.

I do not want to see more skin. I want to look at a girl who can cover it all up and still make me look.

kapgar said...

Is that an Aerosmith thong?

Dennis said...

There are some fashions that are flattering on some women. Also a 300 lb women that squeezes into spandex made for a size 6 is just wrong and sickening.
The thong on a 10 year old is almost as sickening.

Rachel said...

Churlita ~ I remember the baby doll outfits. I wore one of those back in 1991.

Moonbeam ~ We enforce this kind of thinking from childhood. I understand the desire to look grown up but should be we encouraging it so strongly?

evil-e ~ you must be a bit of an exception. I see so much skin now and so many tramp stamps that it boggles the mind.
If men really do prefer to use their imagination why do we see so much skin?

kapgar ~ I have no idea. It might be. I did a google search for thong and it was one that came up.
At first I thought that you had asked if it was an Aerosmith song (as in the title to the post).

Dennis ~ You could have said something about how fabulous I look and how I never wear inappropriate clothing for my body size but that would be too much to ask wouldn't it?
Jerk!!! lol j/k
Do I need to stop wearing my spandex biker shorts? lol

mielikki said...

thongs and children should never mix. Its just wrong. I hesitate to even guess what that little girl will be wearing in her twenties.

Moonbeam said...

Rachel, its totally wrong to encourage it so strongly, thats why I feel these stores offering the services I described at Disney Walk should not be in business. Call me old fashioned.

Kids are in way to big of a hurry to grow up...and yep, its society doing it to them.

When my daughter, who is now in her 20's, was little she would occassionally wanna play dress up. She loved wearing her Granny's old hats, gloves and my dresses which looked cute and funny on her. Never anything like now. It was fun and encouraged some imagination. She would pretend she was a princess or having a tea party, etc.

That brings me to go off subject a bit and say I wish they would put Art and Music (band & Orchestra for all ages) back in the schools. Kids need an outlet to use their imagination and creativity. Helps with everyday life ahead of them. I am not down on computers for kids but lets at least also include some hands on art and music. A certain small part of the school day should be devoted to art....which allows a person to put on paper things that are in their mind. My neighbor, who is a teacher, says parents are now forming after school groups for art, etc.

Yep...I am an artist and feel strongly bout my free spirit.

Now that I put you to sleep, I will stop rambling :)

Anonymous said...

It's raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock.

Balou said...

It's interesting that you posted this as I just read an article in Glamour talking about how little girls are being taught to be sexy (think Bratz dolls and "dancing poles" as toys) and they mentioned the kids' thongs, too. Personally, I find it sickening and disgusting. Parents should be trying to extend their children's innoncence for as long as possible. Isn't it bad enough that we have 13-year-olds getting pregnant and transmitting STDs? It's a sad state of affairs.

The Diva's Thoughts said...


laughingattheslut said...

What is really sad is when you bought a medium size Starfleet uniform in college, and you're still wearing the same uniform ten years later. Only ten years later you are more like a size X-large and the uniform top doesn't come all the way down to the uniform pants. I'm all for people who proudly wear the uniform or whatever else makes them happy, but at least wear the right size.

And I still haven't gone on that diet, so I still need to lose another ten pounds or so before I'm seen in the borg suit again.

Indiana said...

Since they realised that if you get kids to want it, that in this ultra-busy parent-by-proxy-world, adults would buy their childrens affection and to pacify a nagging and screaming kid.

Added to which as "age" has been come less of a thing, with slogans like "40 is the new 30" was only a matter of time before some money hungry stockholder pressured the idea of "10 being the new 20"...the question is, at what point is their age appropriate clothing? And who is it appropriate for, the wearer? Or those subjected to the visual?

As for children, I think society has just gotten to the ridiculous point where both genders are not allowed or even expected to be kids anymore, we expect them to "grow up" and "act mature" and so drive the vestiges of innocence from them.

Babybull40 said...

Since children see and children do.. that is what happens.. Some parents give in way to easy.. I have a 15 yr old step-daughter and there some lines you don't cross.. and I remind her of that all the time.. I don't need some Perv checking her out.. BUt I do love fashion too. But as you say the muffin top is something we don't want to advertise.. I do like certain ways of layering and that helps to hide it..

Sizzle said...

you're more giving than i...i can't deal with shopping when i am with my friends that can go into any shop they want. it's nothing against them at all but i get filled with outrage that larger girls are treated like second class. it pisses me off! and clearly, that's no mood to be in when shopping with your pals. :)

i am pretty disgusted with this whole marketing to girls for thongs, etc. it's just not right on so many levels.

evil-e said...

I just might be.....

I don't like being like all the other guys, most of them are chimps and or bafoons.

Rachel said...

mielikki ~ I would hazard that she won't be wearing much but a pair of heels to dance around a pole.

moonbeam ~ Devon does have Art class but it is only 1 day per week. I agree with the creative outlets.

anon ~ Well, I definitely wouldn't want to be that rock.

balou ~ Dancing Poles? Are you kidding? I always thought that Bratz dolls looked like they got REALLY bad collagen injections.

Diva ~ :)

laughingattheslut ~ Extra large people wearing medium clothing is bad even if it doesn't involve a uniform.

indiana ~ It is so disheartening to know that my son will grow up that much faster than I did.
I talk to him in an adult manner in regards to vocabulary but I don't expect him to act like an adult. I am always after him to go outside and play and use his imagination.

babybull40 ~ I am all for looking fabulous and fashionable. But people have to find things that fit their body type. No one looks good flaunting the flab hanging over the band of their pants.

sizzle ~ I shop for myself vicariously through my friends. I think that I have a good fashion sense. Funny Girl takes me shopping when she has something special to do. Last time she got white linen pants and a really cute sleeveless blouse for a wedding.
My friend Anne is always a good sport. I grab 15 things for her to try on and she will try on every one even if she doesn't think that she will like it.
We have found a few things that were very flattering on her and horrible on the hanger.

evil-e ~ Well, it is a good thing that you are the exception then. We don't want you to be a bafoon.

playtah said...

We haven't learned to be content with our ages. Little kids want to be adults. Adults want to reclaim their youth by dressing like little kids (or buying a Camaro :) ). It seems that the only ones who have a good grasp on the importance (or non-importance) of age are the elderly. There are so many in their golden years that can enjoy being in the moment. And not dress like whores. :)

M said...

kids are old before their time and adults never grow up. Things are mighty fucked up.

As for g strings I find them feral whether it's kids or adults but on kids it's absolutely ghastly.

ChickyBabe said...

Children emulate adults and not just in poor fashion taste. The thought of pre teen girls gyrating to music videos that look like soft pr0n makes me cringe.

David in DC said...

Speaking of Glamour, weren't those infantilized pictures of Drew Barrymore in the current issue kind of icky? The interview, done by Carrie Fisher, was pretty good. But the pictures really made my flesh crawl.

As far as thongs go, letting a child wear one is, IMHO, just about per se child abuse.

I will admit however, just among us friends, that I own a white silky male thong that I bought once as a surprise for my then-lover. It was silly and kinky and she got a real kick out of the role reversal of a guy buying sexy undies for himself, to please her.

I can't ever picture the circumstances under which I would wear it again, but I can't bear to part with it either. Memories of younger and more adventurous days, I guess.