Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ummmm Awkward!

I was chatting with my friend Anne this morning on my way to work. We frequently talk in the mornings as that is the best time to reach one another.
We were talking about Friends Christmas. This is when I get together with my closest friends and we have dinner, exchange gifts and celebrate together. Usually we end up doing this after the New Year but because Ami (Anne's daughter) is only here for the week after Christmas (she lives in Canada) we decided that we would do it during the week instead of a weekend. We are set for Thursday, December 28th at 6:00PM.
To do justice to this story I have to go back to the summer. My friend Funny Girl started dating another friend, Peru. Things seemed to be going great and then all of a sudden Peru started acting strange. Not calling or taking a few days to return calls and things like that. Funny Girl really liked Peru, which was a new thing for her. Funny Girl hadn't had a serious relationship since I met her as she is pursuing a comedy career and doesn't want to be tied down.
So, Peru calls me and tells me that he doesn't think that it is going to work. He really likes Funny Girl but he feels that they are in two different places and during the conversation he tells me that he isn't over his last girlfriend. Then he asks me how he should break it to her because he didn't want to hurt her feelings.
Needless to say, I was PISSED!!!!! I am extremely protective of my friends and I felt that what he did was really shitty. If he wasn't over his last girlfriend he should NEVER have started dating Funny Girl. I basically let him have it with both barrels and told him that at this point he WAS going to hurt Funny Girl no matter how he did it.
So, things ended between Funny Girl and Peru and I was still pissed at Peru so I stopped calling and emailing him and basically haven't seen or heard much from him since the summertime.
So, back to this morning. Anne asks me why I didn't invite Peru to Friends Christmas. I told her that I haven't talked to him in months and that I was still mad at him for stringing Funny Girl along (I am the only one still mad, Funny Girl is SO over it). I told Anne that since he hadn't made any kind of an effort since the summer to stay in contact with anyone but her (they live about a mile away) that I didn't think that he would want to come.
Anne, not knowing that I hadn't invited Peru, had asked him last weekend if he wanted to ride with them to my house for Friends Christmas and he replied that he didn't know anything about it. Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit Shit!!!! Now I HAD to invite him even though I am still a little bit mad at him and that Funny Girl will be there. I didn't want things to be awkward but now if I didn't call and invite him it would be awkward anyway.
After I get off the phone with Anne I call Peru expecting to be put in his voicemail to leave him a message inviting him to Friends Christmas. Wouldn't you know that this time he actually picks up the phone. I invite him to Friends Christmas and apologize that I didn't invite him earlier telling him that I am just starting to get back on track since I got back from vacation (which is true, but not really the reason that I hadn't called him before this morning).
Peru is a popular guy and he usually has plans all of the time. I was surprised when he said yes, he would love to come.
I actually really like Peru. He is a funny guy and very sweet, oh, and he is HOT!!! Very nice eye candy. I was just still holding onto the edges of my anger. Now that he has accepted the invitation I am actually looking forward to seeing him.
The only downfall is that my already meager Christmas budget will have to be stretched even more to accomodate him.
Now I just have to let Funny Girl know that he is going to be there. Oh wait, she reads my blog so I just did.


Playtah said...

Crap! (Not that he is going to be there, but that I have to get another gift! :) ) lol.

Wow, I'm sure that was awkward, though.

Hmm....maybe I should bring some mistletoe. I'm over him, but no-strings-attached-Christmas-kissing with a hot guy is still a fun thing. lol.

reformattingmybrain said...

I'm SO glad that was you in that situation and not me. Ugggg awkward! Funny Girl's all okay with him being there? That's SO great if she is, I'm not good at letting go of hard feelings :-(

Playtah aka funny girl said...

I'm totally ok with him being there. He actually is a great guy, it just didn't work between us. But we'll have a good time!

Basic Theology said...

i don't have anything witty, funny, or useful to say to this entry. but i wanted to comment on it because i want to comment.

just another way to put off finishing up these damn scripts, i suppose.

Rachel said...

Playtah ~ You will have to bring the mistletoe. I don't have any cause I don't have anyone to kiss other than that guy that I made out with at the bar. That was fun.

Reformat ~ I am a very forgiving person if you hurt me. If you hurt my friends I can hold a grudge for quite a while.

FG ~ We are gonna have a REALLY good time. Should Lare bring the poker set?

Basic ~ Feel free to comment just to comment anytime. I commented on your blog too.

Playtah said...

Yeah! Have him bring the poker set.

What's this about the guy you made out with at the bar? Was this recently?

Rachel said...

Playtah ~ Last Saturday. I haven't told you about that yet have I?
We didn't make out IN the club, but afterwards. It was good times.

Playtah said...

I will SO be calling you tonight.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I'm just thinking how nice it would be to have a friends' Christmas together like that. What a cool tradition!

Anonymous said...

Ackward, maybe a little. But if Funny Girl is OK with the way things turned out & Peru was OK with going, then you should DROP IT & Mind your own business. Some people are way too nosy for their own good. From: LWND