Thursday, December 28, 2006

Are You A Post Christmas Scrooge?

Every year I see the same phenomenon. People from Thanksgiving to Christmas are more merry and full of the holiday spirit. There are more smiles in view and people are generous with their time and money.
The day after Christmas it seems that the anvil is dropped, crushing everyone's Christmas spirit. People are tired, short tempered, angry, frustrated and disappointed that the holiday that they put on a pedestal failed to live up to their expectations.
I know that I am very tired after Christmas. I am like a balloon that is running low on helium. You know what I am talking about. The mylar balloon that weaves around in a drunken-esque manner while valiantly trying to stay afloat.
We are having Friends Christmas tonight and I am really looking forward to it. I think that this might be the only reason that my holiday balloon of Christmas Cheer is still weaving drunkenly rather than lying flat out on the floor completely out of life.
This is also the time of year that people begin to contemplate their New Year's resolution. I am not a big believer in New Year's resolutions. I have a hard time putting a date on a life change.
If I want to start to exercise the beginning of the year is the worst time. That is when the millions of people that make exercise their resolution are in the gym full force. I would wait until mid-February if I wanted to start to exercise.
I try and make life choices throughout the year rather than base them on one day that really doesn't mean anything other than I have to get a new calendar, remember to type 2007, and get a paid day off.
But the night before? Oh yeah!! Any time getting drunk off your ass is encouraged during a celebration is A-OK with me.


Playtah said...

Yay! Good points. Sometimes Christmas is so busy and stressful that you just crash afterwards.

Friends Christmas is going to be fun!

reformattingmybrain said...

I always crash after Christmas. It's almost such a huge high that afterwards I'm left a little depressed feeling. I swear every year I'm not going to let myself get like that - but it always happens. And I always rip my tree down Christmas Day night. Drink a drink for New Years this year for me Rachel :-) Just even one sip to reformattingmybrain! ha

minijonb said...

I'm a scrooge before and after xmas, so I guess not much has changed this week. And I always feel like I need a vacation after a holiday to recover, so I'm totally wiped out... happy NYE!!! =;-)

Eric said...

Don't forget making out with people. Making out with people is also encouraged on New Year's Eve, which makes it even more fun.

I am definitely not a post holiday scrooge either. I don't get very stressed over the holidays because I tend to love all the things that seem to drive other people nuts. Long lines at the mall, traffic, parking nightmares, airports, I love it all. Only because I just to laid back to be bothered by that stuff and it really cracks me up to see people super hyper and flipping out over nothing.

Basic Theology said...

yes, hello. hello, yes.

i do indeed say that this christmas, above most other christmas' of it's type has been the least cheerful, least exciting christmas of all time. no one i knew i was excited. it was almost dreary waking up on christmas morning. everyone was so dead. he got this, she got this, you got that, i got that. blah.

i think, personally, it has some direct connection with the weather. i'm a canuck, and, in most normal weather conditions, we would've been pelted with at least 2-3 major snowstorms already. alas, where i live we've barely even had a light dusting. the usual "white christmas" which most of us have become so accustomed to in our lives has been completely eradicated this year. which in turn, i do think has had quite the change on our overall cheer.

however, i prefer this "global warming" that we're experiencing, and i hope it continues. shovelling snow blows goat balls and, i don't know about you, but, blowing goat balls is pretty low on my list of things to do.

in regards to being a scrooge, i am what i would call... a reverse scrooge. i give away so much money that it makes me curious why i do so. i mean, it's not like i have the money to just give away, but, i do. and i wonder why i'm broke all the time.

Tara said...

I'm just fed up with the commercials that still have the Christmas theme in them well after the actual holiday.

I get a sense of relief after Christmas. I know that the new year is coming and it's almost like things can be refreshed.

The Furtive Wangler said...

I agree with you about New Year resolutions, in reality if you're going to make a life change stick, you've got to be more serious about it.

ANON1 said...

I worked out for two hours last night and not one person was there. I may start going at 5:00 AM to avoid the New Year Newbies.