Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Question Of The Day

I haven't been feeling up to par for the past few days so please forgive me that I am not writing a lengthy thought provoking post. I thought that I would throw out a question and see what you have to say.

What would you change about yourself if you could? What is your best quality?

Post Scriptum ~ I realized that I didn't answer the question so I thought I would pop it in here.

If I could change anything about myself I would become less of a people pleaser. Don't get me wrong, I love to do things for people and have fun but there are times that I worry WAY too much what people are thinking about me and I tend to get my feelings hurt quite easily.

My best quality would be my ability to give really great advice. I have long in depth talks with my friends quite often and I have heard many times how great my advice or my opinion is. When people take my advice and opinions to heart in a way it validates who I am and the person that I am striving to become.


Tara said...

I hope you feel better soon, Rachel!

Good question...I have a few fears and insecurities that I'd like to change. I know I probably could get over them eventually. What I lack is the motivation.

Best quality would be my patience and endurance.

minijonb said...

What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? This is thought provoking =:-)

I wish I wouldn't procrastinate so much.

My willingness to help others is my best quality... although I can't compare to what you do for your friends. You are amazing in this quality.

Playtah said...

If I could change something about myself, I'd change so that I was better able to control my OCD--especially so I don't wash my hands so freaking much. They hurt, and it sucks.

My best quality? Hmm...I tend to get along with everyone for the most part, and have a good sense of humor (albeit a slightly dark one).

reformattingmybrain said...

I've been thinking about this all morning and finally decided. I would change the fact that I'm terribly insecure. My best quality..... I will bend over backwards to help - I love helping people.

Rachel said...

Tara ~ Thanks. I wish that I was a patient end enduring. I am pretty impatient. When I want something, I want it now.

MJB ~ I know about your procrastination. I am suprised that you didn't wait until tomorrow to respond LOL.

Seriously though, Thank you so much for your incredible compliment. It really means a lot to me!!!

Playtah ~ I know you hate your OCD. Without it you wouldn't be the same person so I love you even INCLUDING the OCD.

You have an insanely great sense of humor. My blog doesn't say Comedienne's Sidekick for nothing. If you weren't that funny I would be stuck with something like: Mildly Amusing Person's Sidekick which just doesn't have the same ring.

Rachel said...

Reformat ~ Wow, I didn't think that it was that thought provoking but I am really glad that you took the time to really ponder your answer.

You don't come across as insecure at all. You come across as a very happy, well put together woman who has very strong family attachments. Nothing insecure about that.

I LOVE doing things for other people. I get more joy giving gifts than receiving them. I try really hard to get things that I think people will like and then I worry that they won't like them.

David in DC said...

I, too, hope you feel better soon.

If I could change one thing about myself it would be my sharp tounge with friends and, especially, loved ones when agitated.

Even when, upon reflection, I think one of my sharp retorts was on point, I regret the power to hurt of my words. Upon reflection, there's always gentler way to have gotten my point across.

Mie bestest kwality iz mie speling.

Erica said...

Hi Rachel, I hope you will be better soon!

The one thing I would like change is my laziness, I wish I was more active.
In regards to a quality, I am a very good listener.

Tara said...

I totally understand the part about worrying what others are saying. I've made some improvements on that myself, but it's very challenging to just say "So what if they think this or that about me? I don't care." Yeah. Easier said than done, right? :)

Eric said...

I happen to be extremely lazy. For example I've been putting of getting in grad school applications, even though its something I desperately need to advance my career, just because I don't feel like it. So I'd probably like to change trait of mine.

Fortunately I'm hilarious so I can trick people into not realizing how lazy I am by making them laugh.

Anonymous said...

Great question, Rachel! I am very easily annoyed by others. This is something I have been working.

My best quality of that I am very nurturing and loving.

Hope you're feeling better


Anonymous said...

Good question for a sick girl, Rachel!

The thing I would change about myself is my inability to face confrontations. I have let so many things go to avoid the fight.

I think my best quality is that I am a good listener. People trust me and think I give sensible advice.

Anonymous said...

PS-that last anonymous is me, l.b.
I can't seem to get signed in here to comment. *sigh* Blogger.