Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hump Day Hottie ~ Guest Post

The phantom HDH poster has returned. This weeks' HDH is a little different. I wanted to change things up a little,just because I like to confuse people or at least make them wonder. Instead of being on a person this time it is the showTV show and it's main characters. There have been about 13 repeat characters and even a pair of muppets have shown up. One of the regualr cast members is also a licensened EMT and pursued a medical internship. How come I could never find a contractor like Paige or Tracy.

The show began as a special on November 3, 2003 and became a regular series on Feburary 15, 2004. It is one of it's networks highest rated shows. Originally it was a spinoff from another show that did not enjoy the same success. Children should always let their parents win. The parent show has since been removed from the normal lineup of shows. There are even reruns on a cable network starting as of August 7, 2007. Great more reruns to burn my brain cells.
The shows' main character was on another networks' remodeling show before coming to this one. International versions have even aired in Greece and Scandinavia, later this year Mexico and the UK will be added. I wonder what they think about a guy yelling into a bull horn. No wonder we are called crazy Americans.

So far this show has had 97 episodes including the special. That makes 97 families that have been touched in an amazing way. Most are 1 hour shows with the few exceptions of a few that go 2 hours. This is usually because of a complication or a complicated build. This show does in 7 days what it takes most builders 6 to 9 months to do. In those 7 days the community and even some celebrities make cameo appearances. Mst be for their community service time for driving to fast while playing their car mounted x-boxes.

There has been some cristism and even a lawsuit stating that the most eligible family was not choosen or even that the show did not hold up their end of the bargin. Regardless, helping a family out to this extent is something that all people should be willing to do. The premise of this show and what these 'designers' do is to pick a needy family and build them a new home. Usually the family has an ailing child, mainly because children get better ratings and this is still a network that has to worry about the ratings.

This weeks Hump Day Hotties are ~ The Extreme Makeover Home Edition team.


Churlita said...

I've only seen little bits of the show. The host is totally hot, though.

Aria said...

This show is incredible. I cry ever GD time.:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, building a home for people that couldn't afford it in the first place and make them pay taxes on it. Great idea.