Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Do you ever offer to do something and then halfway through wonder "What the hell was I thinking?"

That was me yesterday.

Nearly every Sunday Devon and I go over to my friends Rico & Don's house for Sunday dinner. There are normally about 15 - 20 people there and it is a very good time. The food ranges from burgers on the grill to "Soul Food Sunday" a smorgasbord of fried chicken, greens, mac & cheese and just about every kind of Italian food that you can think of.

We had never had any kind of Mexican food and I am really good at cooking that so I offered to cook yesterday. Rico was cool with it, albeit a bit unsure of what to do with himself.

I arrived at noon yesterday and put 4 pounds of chicken in the crock pot to simmer and then I didn't have anything else to do for another 2 hours so Rico and I sat and chatted and I read a book for a while when he had to run some errands.

From 2ish until 6:30 I was in the kitchen pretty much nonstop. I made tacos, a beef enchilada casserole, chicken enchiladas, giant taquitos and Spanish rice. I chopped lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos and prepared the flour tortillas (I heat them in a pan with Pam spray and they taste REALLY good and don't break as easily).

Most of the time everyone was out on the screen porch and I felt like I was a bit separated from everyone else so I started to sing. I sang some songs in Latin that I remembered from High School and also some negro spirituals that I knew. It was actually very relaxing to be singing while chopping tomatoes.

Although their house is huge, it was quite hot in the kitchen as they haven't yet had their central air installed and it was in the 80's outside. I took off my shoes and walked around barefoot on the tile floor to keep from getting overheated.

Dinner was ready around 6:30 and by the time everything was on the table I was so tired and overheated that I wasn't even hungry so I went outside and chatted with people while they were eating their first plate of food. Everything got rave reviews even though I personally wasn't very happy with how the rice turned out.

After about 20 minutes my appetite came back and I got a taco and 2 giant taquitos with some salsa and sour cream. Everything tasted really good and it was a total of 9.5 WW points so I had plenty left over afterwards. I splurged and had a piña colada for an extra 7 points. Man it tasted good.

Then I got the biggest surprise of the day. Funny Girl has OCD and doesn't like to touch certain things. She decided to surprise me and came out onto the screen porch with a wash cloth and some lotion and then proceeded to give me a foot massage. It was HEAVEN. After walking around barefoot on tile for hours my dogs were barkin' and the fact that she touched my feet with her OCD issues was really touching to me. So I sat there in my chair, sipping on a piña colada getting my feet massaged. Now before you start to wonder about Funny Girl and I, we are best friends and nothing more. I am a massage whore and if someone wants to rub my feet I am not going to quibble.

I stayed until 11:30 and then headed home. I still had 9 points that I was supposed to use for the day so I stopped at McD's and got an ice cream cone for 7 points and enjoyed it on the rest of the drive home.

The only bad point of the entire day other than the heat was when I was backing out of the driveway and hit a car. I didn't do any damage to their car but mine has a nice scratch on the bumper that will have to be painted. It could have been worse so I am not going to complain.


Churlita said...

That sounds like it was a lot of work, but totally worth it.

reformattingmybrain said...

Oh boy have I said that before "What was I thinking!" haha Sounds like it was a wonderful evening though. And you got a foot massage!! That HAD to be worth it :-)

mielikki said...

Thats what friends are for, (foot massages,) right? Sounds like fun.

Tara said...

That foot massage sounds really good right now. So does the pina colada!

l.b. said...

haha! I can so relate to the 'what was I thinking?'part! But dang, I cannot relate to the getting a foot massage part. That sounds soooo nice...that and the pina colada. Glad you had a nice day, Rachel.

evil-e said...

I will trade a foot massage for some Mexican food. I am a food whore and do not have OCD when it comes to handing out the massages.

CapCity said...

This makes me hungry for more hispanic food (even though I had some yesterday)! YUM! nice intro to your spot!

Babybull40 said...

It all sounds yummy.. I'm a foot massagee.. I love having my feet rubbed.. no better feeling in the world...

The Furtive Wangler said...

I gave my wife a foot massage at the weekend, she told me I could carry on all night if I wanted. I eventually fell asleep!