Monday, June 11, 2007

Bug Bitten, Tired and Aching

After the post that I wrote on Friday, Funny Girl and I decided that we still wanted to go camping and so we decided to to go to a campground that was near my house.
We found a family campground that was only 10 minutes from my house and went there with two carloads full of camping gear.
My friend Rico decided to come with us the first night so it was just me, Funny Girl, Rico, Devon and his friend Logan. We arrived quite late as we hadn't planned to do the "real" camping thing.Rico and Funny Girl pitched the tents while I put together the gas grill that Rico had brought.
The kids went to the park and played until it was time to come back to the campsite. We were in a "primitive" campsite that had no water, electric or sewer but we were right across the road from the office and bathrooms so we had easy access to everything that we needed.
The first day I got up at 7:30 with the kids and by 9:00 everyone was up and about. Because we had gotten a late start we hadn't really organized the campsite the night before so we did that and then Funny Girl and I drove back to my house to pick up the boy's bikes so that they could ride around the campground. I had also forgotten ketchup and mustard so we grabbed those as well.
The campground had a swimming pool so we took the boys swimming and took a bit of a dip ourselves.
More people showed up the next afternoon and that night we had about nine or ten adults there just having a great time and sitting around the campfire talking and having a few drinks.
I fell out around 1:30 and within an hour everyone else but two people were in bed. Around 4:30 Funny Girl was not feeling good so she decided to head home.
I got up the next morning and came out of my tent and it looked like a bomb had exploded all over our campsite. Cups, cans and bottles everywhere. I spend the next 30 minutes just picking up the stuff that was strewn all over and then people started to stumble out of their beds.
We started to break down the site and make breakfast. The kids went swimming one more time and we left around 1:00 that afternoon.
We had a great time but Devon and I were so tired and Devon was NOT feeling good this morning so we both stayed home.


Anonymous said...

I think I might be a "high maintenance" sort of girl because none of that sounded fun to me, LOL.

The Furtive Wangler said...

I loved camping, haven't been for a few years now. It's essential to get the right supplies to keep your spirits up when it rains (here in England anyway).

evil-e said...

I give you credit for going, that is an activity I will leave to everyone else. I will not camp.

AlienCG said...

I never really did any camping in my life. I like the idea of getting away from the city lights and actually stars in the sky. I do have an aversion to mosquitoes though and they are attracted to me.

mielikki said...

it sounds like you all managed to have some fun. Hope you and Devon are feeling better

dmarks said...

Were you guys entirely to blame for the "bomb going off"? Lots of raccoons and other critters around!

Babybull40 said...

I love roughing it...I would love to go again soon...Probably cause I grew up on a farm so the bugs and litter are all part of the overall experience...Nothing better than making breakfast over an open flame..Hope you are feeling better soon..

Churlita said...

I love camping, but it's scary to tent camp as a single mom with teenage daughters.

Dennis said...

Drinking and camping. I think they are national past times.

mom said...

Next time remember to take Vit B1 twice a day and the 'squitos will leave you alone.

Tara said...

I hope the two of you are feeling better now! It does sound like you had a fun trip. Tiring, but fun. I love the idea of sitting around a campfire just chatting away.