Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day Hottie

This weeks HDH was born in 1981 in the great state of Arkansas. As a child it is rumored that she ate squirrels. “I did eat squirrels when I was a kid”, she commented, “ people in Arkansas just do – they’d think you were a freak if you ate squid there.”

Her band's breakthrough song "Standing in the Way of Control" was written by HDH as a response to her government's decision to deny gays the right to marriage in the U.S. "Nobody in the States was that surprised or shocked by what Bush did, but it made everyone I know feel helpless and cheated," she said. "I wrote the chorus to try and encourage people not to give up. It's a scary time for civil rights, but I really believe the only way to survive is to stick together and keep fighting."

HDH came to wider public attention in November 2006 when she was selected by NME as the coolest person in rock - being placed at number one in the magazine's annual 'Cool List'. The magazine cited her 'non-conformity’ as the reason for her selection - she is a lesbian, an outspoken advocate of gay rights, weighs around 210 lbs, and is also in a relationship with a trans-gendered individual who was born female but identifies as a man.

Recently she has refused to play in-store at Top Shop stores citing her dissatisfaction with their clothes range not available in her size. She went as far as to offer to design clothes for them saying, "Give me the job. I want to design. I want you to make clothes for big girls - big boys. I want you to make big sizes.”

She doesn't wear deodorant, and also doesn't shave her armpits. "I think punks usually smell." she claims.

She also believes in eating to obtain her "Goddess Curves". "The bigger the better, more sexy!" "I'm proud and sometimes I'll eat a whole bucket of chicken or two ice cream cartons, just to make sure I stay the way I am."

She is an outspoken feminist, and once commented that "Women aren't cats, we aren't pets, we are just people trying to cross the freaking street to get an ice-cream."

She is the lead vocalist of the American band Gossip.

This weeks Hump Day Hottie is ~ Beth Ditto


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Cool. I have never heard of this person but she is right up my big ole ally.

Churlita said...

Good for her. She does have nice curves.

laura b. said...

Aw, I love Beth Ditto! Nice choice for HDH :-D

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Nice shapely lady...

David in DC said...

Today I learned something. Never heard of her before. Big kudos to her for being comfortable in her own skin.

Anonymous said...

Repulsive. Amen for airbrushing.

Anonymous said...

The outside package is fine -- it's the inside of this lady that's disgusting.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I have never heard of her before. She does sound interesting.

Giusi. said...

i love how the people who have negative things to say are always *anonymous*...

haa.. :P lame.

anyways, she's pretty cool. and their (gossip) new album is really amazing.

Jayce said...

I have 2 options for you:
A) Put on some clothes
B) Lose a lot of weight

And they're anonymous because they don't have accounts.

BigLeagues said...

I'm sure Beth Dito is a nice person with talent. Throughout the decades Rock n Roll has employed the shock factor to keep its edge and get attention.

I'm afraid BD is more about getting attention than making a statement about "big is beautiful". Think about it, how many popular bands have an overweight lead singer? One - Gossip.

It's her life and she can certainly choose how to live it, high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, heart disease and all. But she recklessly makes statements about eating a bucket of chicken, etc so that she stays her size.

There is nothing healthy about her size or her eating habits. The message she sends is as wrong as the message that super skinny models and artists send.

And neither message is funny or cute, it's deadly.

Marília said...

I don't think anyone has to live wondering what message he/she is sending to the others. Let her be herself and stop judging people.

Jenny said...

Biologically speaking eating a whole bucket of chicken or even one carton of ice cream is simply not healthy.
I think she taking this weight thing to an extreme for publicity reasons. Her weight is not acceptable. I don't care who flames me about this but it is not acceptable to be that overweight, just as it is equally unacceptable to be underweight. She should not be condoning and even promoting such behaviours as binging on crappy food or being overweight.
Regardless of how awesome Gossip is I can't agree with everything their lead singer has to say.