Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Repost ~ Bathroom Etiquette

I originally wrote this post on my old blog . I went back and read some of the things that I had written and this one still made me laugh so I thought that I would share it with all of my new blogging friends.

I work in a building full of "professionals". That being said, for some reason, people can grow up, get a degree and work in a relatively nice place and still not have even the least modicum of bathroom etiquette.

Here are a few things that I feel everyone should abide by:

If there are 7 stalls in the bathroom and only 1 or 2 are in use, PLEASE don't sit next to me, especially if you have flatulence or bowel movement issues. The metal dividers DO NOT dissipate the smell.

If you flush the toilet with your foot and then it falls into the bowl, I am going to laugh. Not just because you have a wet foot, but because the same people that flush with their hands, also use the lock on the door and you have done nothing to avoid their germs.

If you are using the facilities and you realize that you have left any kind of trace that you have been there (wet toilet paper, pubic hair, period leftovers etc.) clean it up. Seriously people, when I have to walk past 3 stalls because there are pubes, tiny left over particles of brown toilet paper from wiping your butt and it rolling up and falling onto the back of the toilet seat or a random blood droplet, there is something seriously wrong. The only thing that you get a free pass on is if you go #2 and there are streaks. Flush again and if they are still there, you have done your best.

If you read a book when you are in a restroom, even if you try to keep it quiet, other people know that you are reading and they are either feeling sorry for you that there isn't a better place to read, or wishing that they had a book themselves.

When you are finished going to the bathroom and head to the sink, you should actually WASH your hands. Not rinse them and then dry them off to pretend that you actually care for your personal hygiene. Better yet, wash them and then use the anti-bacterial lotion so that when you open the bathroom door that you aren't collecting germs from the disgusting people who only rinsed.

Don't talk on your cell phone while in the stall. Checking voicemail is OK, but don't have a conversation, I don't want to hear it and it is gross to be peeing or going #2 when talking to someone on the phone unless they are a good friend and you warn them first. Plus, it interrupts the readers that are in there.

Hopefully these few valuable tidbits of information can make your next bathroom foray a much more enjoyable experience.


Tara said...

I read this on your other blog and it was great, so thanks for posting it on this blog! I was in a stall next to a lady who sounded like a man. She was talking on her cellphone. I don't find any use for that unless you are hiding from a psycho and that is your only safe haven. Also, I try to avoid bringing anything into the bathroom to read. I just know that from then on the bathroom germs will be all over that book. Blergh.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA!!!!!!! Very funny. I enjoy using the restroom it gives me peace of mind. I mean after you get done going #1 and you've held it for god knows how long it feels pretty dang good, Right? So, I would just like to say to the people who are inconsiderate about leaving blood,hair,pee ect in the stall remember who has to clean it the poor janitor. And please for God's sake WASH YOUR HANDS!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOUR EDERLY.....

Eric said...

It is truly incredible how otherwise normal adults have no clue how to act in a public bathroom. My office is disgusting, I have actually been working on a similar post but keep having to add new and disgusting things to it before I can put it up.

reformattingmybrain said...

Rachel I'm laughing my ass off! These are great! I'm glad you posted again as I didn't read your old blog, but love reading your new blog! I thankfully work at home so I don't have these issues. And at my last job, we only had one bathroom so it was nice and private. However they all knew when I was in there last cuz I'd leave my mark...... I'd switch the toilet paper roll to be the (in my opinion) right way! The flap goes underneath! :P hehe This is always a discussion and poll I do! Maybe I outta go get this going for my next post! haha

Rachel said...

Tara ~ I bring my purse in all the time and hang it from the hook on the door. I hate that there are little spaces that people can look in and see you doing your business. I put it up there to block the view.

Anon ~ If most elderly are like my nana (love her to death) then that could be where the spread of e coli is coming from.

Eric ~ Can't wait to see your post about this. I would love to hear a man's perspective.

Reformat ~ I am the exact opposite. It should go over the top so that it is easy to reach without spinning the crap out of the tp holder. For the most part I don't care either way as long as it is on the roll and not empty.

Anonymous said...

haha. hilarious. apparently we work in the same office. See link below:


Ashburnite said...

ugh...I hate when people go into the stall next to me when all of the others are open. I even (try to) use a stall on an end to avoid it, but without fail, someone always uses the one next to me.

I do have to admit though, I am a foot-flusher. I just can't touch the handle- I just can't.

l.b. said...

That is hilarious, Rachel. At my work, the employee restrooms are private, so no side by side weirdness. However, there are enough employees here, I guess, that people still feel they can leave their little, uh, presents and no one will be able to figure out who did it. People are just gross!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Amen Sister! The guys at my work are especially bad about answering the phone in the bathroom & it echos through the office so we can all hear it. I hate that!

Wanderlusting said...

Why is it that Women's washroom's are dirtier (in a lot of respects) than men's washrooms?

Why is it that flushing the toilet is such a hard job?


Are women (housewives, mothers) rebelling in their own pitiful way by saying, HA I have to flush the toilet at home, but I don't have to flush it here! Look at me go!

Pam said...

Absolutely fantastic! This needs to be posted in every toilet 'round the world!

: )