Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hump Day Hottie

Graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a BA in Political Science.
Interned at the CIA.
Lived in Vietnam for a year and studied Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi.
Haunted by his brother’s suicide in 1988 he started filming stories from war-torn regions around the globe, including Somalia, Bosnia & Rwanda.

He explains, "The only thing I really knew is that I was hurting and needed to go someplace where the pain outside matched the pain I was feeling inside.”

In 1995 he became a correspondent of ABC News rising to the position of co-anchor of World News Now.
In 2000 he switched career paths, taking a job as the host of ABC’s reality show The Mole.

"My last year at ABC, I was working overnights anchoring this newscast then during the day at 20/20. So I was sleeping in two- or four-hour shifts, and I was really tired and wanted a change. I wanted to clear my head and get out of news a little bit, and I was interested in reality TV—and it was interesting."

He returned to broadcast news in 2001 now at CNN as co-anchor on American Morning and then the weekend prime time anchor.
In 2003 he was made anchor of a fast paced weeknight news program that bears his name.
Was called “the anchorperson of the future” by CNN president Jonathan Klein.
Wrote a book called “Dispatches From The Edge” in 2006 which detailed his life as a journalist and human being in Sri Lanka, Africa, Iraq etc.

Fun facts:
Started going gray around age 20 and was completely gray by age 35.
Named as one of the Sexiest Men Alive in 2005 by People Magazine.
He was Number 3 on Playgirl’s magazine’s Sexiest Newscasters List.
Son of Gloria Vanderbilt

This week's Hump Day Hottie is ~ Anderson Cooper.


Tara said...

Ohhhh yeah, excellent choice. He's definitely a hottie, and his name definitely helps with that too.

Ashburnite said...

mmmmmm.....I'm in love with him:

very good choice!

minijonb said...

I knew who it was by the 4th sentence. AC is one bad-ass journo... and I'd do him if I swung at pitches on that side of the plate.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I think the gray hair adds to his hotness!

Rachel said...

Tara ~ How does his name help?

Ash ~ I am not in love with him, just major lust.

MiniJonB ~ Good to know that you are confident in your masculinity to admit that you would get it on with him if you swung that way.

Freckle ~ Although gray hair doesn't make much of a difference to me usually, on him it is VERY appealing!!!

l.b. said...

I agree with everyone here, great choice! He's hot because he looks sort of elegant and I want to dirty him up. haha!

Ally said...

During Katrina and the immediate aftermath, I had the biggest crush on him. I read an article somewhere that it's well known in NYC that he's gay, and for some reason that kind of killed my crush (although I don't know if that is true). Still a fantastic choice!

Jada said...

I have this aversion to the phrase "Hump Day" but when Anderson Cooper is involved, ummmmmm ..... SIGN ME UP! I want a piece of that sexy man meat.

Tara said...

It's an awesome name and it just seems perfect for him. Anderson Cooper is not an ordinary name.

funny girl (playtah) said...

I'm not going to lie...he's hot. And he seems so nice.

That's great that he took his pain and used it to do something good.

Dayngr said...

Around here I call him my news boyfriend. Smart guys are a huge turn on!

Johnson said...

I always find it amusing when chicks say Anderson Cooper is sexy. I just remember him as that goober from Channel One (some news show my high school showed us in homeroom) who got sent to Bosnia and Iraq while they sent Rali Valverde to the Superbowl or some glamorous hot spot. That’s really why he has gray hair at such a young age; he was always dodging bullets while trying to bring the news to apathetic teenagers.